Friday, January 31, 2003

Life has been kinda unexciting. Just busy work. Blah blah. VP of the Actuarial Club now. Exciting. :-P I am Jeff's backup!

I am going to see Hanni this weeked! Yay!

That is all. Thank you.

Monday, January 27, 2003

What an eventful Sunday it turned out to be.

The Superbowl wasn't as exciting as I would have liked and once again, the team I root for loses. And loses hard. Way to choke Rich Gannon. Way to go.

The commercials were decent. The best were the Reebok, the FedExpress, and the Zebra one. There were also many promising movie previews. Nice. The rest were a little mediocre.

Nicole got a cyst and I stayed with her until her parents came and took her to the emergency room.

And as I was in the middle of Advanced Calc homework, I got another call, and Vonda to the rescue. This time more personal and less physical.

The nite was just everywhere. And I somehow managed cranked out 21 pages of my play and did my advanced calc homework. Seriously how do I do it? Jess J is right, I am some non human to be able to run around so much and do so much crap and junk.

Oh and my Monday was so cheery at first because once Advanced calc was done, my day was pretty smooth. Just a few meetings and then SNAP. I literally would have no homework. But then in the middle of class, I realized the movies hadn't been moved. When I got out, I booked it over to move them and asked for help and got none. :-( That kind of brought down my mood. That and also because the movies were so heavy and I seriously though I was going to either fall really badly or lose my fingers in the process. I was just so frustrated at that point. And almost on the verge of tears because I was on an emotional run I think. Than my savior came - the Airborne guy who picks up the films pulled up as I was entering the Goddard parking lot. He stopped and took them from me and I almost wanted to hug the man. I went upstairs threw the keys in the films thing and booked it home so I could get away from the bad vibe I was feeling.

Now I feel a little bit better. Hands are still feeling a bit weak but I'm showered and clean and ready to start afresh the Monday again.

OK. It's almost time for the Suff meeting. I'm outta here.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

The AGD retreat was awesome. I really got to spend more time with Amanda Gray and it was just awesome. I think she is the best matched sister-daughter for me and I am really glad I have her. We stayed up so late and were chatting it up with Mel and it was just so funny. I had a great time. Really.

SocComm retreat was kewl too. But it dragged on JUST a little bit. Otherwise, funny time. And Chili's was hilarious. And oh gawd. Kurt and Sammy G definitely mooned Ann's car with William and Tyler in it. Sheesh. You would think maturity level rises as age increases. Haha. Very funny though. I almost peed myself.

This weekend has been pretty good. Too bad when I wake up on Sunday I will have to crank out 1/3 of my suff and do my advanced calc. Bleh.

The problem with being with so many people for so long is that when you have to be alone again, it feels like too much. I hate that. I go from togetherness, people, family, support, friends... to Vonda who is tired and alone and just not strong enough at the moment to feel secure. Lack of sleep does this to me. :-( I will be cheery when I wake up. Hopefully.


Friday, January 24, 2003

Retreat at AGD! WOO!

That is all. Life is busy.

Oh yeah. I am going to apply for the asst. SNAP coordinator job. Decision made. :-)


Thursday, January 23, 2003

So yeah. I am supposed to be finishing up my Advanced Calc homework but I suck at life and can't get number 1, so I am stopping and deciding to blog.

So what do I do? Should I apply to be SNAP asst. coordinator? I dunno. I kept thinking AJ was going to apply for it because Joey kept implying to other people that a certain someone was OBVIOUSLY going to apply and be quite qualified and I kept thinking it was AJ. But then she came up to me today and told me that Joey was kinda upset that I hadn't emailed him to tell him I wanted the job. And then it clicked. He was implying me when he was talking to Kate a week ago. I never even thought that he was EVER talking about me. I know me and him joked about it A LOT last year about how he was eventually going to be my boss. And if it were last year, I would be all over applying for this job. But this year, I dunno. I want it. But I just don't know if I can handle it. I'm still RAing next year, doing the SocComm thing, doing AGD (at a minimal) and I'll have PQP in B and C term and then going to Denmark in D term and I know for sure that I will be taking an Actuarial Exam in November and I am already stressing about it all. Do I want to tack on being asst. SNAP coordinator too? I don't know. I need to talk to Joey ASAP I guess. AJ says that I need to bring it up because Joey will never get up the nerve to ask me why I haven't jumped at this opportunity to be his asst. Agh. Decisions. Any advice anyone?

