Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I am far too lazy to write an original entry so I will just excerpt this from the email I wrote to Rob:

So last night was a bit wild, or at least odd. We went grocery shopping and found decently cheap Bacardi stuff, kinda like Smirnoff, but Barcardi and rum stuff. So we buy a 24 pack thinking it will last us quite a while. We start making dinner when we get home and decide to each try a bottle of it while we are cooking. I must explain that there is this thing called 'hygge' in Denmark which somewhat translates into coziness. It's pretty much the mood of a gathering and is furthered by some drinking and candlelight. During pre-PQP, we spent a whole 2 hour lecture on what 'hygge' was. And we were bound and determined to have it last night. We lit tons of candles and started leisurely drinking and cooking and then eating. Except... we are all lightweights. I seriously felt ill after only drinking 3/4 of my bottle, which is less than an equivalent of a beer. It's because I hadn't eaten since 12:30 and it was 7:30pm when I tried the drink... I knew I was not going to be able to drink much since my limbs felt so sore. Sometimes when I drink and I know it's going to hit me easy, my limbs start to feel achey and sore. It's almost throbbing. It's so weird. Katie says she gets it too but told me to drink past it, but I definitely couldn't. I hadn't felt the ache since sophomore year! I felt like Andy Kim! I was getting the "Asian glow" or the "sunburn by night" and I wasn't drunk by any standard but definitely achey and my face was piping hot and yeah... it took me a while to finish just one bottle of the stuff. Katie and Molly started chugging some an oh gosh, they were definitely wasted. They visited everyone else in our Denmark group and then all of a sudden everyone was in our apartment and it was getting wicked loud! We have already been warned about our volume from our advisor... and um last night wasn't a good display. He ends up calling down to our apartment and saying "This is your final warning, quiet down!" Luckily that gets everyone out of our apartment because we don't want to get in trouble. It's funny that all we wanted was 'hygge' but got drunkeness, or for me, achey limbs, instead. Katie ends up the most wasted and while we are chilling in her room, she stumbles in and over to the bed. She goes to try and smack Joe's ass (his monstrous badunkadunk), and ends up falling off her bed and ON TO HER WATERMELON, smashing it open. Oh man, I thought I was going to pee myself. There she is wasted and lying in watermelon. And everyone started to eat the watermelon too... yeah, it was a wild night. By the end of the night, out of 24 drinks, there were only 8 left. And I only did 2... or 3? Anyways, Katie was crazy and I think Molly reached a new high on drinks. Who needs to go out on the town when you can get down with the hygge in your own apartment!

This stuff is original:

This weekend is Stockholm. We booked a hostel and our seat on the train already. I am so excited. The nice thing about Scandanavia is that everyone is blonde it feels like. Had this been a high school experience, I would love it since I used to be such a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes. But funny, in college, it's been strictly all brown haired guys... wow, yeah... no blondies... WEIRD.

Becky sent me some awesome pictures of Adam Suprock. Oh man, I love that friggin' kid. He is too much I think. I hope he is happy now that he is going to Mercyhurst. I am so proud of him for transferring and doing what he really loves. He kept fooling himself into thinking that his love of Japanese was only a hobby, but we all knew he was a lifer. Yay for Adam!

All the people in our Denmark group who had planned to go to Amsterdam for Easter got screwed and now, nobody is going. Had they went, tickets would have been 300, then hostel was 70 a night for a total of 280, and this was all before food, drink, booze, and pot (for some of them). That would have been sooo expensive. So now no one is going. But me and Molly are going to go for a weekend. Hehe, the two non-pot smokers go to Amsterdam. Hilarious.

Good quotes from the past week -
Joe on explaining why Pete blacks out easily: Pete and Steve have 3/4 a brain and share the rest. So when Steve thinks too hard, Pete blacks out.
Katie, drunk: I just hit my head on the light switch!
Me, when the TV messed up and restarted the movie when it was 10 minutes from the end of the movie: Fast forward, fuckers! (And then they did fast forward! It was weeeeird.)
Everyone when addressing Joe and/or his ass: Badunkadunk!
Everyone to each other when we are loud and obnoxious: Stupid Americans!

