Tuesday, August 16, 2005

oh my!

Well... life sure has been interesting as of late. I keep a list of things in my planner that I want to blog about and how weird they are. In a few words... Ghosts, family, and the T! Oh my!

Ghosts. Yes, people, I said ghosts. I am not saying that there are DEFINITELY ghosts in my room. But there have been two occasions where I have woken up to find white, smokey apparitions floating right by my bed. Ghosts? Hallucinations? Dreams? Bad eyesight? I have no idea. Also one day, as I was waking up, I heard someone/something sigh... and it wasn't me. And my door was shut. It was just me. And my friendly watching ghost. :-P All I know is that I hardly sleep these days without 1. a light on or 2. the TV aglow. Yes, I am very superstitious. It comes from the Vietnamees background. I can't help it. Nonetheless... ghosts. One day, soon hopefully, I will sleep without the light on. :-)

My friend John ended up getting a job in Boston, at the Prudential Center, and moved here. The more people here, the merrier! :-) It will be nice to have another friend from home with me out here.

I take the T every day, back and forth. It takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the business. There is this one guy who I see a lot. By a lot, I mean about 4 or 5 times in the last week or so. I know you think that it isn't that strange, but really, it is. The T runs every 5 minutes in the morning and during afternoon rush hour and I always grab whichever one comes when I am there. It's just weird to see him so much when the chances are somewhat small. But I guess it helps that he works right by my building. I've been on the T three times with him and I think I have seen him in the street two times where we both were not headed to the T. I swear, if I see him a lot more, I will make friends just because I feel like the universe is saying something.

I am excellent on the T. I can read standing up. I got through Amy Tan's memoirs in about a week and a half. A book from the Narnia series takes me about two days. And I just bought a crap ton of hard cover books from Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago. It's nice to find reading again.

My family has been an epicenter of issues lately. But it's back to some calmness. I spoke with my sister the other day and I felt a lot better. Family is so hard. I thought friendships were hard, but family is worse. A lot of work when functionality isn't a strong point in the family. But you have to keep truckin...

We went to the Cape this weekend and it was quite lovely. The beach was very warm and sunny and the waves were delightful. Lee was very scared of the water, but we forced her to be riskier. I'd love to go back to the Cape sometime soon. If only it didn't take 2 hours to get there... and $15 to park. :-P

So I end with the fabulous awkwardness of elevator rides. I have yet to ever be in an elevator where everyone isn't uncomfortably avoiding each other's stare. What is it about elevators? They are kinda funny. In a little box, hanging by a cord or two, ignoring the life forms around you. Muhaha. Elevators. So funny.

And with that... I'm out.

Monday, August 08, 2005


It's been ages and a half since my last post. And the first thing that comes to mind is that nothing much has happened. And then I think about it for a second and think, "Jesus, everything has changed!"

The move to Allston is definitely one of the best parts of my life right now. I grow closer and closer with my cousins, Lee and Lisa and life is different. I was afraid that after college, with the whole not having a job yet and still being in Worcester, I'd be living the same life I led in college except I wouldn't be in college anymore. And that bothered me a lot because I felt it was time for a change, time for some growth. Being in Worcester for another year and leading the same life wouldn't do that for me. Although I miss William and Laura like hell (and they remind me of how they dislike my moving to Allston because I left them so abruptly... but they are happy for me), and the comforts of my large room and apartment and amazing bathroom, the coziness I find here with my cousins and the switch in lifestyle is invigorating and makes me extremely happy. I may bitch that I am tired, but I am wholly happy. I find myself busier than ever and not busy all at the same time. There is a certain pace to adult life that keeps me interested enough without making me stressed out.

The job is going well. I have made a decision not to blog about it in any way though. Too much potential trouble. Not that I have anything negative to say really, unlike my previous work experience where negativity was just oozing from people. Work is good though and I am learning a lot. I hope to continue growing in the organization.

Every weekend since I moved to Allston, I've been whisked away on the weekends to do something or another. The first was spent bouncing to Worcester and Foxwoods, the second with Laura in her time of need, and the third on Long Island celebrating "The Longshot" AKA William L. Herbert's graduation. It was fun meeting the rest of his family and hanging out with all his friends from home, all of whom I like and get along with. The weekend at Laura's was nice too, although not under the happiest circumstances, but it was great seeing her home and just relaxing and chilling with Laura.

I think one of the best days I've had in Boston was when I met William for dinner and a movie. Boston was absolutely gorgeous and soaked in golden rays as the sun slowly dissapated. Sky High was hilarious, dinner was great, and it was nice to see a great friend and enjoy a carefree moment. That is what I like about moving away. I don't get to see people I consider very important in my life as often anymore, which then makes our get togethers so much more fun and valuable. Absense makes the heart grow fonder.

August and September are fun filled. We're going to the Cape this weekend and I've got a party or brunch or two to go to. And in September, I get to visit NYC for some training and see a US Open Men's Quarterfinal match. Yesssssss. AND I get to celebrate my godfather's wedding with my family. Really... why was I afraid of adult life? It's fabulous. :-)