So I handed in my 400 dollars for Denmark and slapped down the participation binding contract. WOO. I am in like sin! Yay for Denmark. Yay for the Danish Dames! We are going to have an AWESOME time!

My poor ho has a headache and it sounds killer bad. She slept a lot yesterday and skipped all of todays classes almost and is skipping work. I hope she feels better.

On that note, I think I am getting a bit sick. You know how you wake up and you feel like you just ate a lot of sawdust and no amount of water will moisten your mouth? Yeah I got that and in the past, this usually leads to some sickness. It would be a shame if I were to get sick. Amazingly, with all the stress this year, I have yet to get sick. Last year, it seemed like I was never all the way well. Let's hope I keep up this streak of good health. I want the sawdust feeling GONE! :-)

Man I just love this song. Israel Kamakawiwo ' Ole - Somewhere over the rainbow/What a wonderful world is just great. It's so sooth and yet really uplifting. It's my anthem this week. No matter what happens, life is good.

Haha the other day, this guy asked me who "the ho" was because he saw it a lot in my away messages. HAHAHA. So great. I remember once when I called Molly a bitch, jokingly, and we laughed because we realized how we both thought that bitch was so much more offensive than ho! Haha. The ho is great.

OK. Time for food. And looking at Calc some more. Woopee.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

TKE social was fun. Too bad not enough AGDs showed up and that TKE opened it up to non-WPI girls. But hey, it's all kewl in the end.

I love TKE's pledge class. They are such great guys. I met a new one today. THE REALLY CUTE ONE as I (and a few other AGDs) like to call him AKA Simon. I had no idea he was pledging TKE until tonite. I had noticed him on campus because he is alarmingly attractive in an uncocky way. He is another reason why Tau Kappa rocks. :-) I also love Pukey McPuke AKA Dave, Blow AKA John, Sim AKA Chris, Carsten, Richard (eh I watched him funnel... I really don't know what to think of seeing that since I am his RA!), Chuck, Chun-shek, and that awesome Pennsylvanian Brent. And of course, a certain brother Jon Abad is just the kewlest. Good times.

Went to Coffee House to show support to my favorite tall scrawny SocComm execs, Tyler and Betsold AKA Jeremy. Not a bad performer. I am a sucker for acoustic guitar so I enjoyed the 45 minutes I was there. I need to keep reminding myself to go to it each Tuesday!

OK. Sleep. Nite

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Man is it ridiculously cold! Usually I can walk a decent distance before I get cold (usually I make it to class before the hands go numb) but with this coldness, my hands are numb by Riley. How sickeningly cold!

I think computers are the devil. I went to this guy Patrick's website and man oh man it said "Hello Vonda" on it and I thought I was seeing things. I was quite intrigued/paranoid for a while and finally broke down and asked Patrick how he did it. I mean it makes sense how he did it and everything but dude it's creepy how easily trackable you are. The movie Enemy of the State comes to mind and more paranoia ensues. :-) Patrick is a nice guy though so I won't think that he is out to kill me haha.

Life has been so boring that I haven't got much to say these days ya know? I did clean my room and all that jazz. Woo hoo! And I just did laundry and I just love the smell of fresh laundry. There is a clear path to my room and I feel less and less hermit like these days. So it's getting better.

I still miss home a little but Hanni is back in Boston and there is a possibly planned trip to go ice skating there January 30. Yay! :-D

Well that's all for now. Lata.

PS. I think I am going dumb because I can't seem to type these days. I just type it all wrong. I dunno what is up with that.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

So that makes two excellent weekend nites in a row!

Friday nite was great. I did an easy SNAP shift (although it was a tad bit busy), then went raiding with the awesome AGD pledges who rock my world, and then went bowling with those awesome girls. And DUDE, I bowled a 133! I had two strikes and two spares in the last five frames! It was just awesome! I have to say the nite went great.

