Thursday, August 28, 2003

So the first day. Almost overslept my 8am. Almost. Made it just in time. Linear Programming doesn't seem too bad. Professor is, of course, foreign. Meh. ::shrug:: Then had a good two hour time in Financial Accounting (where there are 4 other AGDs besides me and a joo). I really like the professor. She is really nice. Tries to make sure that we are VERy involved. And umm Art History. Mmm. That one will be interesting. I dunno. I liked it so far. Might get a bit boring. It will be fun to write my first term paper.

Chicken nugget day was marvelous. Good ol' chicken nuggets. And I got to eat with Erin and the ho AKA Element 67. If you don't understand Element 67, look it up on the table of elements. :-) She hates that nickname haha. Anyways. It was a so-so day.

And then the night went kinda worse. The RA dinner with Bernie Brown lacked a Bernie Brown because "he wasn't feeling well." The skit went smoothly, um except someone didn't show up and yeah... all I can say to that is, bleh! Don't get me started. It brings in more negativity. So moving on, the food was good and we had a good dinner discussion about wisdom teeth hehe. It was funny.

The AGD meeting was OK. Saw Amanda Gray and that was so nice. I missed her. Otherwise, it dragged just a tad bit. OK a lot bit. Not unusual.

And then I hung out in Jared and Zach's room. But eventually left because I felt out of place or more like a fifth wheel. I am sure I'm going to be told it's my fault somehow once Zach reads this, but meh. I just didn't feel like being in the room very much. I'm just tired of being entertaining enough to overcome the 5th wheel vibe to myself. Bleh!

I'm feeling un-optimistic. Or as Tom Muller might tell me, I am feeling pessimistic. :-) Talked to him for a bit. I love him. He's the man.

Ummm yeah. Feels slightly repitive of last A term, but not really. I don't think it will last. I just need to get over the first hump. Tomorrow is another day. Here's to that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

OK. I seriously think I really did have a caffeine addiction, because I've only been drinking water and I am sooooo tired now and my head hurts. This sucks! :-( Caffeine withdrawal maybe? Or maybe I have mono. But then again, it's not like I get any action, so that can't be it! Haha.

I'm ready for classes to be here. Here I come A term!

Mmm... let's see. I feel a little bit happier since classes are nearing and I feel like I can move out of this "RA training" phase. Nonetheless, I severely like my residents and I get the same good vibes I got from last year's floor. ::massive relief washes over me:: There were a few altercations, but nothing that worries me. I feel really psyched about being an RA for A and B term and I feel sad I won't be around for C and D for my residents. Oh well. There is always senior year (saying senior year leaves a nasty bitter taste in my mouth haha) and they can still see me in C term, just not on the floor.

It's funny how I am making the effort to see old residents like Matt Hazel and eating lunch with the other boys and it's just odd that I want to see them more now than I did when I was their RA. Not that I didn't adore them, because I did. They were so good, it made my job easy! I will make sure to keep in touch with my old residents and harass them as much as I can. :-P

It will be interesting to see a few people again, like David. I'm starting to worry that I intimidate him. We haven't spoken much and I wish we had so that I wouldn't feel like something was off in our friendship right now. Who knows. I'm not even sure how I feel about all this, I'm not feeling whatever was 3 months ago I guess... summer always does that to me and so does distance. I think I'm more concerned about other things as of right now. We will see how this all pans out within the next couple days since he opted to stay home until the night before classes. Surprise surprise. ::shrug::

I'm about to pass out. So much stuff to do and not enough sleep to keep me going. Plus I have been flushing out all the caffeine in my body by drinking strictly water. I need to feel more pure again haha.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

So tonight was a great night. Hung out with the ho and the joo for a bit. Had a good floor meeting with the residents. There are a few I instantly knew I would like. Everyone seems really great so far! Went to Club Founders, but that was a slight drag because the enthusiasm was quite lacking. I know it was a long day, but it's really important that the OLs make Club Founders the "it" thing to do so that the next Club Founders are successful. Oh well. I think my residents were turned off by it. There were all back by 11:02 and it started at 11:00. But I will do my best to harass them into going. It's fun as long as you choose a good attitude about. :-)

