Saturday, February 18, 2006


Had a super fab dream. Well not SUPER FAB, but nice. And I actually remembered it, which hasn't happened in a few weeks. Anyways, I see ______, whom I had a crush on all through high school, but never really talked to often enough. Actually, if you don't want to be bothered with trivial lame PG dreams about things that never were, I would just stop reading now. :-) Anyways, I was back in Erie, and we were just hanging out, and ______ then holds my hand and gives me a tender kiss on the head, the cheek, and then the lips. That's about it. It was nice. Then my brain short circuited the whole dream morphed into some action thriller without ______ in it anymore. What a shame! :-P

My highest Boggle score to date: 45! And that was against John and Lisa, who I consider to be pretty decent with their words. I was just beastly last night.

I was thisclose to being shipped to Houston for an on-site job for a week in March. But it fell through, so... another time, Texas, another time...

My leg/hip is being funny... enough to alarm me. But I can't tell if it's a true problem or just an issue with the nor'easter/blizzard, and the now ridiculously freezing temps with the crazy winds. I am really affected by the weather, so... I should do my best to stay calm about my aches. Regardless, I should find a new orthopedic surgeon. Any recommendations out there for the Boston area?

I can't get Hopelessly Devoted to You out of my head. Blame it on American Idol.

First movie of 2006: Something New. It wasn't too bad actually. But I always enjoy a good chick flick.

Do you think you are a genius? Take this test and find out! In case you were wondering, I am a genius. ;-)


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