Then Saturday was the group process. It was a little bit long and a drag, but hey it's done with. Afterwards was great though. I watched all my TiVo with William, then went to "Club Founders" and laughed some, and then got to see *gasp* Chicago!!!!! That movie was just AMAZING! The scenes were breath-taking and man oh man, the songs just engaging and funny. I need to see it again.

I have to write my step out line for my suff tomorrow. But hey that's all the homework I really have so it's A-OK.

I can't stop playing Bart vs. the mutants on the emulator. I will beat it, I swear!


Wednesday, January 15, 2003

So yeah. This term didn't start out so great. But I swear on my newly arranged room that I am going to work on this. I refuse to let A term get the best of me when I've gotten so far. REFUSE. I swear to adapt and change and deal and be happy.

I am tired from my workout. Good nite.

Monday, January 13, 2003

I am on this total Tori Amos music binge. I can't stop! You know who I would really like to hear new music from? Fiona Apple. She is such a favorite of mine. I love how I am thugging it out or rocking it out to the angry chicks. :-)

Tom has come and gone. What a nice good time. We really just did nothing, but sometimes nothingness is GREAT. I am going to try my hardest and find time this term to visit him at Weslyan and see what's so kewl about his new school. He's a math economics major, somewhat math but more econ than anything. It's just nice to have a friend who understands my math woes. I love getting a little smattering of Erie every week or so. Last week, Brian Huster visited me and we talked it up. And then Tom Muller visited me this week and we talked it up. Who next? I am aiming to see Hanni sometime soon. I love my friends.

I really don't like my classes this term at all. Life Contingencies is gawd awful boring. And he always ends lecture later than he should. It's irritating. And Advanced Calc is just theory and I HATE theory so bad. I suck ass at it. I just want to do math, not figure out what makes math tick. That's why I'm actuarial and not math math. Bleh. Math math blows. :-)

I really want to somehow tape all the "I love the 80s" marathons on VH1 because they are sooo funny and great. I mean I was born in the 80s and I know about most of the things and everything, but I didn't really live it. So it's just great to absorb all the little tidbits and funny comments that VH1 makes on the 80s. I can't wait til they do the 90s one day. Gawd how weird that will be. That is my decade. Gawd, I am going to be two decades in about 2 months. REALLY scary. I prefer "19 the continuation"! I am so old. :-)

Time for lunch with my ho.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

The formal was really fun. :-) William is always a good date. Only sucky thing about the nite was the bad music. I really hope all the songs WEREN'T really picked by my sisters, because the music BLOWED. A few good songs and that's about it. When I go out and wanna dance, I need some GHETTO. I need to get thugged out (a term I like to use). Every Friday, you can hear me thugging it out on my floor. I just need a good beat, because good beats keep me moving and keep me in a good mood.

I have to say I am becoming quite the regular face on the Stoddard A3 floor. :-) Those guys kinda remind me of the second floor of Daniels last year. Just those guys that you could hang out with and just be goofy. HAHA. One kid could quote Star Wars, no not the humans in Star Wars, the aliens that spoke another language. HAHA. Yeah, I never met real hardcore geeks til I came to WPI. I mean I think I am a geek but at WPI, you have a variety and it's just amazing. Also, Mike and I get along fabulously. He says the floor is more fun (well the quote is "William is more fun when you're here") when I'm around. Haha. He had a few issues to talk about though and I have to pull out the RA Vonda and try to just be there for him and help him with what he needed help. Felt helpless but helpful. And then there is lovely Dave. I will forever regret saying that he looked good in boxers because those comments are haunting me. Haha. Such a good cute guy. Anyways, I'm all caught up on my TiVo and that's good.

I am going to wake up in a few hours and ya know who will be here? Tom Muller. He is seriously one of my favorite people in the whole entire world. :-) I remember meetng him in kintergarden and just being fascinated with him. He's Tom. He's a phenomenon that I'm just slowly discovering and it's weird because I've known him the longest. And he was one of the most consistent people in high school. But yet, I still don't know him all the way. That's what fascinates me I guess. He's Tom.

Grr the Steelers lost. *sigh* Bah!