Ok must get the background information done. Hej hej from København!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Let’s see… I am 21 now. 21!! OLD. I am legal to do whatever I want, well drink really. But once again, that is a habit I am not into really. I did try a couple drinks and shots on my birthday, but nothing to get my drunk… or even really tipsy. I guess when you are with 8 other really drunk people, the responsible person inside of you surges to the top and squashes any chances of tipsy or drunk. It wasn’t the best birthday in the entire world, but it sure was different from any other birthday. Last year, Tom and Hanni came and we had some fun dinner and games. And freshman year, it was definitely the good ol’ strip club. Yummy. :-P

I remember that girls are really tough to live with. It’s been a week and a half and it’s a revolving door of who is in and who is out. By the end of this trip, everyone will get a chance at being “the fourth roommate” as we have coined it. It just sucks, really. I think Molly is especially taking the time here tough. I am working on trying to make it better, or at least doing what I can and can’t do. I think we are going through the patch that me and Becky have gone through before. Me and Becky came out OK, so me and Molly will, too.

I was really excited to get to finally talk to Rob today. I had called him a few times but always caught his voicemail. And on the whim, I just called him and actually caught him. We talked for a good 40 or 50 minutes. It wasn’t uber awkward, but nicely butterfly-ish. I enjoy our email correspondence and am getting to know him. It’s definitely good. Let’s see how well this goes until August or maybe when I get home. :-)

Today, walking home from work, we caught soooo much hail. It hurt so bad to have the hail hit our faces and hands. And as I ran across the street, the bag I had my bagel in bottomed out and the bagel fell in the middle of the street. Waaaah! :-P I really like working with Matt and Stacia, they are definitely the most compatible partners I could have had.

While here, I am definitely getting to know people decently well. Or at least my roomies, Matt, and Joe. I have decided that Joe definitely has the best butt here. He has something you can really grab at if you choose to. Matt is the best all around guy. You can go to him and vent or just talk and have him listen. Joe gives me a hard time only because I give him a hard time. Or because he still remembers the toothpaste incident. Hehehehe. The first day Joe was here, he was wicked tired and dead to the world. So me and Katie ummmm toothpasted his hand and Matt tickled his face (even though he won’t admit it). And instead of itching with the toothpaste hand, he itched with the clean hand and THEN put the toothpaste hand under his hand. Therefore getting toothpaste all in his HAIR and in his EAR. It was hysterical!! OMG, I have photos, it’s so memorable. To get us back Joe moved the creepy paintings back into our rooms and made his think it was the ghost. There have been a few paranormal moments that Joe and Pete have experienced. It makes me creeped out to spend time alone in the apartment. Every little noise makes me think it’s the ghost. And the painting showed up again in a different room, but no one fessed up to it. And today the burners were all turned on, but we aren’t sure who did it, maybe one of the drunk people in our apartment. Yeah… creepy.

I am so excited for the next few weekends, we have soo much traveling to do. We just planned out all the places we wan to go to and it’s crazy packed. If I go at this pace, I will just have one day left at the end of the 2 months on my Eurail. It’s gonna be AWESOME. I just know it. I am hella excited.

I guess I should try some doing some real work while at work instead of nothing. :-)

Monday, March 22, 2004

So here I am... in Copenhagen, at work, not really doing work. Yes people, I am living the good life. :-)

I will have more for the next post. I forgot about the lovely blog until the last few minutes of work. My group and I are skipping out early today, at 3pm so as to hit up a bank and get some kroner. I spend so much here, it's ridiculous. Luckily Joe is cooking for us tonight and that's awesome because he has some culinary skills.

There have been a lot of crazy escapades here. To be detailed in the next post. Just wanted to let people know I was alive and kicking. Vi ses i morgen!

Friday, March 05, 2004

It's almost 5am and here I am, still packing. And now blogging. It's all very surreal right now. I am going to be abroad in one week. I am going to leave the North American continent. I am going to be fully submersed in another culture. I'm gonna go Danish for 8 full weeks. :-)

Today was interesting. All I did was run errands and hand in my proposal. Saw 8 of Bass. They were cute. Had a great mini-Starbucks run with William and Laura. And then said good bye to William. :-( I'm not gonna see him for a few months. My joo... that will stink. And after that the night kinda stunk due to the fact that I was invited to three separate parties/get togethers and guess what? I couldn't go to any of them because I am stuck on duty. So I decided to reorganize all my books and notebooks and holepunch every mother friggin sheet of paper and yeah. Except right now they are all piled on the floor because I don't know if I should put it in the box since the box will be ridiculously heavy if I do that. I will decide in the morning. I still have to dismantle the two lights and pack the microwave in its box. I can't believe that next year... I won't be a resident of Daniels Hall. I will miss this lovely building but I cannot wait to room with William, Laura, and Drew. It's going to be such a good time! I'm so glad the landlord let me store my stuff there even though it's a few months early. Nice old guy. :-)

I didn't even get to say goodbye to everyone. :-( And some people are graduating. Not fair.

