Monday, October 17, 2005

blah blah cancer blah blah

Best news ever: Lisa decided to stay in MA for at least the rest of the year. AND! She might be committing to going to school here for a masters, so that would tack on another two years! Yes! I want to tell all those naysayers who told me that me bothering her and telling her to not leave everyday would just drive her right back to Texas were WRONG. :-) Now that I have Lee and Lisa in my life, it's really hard to imagine them NOT being around. They will eventually be going back to Texas someday, but at least not soon. But now I have to take her camping. That was a stipulation in the deal. Help, friends, help! I'm not a camper, so I need suggestions and fast. :-P

The NBA commissioner David Stern is instituting a "dress code" for players (which is something I'm not sure I agree with). Here was one really ridiculous response from a player, "Nuggets center Marcus Camby said he thought the league should give players a stipend if they are required to wear suits." A stipend? You've got to be joking. As a professional athlete, I would hope you had a wardrobe full of nice suits and shirts. A stipend! You already get paid millions of dollars as is! A STIPEND TO BUY CLOTHES THAT EVERY PROFESSIONAL (and average person) SHOULD HAVE (and are able to afford even on a mere 4 or 5 figure salary, let alone on a 6 or 7 or even 8 figure salary). I hope he realizes how silly of a request that was. Probably not, though. People say very stupid things when they can't think of a good reason.

My hip is slowly getting back to normal. After some heavy internet surfing on the subject of rain and pain, I believe it to be the culprit. But I don't think I ever want to internet surf about pains and disease ever again, because every other article has the word CANCER in it and, although I know death is inevitable, no need to keep worrying myself. I'm paranoid about germs and such anyways, don't need to add cancer to the list.

Congratulations, Andrew, you are pen pal #1.


Anonymous Hanni said...

Vonda. Camping. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's almost as funny as me camping.

11:13 AM  

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