My room is sooo not clean. I better clean before Tom gets here. I mean he has seen my room WAY WAY WAY worse, but I should at least make clear paths and have decent beds. He might spend the nite, who knows. A good ol' sleep over! WOO! I haven't had one since Matt spent the nite. That was fun too. Damn, I have homework too. Sucks to be me. :-P


Saturday, January 11, 2003

Sometimes I think when I was a freshman, I had this blindfold over my eyes. Everything was always GREAT. And nothing was wrong. And everything was peachy. And there weren't real problems. What ignorance I had. As I progress more and more through my sophomore year, I feel like the blindfold is being tugged away, showing me what I refused to see before. Things aren't as they seem and life is just not fair. So many things have happened that make me question why I do all the stuff that I do. I'm tired of the make believe world that WPI makes me live in. I guess that's why I kept dreading having to come back. The life that I'm leading here is fake. The one positive thing to come from WPI (besides my wonderful friends) is that I realized how much I need to be me and do what I want to do. I'm tired of doing things because it "looks good" or because I'm "expected" to. Fuck that. I done with it all. Happiness is all that matters.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

First day was a snore. As usual. Life Contigencies is taught by Professor Swift. He seems like a nice guy and all, but I don't think I will enjoy him as my professor. And Advanced Calc is taught by Feribach, who seems kewl. And I think I will like his teaching style. BUT Advanced Calc looks scary as all hell. I hope I pass!!!!

I get to do my Suff with Dean and Jordan (from Crow, the super senior) and that makes me happy because I know Jordan and I won't feel too weird. :-)

Jon Abad is heading the SNAP anarchy. WOO! I hope we work it all out and get a decent rotating schedule. I need that right now.

I decided to take a break from Crimson Key. I was serious when I said I was going to cut down on stuff this term.

The Formal is this Saturday. William is default date. Let's hope it fun!

I have to go do the calc homework I've been putting off all day.

Oh yeah I started working out and junk. More like biking. I suck at it. But I am trying and that's what counts right? :-)

And I'm out.

Oh yeah. I got into Denmark! WOO! I can't wait to go! Molly, Katie, Carla, Tofer, and Stash all got in. William didn't get in though. :-( I wish he had, but that is life. He will make do with Boston.

I still don't want to be here, but the first day of classes won't be too bad. Doing only two classes and a suff will be less stressful (I hope).

My bulletin board kicks massive ass! Come see it!

Time to get rest for tomorrow! Nite.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The WPI routine just feels so boring right now. I don't know. I don't have a lot of motivation and all that jazz. I just wanna sleep a lot and do nothing. Maybe some of my classes will motivate me. Most likely not but that's expected.

All I wanna do is shower but I am going to work out with Molly at 4, so I gotta stay dirty til then. Boo.

I'm out.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

RA training is soooo long sometimes. I still wish I were in Erie. But oh well. Gotta make do with what ya got.

There were a few funny moments in RA training. Ahem "Star people are easy!" "Leadership is a scalar. It has magnitude, but no direction." My are we geeky. Haha. I love WPI and the people that come with it. :-)

Brian Huster came and visited me on his way back to Erie. He had a wedding in Maine and then headed to Boston for a few days and then stopped in to see me. I love talking to that kid. I wish I had gotten to know him better while I was in high school. We knew so many of the same people and saw each other here and there but never truly talked until we were both in college (he is two years ahead of me). He is a quirky guy and always strikes up thoughtful conversation. Over break, me and him went to go see Lord of the Rings (his third time, my first) and it was a GREAT movie. Loved it. I feel so much emotion when you see the love between Aragon and Liv Tyler's character, the elf chick. Anyways afterwards, we went to Taco Bell and had this long conversation about God, religion, heaven, hell, etc. It really made me think. He actually made me want to go read a part of the Bible not because of obligation, but because I wanted to try to understand his viewpoint on the meaning of life (that sounds really cheesy but I guess you just had to be there to get what I mean). He's just one of those guys who likes to make ya think. And plus his laugh makes you laugh automatically. I mean his laugh is hysterical. The moment a Huster laugh errupts, everyone goes off. He's a kewl kid. He is graduating (scary how old we all are) and he is a math major (EVEN KEWLER because math people rock) with a literature minor. Interesting balance. Anyways it was great to get some Erie flavor because I was already feeling slightly homesick. Yay for Brian.

