Sunday, September 24, 2006

yada times three

Am I too good to blog anymore? :-P Maybe. I guess when the lag time between blogs hits two months, it might be time for me to close up shop. We shall see.

Life has been thoroughly busy and yet lazy at the same time. Each week is a good balance of relaxation at home and at least 1-2 fun events out on the town. I feel like I've finally found a good rhythm in the city and I am very pleased with the flow of my life. For anyone living near me, feel free to give me a ring, email, or IM if you want to do something. I'm always up for fun.

I admit I miss John a lot! He left for London last week. Sometimes you just need someone around that knows you and gets you. I hope the bastard is having a good time in London. :-) Hopefully I can make my way there over Christmas to hang out and check out London. It's at the top of my list of cities to visit.

October promises to be great. The Huzi's are coming in the middle of October and I can't wait to sit down and catch up with them. The Van Cleves are visiting Salem at the end of the month and I plan on finally seeing Salem. Plus it's Halloween season, meaning time to look for haunted and creepy adventures. Lisa wants to trick'r'treat, but I nixed that idea. I have to draw a line somewhere!

College seems more and more removed as time goes on. My junior year residents called last week and it hit me that they are SENIORS now and I have been officially out of school for over a year now. Yikes. I sometimes wonder if I could go back and do it differently, would I change anything from college? Probably. I have to say that I took a ton more "close friends" from high school than I did from college. I guess the aspect of drinking and partying always held me back because those things have never been at the top of my fun list. And for most college gatherings, that is the point of gathering. To this day, I still get pressured to drink when I go out... it bothers me. Even if I have a drink, I still get pressured to have MORE. Back off! I am plenty of fun without drinks. Telling me to drink says that I'm not fun enough without toxins in my body. That insults me. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT TO ME. Thank you.

The Illusionist was very cool. That is the one movie I am giving a recommendation for right now. I got the shivers, the chills! Edward Norton rocks. Two thumbs up.

I miss my people. A lot. People who get me just an iota more. Understanding is priceless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog Vonda. Although I only occasionally check in, it connects me with a time and place that Brandon was a part of years ago. It somehow brings me peace. It is strange how a happenstance of reading a blog can impact one's life. You have impacted mine, and perhaps you will never know how. I am just an old friend, a memory's mother..and yet your blog has kept me connected somehow. Just know you are wished the best in life, and if you are ever in albuqueque new mexico I am sure my son would love to hear from you. He moved there a little over one month ago. Take care Vonda, it has been my pleasure getting to know you!

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