Sunday, November 30, 2003

Going home was so great. I got to see Becky every day and just hang out and have eggrolls and just be happy. And my dad wasn't even as awful as he sometimes can be. He was very nice and only got pissy once. And he even swapped cars with me, so now I have the Mercedes (which takes diesel and I need to find a place that dispenses diesel... anyone know of a place in Worcester?). It's cool and relatively dependable although now I hear talk about freezing temps are bad business and it's giving me a headache. It was nice not to have to work at ttown, although it was kind of silly since all my friends work there anyways, so had I worked, I would have gotten to spend even more time with them.

I made Ian come out to Panera with me and Becky although I felt like I had to drag him out. Tool. And I got lost on the way to his house. It's in the suburbs and what can I say, I'm a city-ish gal. And of course he made fun of me for getting lost. But you can't be mad at Ian, he's Ian! I love Ian. It was especially fun to talk to him when he had just woken up. Groggy Ian is pretty goofy. I think his parents woke him up because I left a message on the machine. Hehe. Gotta love my favorite 12 year old! :-) Although, I don't think I like him hanging out with Charlie too much. Charlie is just a bad influence haha. Charlie was talking to Becky and asked "When is Vonda coming back? Not that I care or anything." Haahaha. And then he said "Tell her I don't want to see or talk to her." What an ass! But I know he loves to hate me and I love to hate him so it's all good. We go way back. We're so mean to each other. I feel bad for anyone who has to be around us together because all we do is make racist comments. Well his are racist, mine are mean without the racism. I remember when we cleaned theatres together once or twice and dear gawd, I think the other ushers were shocked by the way we talked to each other. My favorite racist comment he says to me is "Are you looking at me? I can't tell with your Asian eyes." Awful. :-P Man, I cannot wait to get back to Tinseltown and get back into the swing of Erie-isms. Tinseltown is so consuming. And now Jeff works there too and he will understand why we all talk about that place sooo much and why we stop there even when we don't work and why we devote Saturday nights to "de-tinseltowing". It's sick. :-) But I love it.

I was sad to leave Erie, but I love being at WPI too. There was a moment today that was just... great. We were at DAKA and um I had just witnessed the worst looking kiss ever (Laura is now mono-free and William planted one right on the lips... it was sooo funny) and WHAM, I just felt like WPI really is home. We were laughing, red faced and just in shock. And moments like those just make WPI so great.

Ben came back with me and it was nice. We just schmoozed and it was nice to get time with him. :-)

Went to see Love Actually and Bad Santa over the mini-break. Love Actually was a major chick flick and I loved it and I now own the soundtrack. It's a pretty good sountrack, ask me for songs if you want. Bad Santa was good because it was so bad. So much swearing! Wow, I think this is the first time in a while I have seen two R rated movies back to back. Good stuff.

Ran into Lauren Lindgren over break and um she said to me "You look so old!" I was slightly offended, but then she went on to explain I looked more mature and collegely and "old" in that sense. Still... old? Eek. And then today in the elevator, someone told me I looked old. I think it was Rich. Do I look old?

I have so much work it's overwhelming. But I really wanted to see S.W.A.T. Dilemmas! Will I fall to the temptation? Maybe if I had a good movie buddy to come see it with me. :-) We shall see.

Monday, November 24, 2003

My favorite part about checking NM's profiles is seeing their AGD pride already in there. Although, I am not big on putting AGD in my profile... I find it lovely to see it in other peoples. I just like to keep mine a little refreshing.

So we went to see the apartment on Elbridge. Major disappointment. Mega. Huge. It was gross and the bathroom made my skin crawl and it just definitely was not worth the rent at all. Plus the kitchen was gross and just did not call out to me. And the fridge wasn't even in the kitchen. It was in a pantry of some kind, but not even the main pantry. Weird. So then we hobbled on over to Mandy Moore's apartment and we LOVED it there. But the rent is soooo high. Ridiculously high. But it's beautiful there. There is also another place we are looking at. So much to do and see. All I know is that I need a loan. :-P

Talking about Denmark lately has gotten me ridiculously excited. Me and Molly so want to go to Italy for Easter, either Venice or Florence. How amazing would that be? Also, we want to go to London and just travel Europe as much as we can. I am so excited to go. It will be... um... I guess the word is LIBERATING. Yeah, that's it. :-)

Matt Hazel wants to get drunk now. Gross. I thought he would be a trooper and never do it. But I think he's a goner. I'm not anti-drinking. I'm just anti-drunk I guess. Maybe one day I will accidentally get drunk (because I am Asian and such a lightweight) and I won't be so huffy about it, but until then... I'm saddened to lose another person to the bottle. :-P It's OK. I will move on as I have with all the others. All I have is Becky. She is even better than me since she doesn't drink period. Where would I be without her?

Speaking of my wonderful Becky, I cannot wait to go home and see my family and Becky and Ace and cheer up my little eee-an and just get some good ol' Erie flavor. Plus Ben will be home and everything too. It will be good to see him. I feel things are much better and things are on the up and up.

I love saying that things or life in general is on the up and up. I don't think enough people say that. I'll say it again. Life is on the up and up.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

This weekend has been so good. One of the best.