So yeah, I got a speeding ticket on my ride home. Grr. I totally deserved it. I don't feel like explaining it. It will just remind me of my stupidity.

OK. I am tired and need to sleep for RA training tomorrow. I need to get my bullentin board done too. I need more creative ideas though.

Good nite!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

I definitely just cut off oodles of my hair. Short do for Vonda. :-)

I have to go back to Worcester. :-( I don't want to yet!

Oh well. That is life.

Go Collegiate Academy!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Oh man I got to talk to my cousin Vanessa (better known as Sa). It was so nice to talk to her. I haven’t talked to her in over a year maybe. I haven’t been to New Orleans in almost 3 or 4 years. It’s been so long I can’t even remember. I really miss my family. I just realized that. I really miss them. I feel so out of the loop since I live up north. I mean for pete’s sake, my cousin Kim who is a year older than me is getting married in January! MARRIED! She is the first from our generation to get married, well my age group that is. It’s just insane. It’s so weird to hear that. She will be married. Married. And Sa and I are in college. And Hao Nhi is a sophomore in high school. And Patton is majoring in history education. It’s just weird. Hahahaha. I was telling Sa that we are so definitely Vietnamese/Asian and let our parents effect our life choices. I asked her what her major was and she said finance. How Asian. I am actuarial mathematics. How Asian. Huong is doing Bio tech or something lab technician related. How Asian. Phong is doing pharmacy. How VERY Asian. The first kid in our family to do a humanities major is going to get an earful from the family. Although Patton is doing history education, but then again, no one takes him seriously, which sucks. But he is Patton and he needs to take himself seriously before anyone else will I guess. Anyways I got Sa’s cell and I plan on calling her more often because she’s my cuz and we gotta stick together. She is actually my cousins kid, making her my first cousin, once removed or something but it’s just so much easier to say cousin. I really miss her and everyone in New Orleans. When I go down there, I feel like I will never be alone no matter how bad life is. I love my family. I really do.

I really don’t want to go back to WPI yet. I feel too good at home I guess. Oh well.

I am so broke. And I need to chop off all my hair dammit. I will do that later or before I go back to Worcester. It needs to be done now now now. I am thinking shoulder length. It will cut a little shower time out because man my hair is a handful to wash. It’s getting to bra level. Far too long. Plus if I cut it, maybe I’ll be more likely to do it. Short hair takes less time to straighten. Yes, it’s been decided. I am going to get it cut tomorrow and I am going to have to borrow money from mom to do it because I just paid my credit card bill and I’m poor man. Poor. Oh well. That’s life.

And that’s it. 3 more days in Erie. Go ASL team. They will rock the house this Saturday. I will be there to cheer them on. WOO!

Good nite.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003


So yeah, it's a new year and a new start. Or something cheesy like that. I had a marvelous New Years. It was almost a bad nite, the way it started out. Everyone was drinking except me and Tom and then I had to go all the way back to Erie to get John because his plans fell through so then he decided that we were good enough now that he had no options. I was cranky at first, but then I just said whatever and moved on. We played Trivial Pursuit and me and Tom were partners. What a mistake that was. Dude, he talked me out of so many right answers. It sucked ass. We could have won had I just said "No I think I'm right" but Tom is Tom and he is convincing. We were close to winning. It's just nice to have him in Erie. I swear I could never be cross with that kid. Tom is my longest friend and one of my most treasured. We are going to drive back to Erie following each other and such. And then he is going to find a few days and hang out with me. I am super psyched. I have to say, I think our friendship will be intact forever and that makes me feel good. I have known this kid since I was 5 friggin years old man. FIVE! He rocks.

Quote of the nite came from "Backdoor Ben": "Bob Costas is hot!" Oh dear lord, we didn't stop laughing for a very long time after that comment. Let's hope it was the alcohol talking. :-)

I hope all of my other friends had a marvelous New Years and were with people they loved. I know I was.

Good nite.

Welcome 2003.