Poor Becky is totally freaking out. No one paid her tuition bill. Agh! Her dad never gave the bill to her aunt because he wanted a more opportune time. Too bad, the time was TOO DAMN LATE. Grr. I just want Becky to not be stressing! I wish I were at home to give her a big hug. She needs to just sleep it off. I hate not being there for my best friend in cases like this. Things will work out though. I will give her a call tomorrow. Cheer her up with my goofy jokes.

So I'm watching Super Troopers with William, and he isn't finding any of it funny. WTF? How does he not find it funny! It is hilarious! Sometimes, I just think he is wacked out. :-P

I only had one set of parents yell at me, so that is OK. Too bad I really wanted to yell back at them. But I kept my composure. It's really hard to not get defensive when you're not the one creating the rules, you're just enforcing them. That is the yucky part of the RA thing. Oh well! Moving on.

Zach and Jared move in tomorrow. We're all back in Daniels again. Weird! But good. It will be nice to just walk down a flight of stairs to say hi to them. :-) Ten bucks I write them up by the end of the year. Hehe. And David will be back tomorrow also. It will be interesting and good to see him again and to meet his sister. It feels like I might have to get to re-know him again. We didn't keep in touch as much as I would have liked. Oh well... life got busy and I just went with the flow. It will just be nice to be talking again. :-)

That is all. I am going to pass out soon. Plus I am going to go to breakfast with some residents before I start helping with the upperclassmen move-in. Another early start to the day. Lets hope I can keep this whole waking up early thing for my 8am class!

Friday, August 22, 2003

So I just talked to two of my residents for a long time tonite. Felt cool. I think the kids like me so far. :-)

First real laugh I had in a while happened today too. Good ol' SocComm meetings to that to you.

So far, decent. I hope this year starts out great.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Mmm... RA training... what to say. Well I got reprimanded for dozing off for all of a few seconds. Eh, whatever. I feel bad, but man... the presentation was really boring. I only got something out of the "interest/position" thing. Otherwise, I have to say, I was pretty successful in staying awake during a presentation that bored me to tears. Also, it just feels like this year's RA training just wasn't as fun as last years? Maybe it's because I'm a veteran now. Or maybe it really isn't as fun. Me and Sid agreed that this year seems so blaze. I just wish A term would get here already.

Met a few residents. All seem nice. I hope I have a good floor. Bullentin boards still need to be finished tho. I have to say I am way more on top of things this year than I was last year. If everybody doesn't know, Matt Brennan is my co-RA. From what I heard through other people, Ben couldn't get a visa back into the country so he couldn't RA? Not too sure. All I know is that he quit the RA thing.

I miss Erie a bit I guess. Or I miss the people a lot. I still call Becky when I can here and there and it's comforting to talk to her. I hate to be so cheesy, but I am always so thankful to have her as my best friend. And I talked to Eee-an for the first time in a week or so and I miss my favorite 12 year old. :-P And Patton's birthday is tomorrow. Finally 19 and still as lazy as ever and no real advancement in the maturity dept, but I still love the jerk anyways. He's still my little brother. :-)

Well it's time for lunch. And a murder mystery dinner later. Yay. Oh and I won a $20 Best Buy Giftcard last night. Woo hoo! I want a VCR, a DVD player, and a digital camera. Yeah I know... slightly expensive things. BUt hey I saved over 200 dollars on books this year but getting them online and getting them at the library. So I can treat myself. :-) More to come later on other stuff that I should have blogged about over the summer.

Monday, August 18, 2003

I know. I didn't post much over the summer. I apologize for my laziness/lack of time to sit and write down little thoughts. Blogging will resume with the school year. Many sorries to those who checked. Kick me for it. :-D More to come on RA training.