Thursday, October 19, 2006


How can you love and hate a chore at the same time? Every other day, Lee and I swap dish duties since Lisa is resident cook. I loathe doing the dishes. I am slow at them and my hands feel perpetually wrinkly afterwards. And as I wash something particularly dirty, I have weird thoughts run through my head. I'm currently using a sponge with dish soap and rubbing the grease around until it somehow comes off the dish and somewhat soaks itself into the sponge. Then I wash the dish and it is "clean". That is weird. You just rubbed a grease/soap mixture off... mixture, people, not just soap. I almost feel the need to wash it one more time with a clean sponge to give it a real rinse. Poeple, I think I am becoming OCD, or maybe already am a little. Anyways, onto why I LOVE dish washing. Actually I hate the washing... but I LOVE stackling the dish washer. For some reason, I love the challenge of somehow fitting a crap ton of dishes and pots into our oddly designed dish washer. I take my stacking very seriously. Once I am finished and see that I've fit every dish, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I know... lame. :-) I guess I am somewhat of a problem solver. I like being given a problem, the variables, and finding an optimal solution. I really enjoyed linear programming in college. If you're savvy on your math fields, you would tell me I should have went into operations research! Where were you 4 years ago? :-)

I was reading my Entertainment Weekly and saw a nice little spread on Sacha Baron Cohen. Borat comes out in a few weeks and I plan on dragging someone to see it with me. I'd see it with my two favorite joos, but alas, I've got conflicting plans. Nonetheless, I look forward to the movie. I am sure it will be hilarious and horrible all at the same time. Hilarious because Sacha is a genius and horrible because there are actually people out there who make ignorancy a personality trait. Alas, what can you do? Me, I plan on laughing at the pitiful people and their unbelievable beliefs that Borat is so smartly exposing. Kudos to you. Or as you would say... Niiice! ;-)

Small complaint on Entertainment Weekly: please stop writing your reviews as if every movie you watch is of Oscar calibur. They aren't. There are movies and then there are films and each critic knows this. Loosen up on the snob critiques and try approaching it with some realistic expectations. Also, I beg of you, do not, I repeat, do not give the movie away in the review. I just want an appetizer, not the whole entree smushed into a convenient Happy Meal To Go. These days, it seems like reviews and trailers just give away too much. The trailers should tease and pique your interest without giving away 75% of the plot. I don't pay $10 to see an extended version of the trailer. Ok, no more rants. :-)

I'm feeling a reasonable hour for bed tonight. Let's see if I can make it happen. Wish me luck!