Thursday, May 25, 2006

photos galore

I've been wicked lazy in blogging. ::shrug:: Surprisingly, lots of stuff HAS indeed happened.

Best news: I MET PHOENIX! All four of them: Thomas, Deck, Christian, and Laurent. I was like a little kid at the candy shop freaking out about meeting my FAVORITE band. They were so French and very (for the lack of a better word) quirky! :-) They performed all my favorite songs and I still can't believe I got to MEET them. It was just two years ago, I was in Denmark, watching their music video thinking to myself, "They are pretty damn good." And now, I have met them. Perhaps one of the coolest events in my life thus far. It has definitely cemented my love for them. Although I felt like such a Band Aid (only the cool kids know that easy reference), but a lost for words Band Aid. I have no idea what to say to them except to babble on about how amazing their music was. Here are some photos of it:

Christian and Deck with us girls

Yummy... Thomas and I... when he says merci beaucoup... you melt just a little

Deck (again) with Laurent and I


OK, now that the Band Aid in me is out of my system... moving on... I spent a week on Oak Island and it was GREAT. Even though I put on sun block every day, I still got wicked tan. I always say the only thing in me that works really hard is my melanin. :-) Of course I HAVE to post photos...

Here is the group of us that went again. No new people, but still a good time. I admit though, being with six other girls for a whole week can get a little stressful after awhile! But luckily I had a few key people to keep my sane. :-)

Here are Katie and I at Myrtle Beach. Molly came too and it was an exceptionally GOOD time! I had my first experience at Red Lobster where I was a huge spaz, we saw very good looking guys on the beach ;-), and got told by constructions workers to drop our towels for $10 (which were acting as shields while we were changing), and just had a great time!

What a gorgeous sunset right outside out door!

This is Katie and I saying good bye at the airport. We are sickenly tan. I will miss my K-dawg! I am definitely going to try and visit Colorado SOME day soon. :-P

I have to go, because I am headed to X-Men and Foxwoods the night before a weekend in New Jersey. I will leave with a photo of my favorite graduate. Congratulations to everyone who graduated! :-) PS. I am a midget next to Patrick. :-P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i scrolled through your blog, and they way you wrote, and thought about things, is really simular to my ways of thinking aswell, and then i saw pictures, and as weird as this was already, you kind of look like me!? i think it would be amazing if you wrote a page about "life"...and the way you pursue it. or maybe the superficiality of valentines day...

- miss unknown


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