One of the perks of my packing crazy night was getting a text message from Becky. She is in Arizon or Vegas right now. She will be 21 this Saturday. Scary. What's even scarier is that I'll be 21 in 10 days. March 15... agh! When did I get so old? Anyways, my best friend rocks. She knows how to perk me up without even realizing it.

The most interesting thing of the night had to be getting a random email at 2am. Someone has a crush on me! Crazy! Too bad it's the worst timing ever but really that's life. I don't know him too well... seems nice. Wonder what he is like... I guess I'll find out someday! I was wicked flattered. :-)

::yawn:: Must sleep.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Best story ever:

I spend all morning studying for my MG 3600 final because I wasn't prepared at all. I stressed and everything because I really wanted an A and I honestly didn't know if the paper I handed in was that great. So I am freaking out... and get to class at 2. Kasouf walks in with the finals and our papers to hand back. He is settling in and starts talking, "Here are the logistics. Tony got the highest grade on the first paper, Vonda got the highest grade on the first exam, and Susan and (some guy) got the highest grades on the second paper............. YOU ARE ALL EXCUSED FROM TAKING THE FINAL." Holy shit! I didn't have to take it! Total surprise. I was on cloud 9. And I got my last paper back... 90%. Hot diggity damn, I walked out of the class feeling on top of the world. :-D

And because I got out of the exam I got to hang out with David which was awesome! He is still good ol' David. And he even got me a souvenir! It's a cute figurine of a soccer player from the Arsenal football club in London. How thoughtful. I totally wasn't expecting that! He was the second best thing about the day. The test still takes tops. :-P Anyways, it was good to catch up and I am sure this will be the one and only day I will see him until next year because I doubt he will make any special trips to see me or anything before I leave this week. That's David. And I saw his sister for the first time. Her skirt was wicked short and ummm all my guy friends drooled over her. ::eyes roll:: She isn't your typical WPI girl. Anyways, she isn't my favorite topic in the whole wide world. :-P I shall miss David.

It's disturbing how I'm going to be leaving the US in one week. I am so excited. So much. Oh I could burst.

Oh crushes are fun. Too bad it's the end of C term and there is nowhere to go. Oh well! :-P

Sleep. Finish proposal in the morning. Finish ID 2050. Pack. Done with the US for two months. :-D

Monday, March 01, 2004

Wow... the term ends in 4 days. My last night of school work is Wednesday night. It ends with my ID 2050 presentation. How scary that it's went so fast!

Tonight was the Academy Awards. Lord of the Rings swept it all. And I got second place on guessing the winners (not that I win anything since I am VP). I lost to Greg by one (not that he can win anything since he is films chair)... which I would have won had I voted LotR for all 11 categories... oh well! But I did beat Patrick (he actually won something since he wasn't in SocComm)! :-P

Excitement. Someone actually IMed me tonight. :-D

Molly is 21 today. My ho is growing up haha. She can buy for me. :-P Or not... haha. I will be 21 in 14 days anyways. :-) Too bad it means nothing in Denmark. Not that I am a drinker anyways. Such a lightweight whenever I try anything anyways. :-P

Molly is the coolest gal around here. I am short and her perfect crutch. I would carry her if she wasn't Gandolf to my Frodo. :-) She has been a great friend to me through the past almost two years this coming April. I don't think she knows that I appreciate her a lot. :-D Well when she reads this she will know. Don't worry, I will tell her too. ;-)

I get to see Becky and Patton soon! Agh! Yay! My best friend and my brother! ::spastic dance:: Sometimes I wonder how I go so long without seeing them. I guess absense really does make the heart grow fonder. Because I really friggin' miss them.

The Darkness is really good. It makes me spastic and peppy. Good stuff.

I watched the whole third season of Sex and the City this weekend. Wow. Really good show. Wish I had discovered it sooner!

Denmark, here I come! (I promise to try and blog as much as I can while I am there. I am without internet access in the apartment... such s shame! Oh well!)