Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am alive and well. The last few weeks have been without a doubt very harrowing and stressful, and yet tremendously positive and great. We finally MOVED out of the crap hole we called an apartment in Allston. Now we are living in slightly ghetto Chinatown, but it's CHINATOWN. I am IN THE CITY. When I write my address, it isn't Allston or Brighton or some lame neighborhood, it's BOSTON. Tbe movies are 2-3 blocks away, I am a 10 minute walk from work, Downtown Crossing is a stroll away, and Asian food galore surrounding me, including the fabulous C-mart just steps away. Really, this apartment has made me feel incredibly better about Boston and life. Even though I am stressing with the whole settling in and making the place into a home, it's worth it because the apartment just makes me happy. If you're my friend and in Boston, you should definitely stay with me. :-) Especially once we get furniture on Thursday! I'd update more, but sleep beckons. Oh yeah, mornings are not rushed at all, because work is just over yonder. I can get up, putz around, make breakfast and lunch, and then head out for a leisure walk to work (or T ride... it is incredibly hot right now). Hope everyone else in life is as happy as can be.


Anonymous Jenny said...

hey vonda...more pic more pic..how are you? It's been awhile. Im glad to see you doing well. You know me..just school and work..aiming go get out in 2 years. Well hun, i hope all is well w/ you..take care..and buy some mace. 8)

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