Saturday, October 15, 2005

real life changing

What's the buzz. I's say the Supreme Court. (OK I admit it's a late buzz really) Latest nominee: Harriet Miers. I asked for an opinion of her from my favorite political source and he said, "She doesn't even look like a justice. She looks like the creepy lady who lives down the street." We know nothing of her, except that she is a close friend of the most idiotic figure head in US history. The woman seems so unqualified for this position that my political source almost cynical joked that maybe Bush picked her, hoping she would go down in flames, so that he could choose whoever he wanted next and say "I gave you someone and you shot her down, so take this one instead." I don't know... it is a little sketch.

Next subject: whether I feel that this nominee HAS to be a woman. I am torn here. As a slight feminist at times, I want there to be a better balanced Supreme Court. But I also want the most qualified person, not most qualified woman (Miers is neither). With O'Connor stepping down, we're left with one woman. When it comes to law, I would like to think there isn't a gender bias, but with hot button issues like abortion, I cannot help hating the idea of several rich, educated white men making a decision about whether women have a right to their own choice.

Last Supreme Court comment: I think Judge Roberts has the "crazy eyes" and I can only hope that they are crazy in a good way. Only time will tell, and he has a lot of time to let the crazy come out.

I spoke with a guy I used to go to high school with a week ago. He gave me the skinny on his life as of right now and a few other people. He was definitely a good guy and I can say I might have had a smidgeon of a crush on him here and there in high school. He isn't a baby daddy so that is an extreme plus for him. But he still hangs out with the same people from high school. It seems that being in Erie sucks you into an incestuous cycle of the same friends and dating the people in your circle. I guess it gave me a glimpse of what life could have been like had I stayed in Erie. Comfortable, non-changing - slowly morphing into a lifetime of content and disguised monotony. Nonetheless, he is doing well and I am glad. He likes to IM me everytime New England sports crushes his Pittsburgh team (which can be kind of often). It's cute, and he is too.

I look forward to a 5 year high school reunion where I can see exactly how far along everyone has come. And also get a total tally on how many babies everyone has had. :-P

Elizabethtown was disappointing. But there were a few moments in there that did click. Especially, the phone sequence. It really eerily reminded me of my friendship with someone. I think we peaked on the phone as well, and the mere thought of meeting him after 4.5 years again makes me slightly nervous. I wouldn't be sad if another 4.5 years passed before we met again. :-P But you never know... fate has it's way. Christmas in Texas this year? Quite the possibility.

I still pine a little. Meh, I accept that I am weak.

I am going to now start a tirade about the New England weather. STOP RAINING. And please stop killing me. My hip hurts so much. I think it's the weather shift. I am limping again and it kills me to look and feel so weak. If this persists, I will need to see a doctor to see if it's not something more than possible arthiritis or the metal reacting to the cold.

Had the best conversation on the T yesterday. It was with some Long Islander freshman from BU. He walked a fine line between obnoixous and confident. I instantly liked him. And weirdly enough, he was a summer tennis instructor majoring in statistics (with a hope for the actuarial profession) and philosophy. I told him, everyone is going to hate him, if they don't already. :-) Our small 10 minute conversation (which made him miss his stop) has surpassed the previous best conversation on the T. The last conversation was about infertility and conception issues with my cousins and I and a random guy on the T. We couldn't seem to remember what a guy being infertile was called. Now I remember that it's sterile, but at the time, my cousins kept pressing that guys were considered infertile. It went as follows:
Guy on T: I always thought the guy could be considered "infertile" as well.
Me: See, I always saw the guy as the "fertilizer" ::lots of laughing:: :-)

Oh yes, the T is always the place for real life changing conversations.


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