Sunday, April 23, 2006

dream apartment

You know when life seems ridiculously stressful and your face breaks out because you can't seem to even grasp how things are not coming together? Well that happened to me a few weeks ago. BUT. Do you also know how life sometimes miraculously works itself out eventually, and that you somehow get super lucky? Yeah that happened to me too. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that my cousin and I have just secured the most amazing apartment for the next two years. It's in Chinatown and great. It has floor to ceiling windows, central air and heat, high ceilings (sucky on the heating/AC thing, but great on the vibe of the apartment), laundry in the building, newly applianced kitchen and a bathroom twice the size of what we got going on right now. It's more expensive, but truly worth it and is within walking distance of my office and Lee's school. I cannot wait to move out of the crap hole we live in and truly have a place to really settle into. I can't wait for the living room and not having a communal "nook" as we call it. It's going to be great and you are all invited to check it out once we move in. :-) Also, if you want to help us move, we'd love that too. ;-) Actually, one of my coworkers offered to help, which I was touched by. Considering my own lazy best friend would never offer his barely worked hands to help (don't worry, I love him anyways and this is not new news in anway), I was pretty surprised to see my coworker offer. Nonetheless, I have a feeling we might just say eff it and get movers. We hate moving. :-P

Bob Saget... amazing. Really, the guy is a total pervert and I love him for it. We couldn't stop laughing. The moment he called his TV daughters c*ck blocks (I have to censor, because Blogger has deleted my blogs before when I happened to use the word c*nt in a completely non-derogatory way), I knew this man was a hero. :-P Seriously though, he is hilarious. If you doubt me, watch Dirty Work and let me know what your new opinion of him is. He directed it!

Had a final brunch with Joe. It's a shame he will be in NC for the next year. He shall be missed. I already consider Denmark one of the best times in my life, and I am reminded of how great it was each time I see the great friend I got out it. Oh snap, I am getting way too cheezy for this blog. :-)

Can't stay up late. Work beckons in the morning. North Carolina in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!dream


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