Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well Denmark is going fabulously. In the past few weeks, I have been to Stockholm, Venice, and Legoland. I am going to cut and paste from a few different emails to detail my events. Such a copout. :-)

Stockholm was so amazing! Seriously, best thing I have done here so far is Stockholm. The people were so nice and we even ran into a guy who used to go to WPI a decade or two ago at one of the museums. What a small world huh? We also had an amazing dinner and I blew so much money there. Molly broke one of the beds in the hostel we were staying and Katie got accused of being a lesbian by the hot dog vendor. It was sooooo funny. There was a lot of 'hygge' between the four of us (Katie, Molly, Joe and I). Joe was a good guy and he never got annoyed by us girls. Although... he snores loudly!!! And lucky me, I was sleeping head to head with him so I heard it very well. There were a couple points in the night where I was tempted to stick my hand through the bunk beds and smack his head to wake him up and get him to stop snoring. :-) Don't get me wrong, I breathe deeply and snore a bit too, but he is waaaaay louder. It was humorous nonetheless.

Venice was very cool. It was quazi good and bad weather, though. We had two sunny days and two rain days. Katie, Carla and I were water bus chicas and shopped a lot. Our "hostel" (I use that word so loosely) was outside of Venice. In order to get from our hostel to Venice each day, we had to take the first bus to the airport and then catch the bus from the airport to Piazzle Roma (the last point at which cars can be in the city) and THEN from there, we had to take the water bus down to San Marco or the Rialto or wherever else we needed to be. We did sooooo much bus time. It sucked. At least a 40 min commute just to Piazzle Roma and then 20-40 min to get to other spots in Venice. But, the hostel was cheap. It was really a camping place. We stayed in a mini shed like place with a heater. The bathrooms were outside and so were the showers. With this experience, I really now know that I could never be a camper. I am too city-ized. Haha. Well I could try if I were prepared I guess. I was not prepared for Alba Oro or whatever name it was. :-) We went to Lido beach and picked shells. It was a cold overcast day, but the beach was cool. I have oodles of shell, some sand, and some water. It was nice. Favorite museum-ish place was the Palace Doge. It was beautiful. No gondola ride or anything. They rape you with that ridiculous price. But Carla did get a movie of one of the gondola rides where there were two men with singing and playing the accordian. It was HOT. I thought they only did that in the movies, but I guess if you pay enough, you can have the singing. :-)

The Italian men are WICKED pushy. I mean PUSHY. Our waiters always tried to get us to do this and that. They got us the first night because we ended up buying a bottle of wine, but we checked ourselves the other nights and were firm with them. On Lido, there was this man who pushed us to sign these petitions for AIDS research or something. And we did, because why not ya know? And thank gawd, I was wearing the backpack that day. Because apparently the man had a hard-on and was pressing himself up against Carla and Katie. It was DISGUSTING! We ran away as fast as we could. And every guy there likes to great you with "Beautiful lady!" Oh Italian men... you all lose forever. :-)

This past weekend was so much fun. Tivoli was Friday and it's the coolest amusement park ever! I didn't think it would be so much fun, but it really was. We, as in me, Carla, Katie, Molly, and Matter, were there for about 7 hours and never a dull moment. I am a amusement park fien really. I love the thrill of the rides. I do not like spinny rides though. But I love big hills. We got ice cream and there were fireworks and yeah, a really good time. Me and Carla were ride buddies and we were so retarded on every ride. Especially the kiddie stuff. We were laughing and so funny. My voice is still recuperating from all the yelling that day.

Saturday was Legoland and that place was pretty cool too. The lego art is amazing. It's crazy to see it made like that! There was the capital building, a whole block of Copenhagen, Mount Rushmore, Amsterdam, Finland, all sorts of animals, etc. There were billions upon billions of legos. It just goes on and on. I took lots of pictures. I was really beat from Tivoli though so I was dragging a bit in Legoland. Still worth the 8 hour of traveling to get there and back though!

I think Lund, Sweden is on our plate for this coming weekend. It will be a good time.

OK, time for more IQP stuff. It never ends. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Something is weird with my blog. I am not a happy camper.

But Europe is lovely. More to come when times with IQP aren't as busy.

Miss everyone!