Arsenic and Old Lace was really funny. So much better than some of the past plays I have seen. We (as in me, David, William, Erin, and Kathleen) all really liked it. Although I kept having to move my head around since I couldn't see the whole stage with the lady's head in front of me. Haha, I was afraid I would knock heads with David or Erin. After the play, David come over and we played nintendo (Jackal) and I was doing soooo much better than before. Except then, me being the big klutz that I am, tripped over the nintendo cord and um ripped my nintendo to the ground. I thought I had for sure broken it. But I didn't. Luckily I am Asian and can't blush or else I would have been. I felt like an idiot. :-P I'm sure David had to really keep a good composure NOT to start laughing hysterically. Haha, he should have because it was pretty funny. :-) Anyways, I then took him on his first SNAP ride ever. ::tear:: 4 more weeks until B term is over and then I probably won't see him until after May. Yikes. I hate thinking about that.

SNAP was pretty fun. Laura was really cool to work with and Mel and William hung out with us too. It was just a good night of Mario Kart and Chinese and just chitter chatter. Cheered up Mel since she was having a bad night. I love her. She is like an adopted daughter sometimes. And Elise too kinda. :-)

Well I have a PQP presentation and PQP reading and studying for two tests and a quiz before I can head home. Hopefully the stupid mechanic will have my car ready. I can't wait to go home and see everyone and cheer up Ian. He sounds so down. My favorite 12 year old can't be unhappy. No worries, Vonda to the rescue.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Gotta love my lame little brother. Don't worry, nothing is coming out of anyone's pants the night of the formal. I am pure as can be and don't plan on anything impure. I'm getting all this crap about "hooking up" and blah blah blah when I'm pretty sure the formal is going to be pretty platonic. Which is what I want it to be. I don't want any weird moments whatsoever. And non-platonic moments = weird moments. It's funny Patton said that comment because it's Patton who always tells me I should "break some off" to the guys or "you have to give some to get some" mentality. I think he tells me to whore it up haha. Too bad I'm too good for that. Although sometimes, I do wish I wasn't as clean as I am. I wanna dirty the clean slate. Anyone wanna help me out? ;-)

I have to say, I'm all sorts of mixed up on love or like or whatever you want to call it. I can't tell what I am feeling. I think I am too busy to really sit down and think about what my feelings are for certain people(s). All I know is that I really enjoy certain people(s)'s company. :-) A lot! Wow that was hella cheesy. Well, I'll stop on this topic before I nauseate myself. :-P

AGD New Member Retreat was soo much fun. OMG, I love my little acorns. They are so friggin' cute. And I feel so much closer to them. I love AGD and am so lucky to get to be pledge mom. And man oh man, where would I be without Steph Morin by my side. And Madeline. Whew, I would be so out of wack without them keeping me together. :-) I hope my little acorns grow to love AGD as much as I do.

Today I am going to check out an apartment that Laura really likes. It is kind of expensive, but if I really like it too, I would find a way to make it work. I am so excited to move in with William and Laura next year. They are so awesome and I am excited to not be the RA and be so by the rules. I want to be as badass as I want to be (which really isn't even that bad haha). I am psyched to move into the house for C term too. I can't wait! I will miss my floor though. I am so much closer to them than last years. And they call me mom. And man, when I have to leave them, I will feel so sad. I hope I don't cry! :-(

I am such a sap. I think this is the retreat still talking. Hehe. Anyways, I'm gonna shower and get some work done and then apartment hunt. Oh and I get to see Arsenic and Old Lace later with David and William! :-) And then 4 long hours of SNAP. Oh man, it's gonna be a killer day. Yay.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

WOO! AGD has new members! :-) They are the best bunch of girls! I couldn't have asked for a better group. The banner stealing thing was fudged a little, but we are working on it.

I went out for the first time in ages. PSK and Crow and such. Good times. Very nice to see some familiar faces at Crow. I will have to go down there more often to hang out.

Matt Hazel's mom wants to come down the day of the formal and um... take pictures of us. Oh my! It's definitely prom-ish feeling haha. Maybe I won't feel so old that nite! But I am psyched nonetheless. :-)

I know I should have more, but I really should be doing PQP. MOre to come when my head isn't spinning!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Well the date for the formal issue has been resolved. I have to say it was a pretty decent trade in for William. ::drumroll:: And the new date is... Matt Hazel. Yes, kids, it's going to be a fun filled formal of Matt Hazel. We will see if he can live up to the legend of William L. Herbert.

Well, my Tuesday was a very good Tuesday! Rush round 2 went great and I keep meeting a lot of awesome girls! I cannnot wait until Bid Day!

After RR2, low and behold, but who comes over? David! I was psyched because for once he made the initiative so that was a bit exciting. :-) Although playing nintendo with him is a bad idea. ;-) Only because he takes his games seriously and I was sucking. Hehe. Anyways, we hung out and I introduced him to the loveliness of Contra while he introduced me to Jackel. It was a really good time. :-) He isn't allowed to leave in C term. It's not fair!

MQP app is in. Dear God, I reall want to get in. Please let me get in. :-)

This rest of this week is the rest of rush and Slumber Party 2003 is most likely scheduled for this coming Friday and HnH Thanksgiving this Saturday along with SNAP. Haha, I read some old posts about Slumber Party 2002 and boy Matt Hazel actually sounds like he was a nice person back then. What happened? Haha. Anyways this looks like a packed and good weekend coming up!

Monday, November 10, 2003

So David is my hero, because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have understood math modeling. Seriously, HERO. :-P I gave him the nickname math kid for a reason haha. He's so awesome. :-)

Well William comes back from NACA and tells me Crow scheduled their formal the same day as our formal (which is lame because there are def a few sisters who date Crows, so there will be competition). What does that mean? I just lost my date to my formal because William wants to go to his and take someone he could maybe "have a chance with." I don't even want to go to his formal or anything because their formals are just drinking and not that much dancing and not as fun... I just wanted him to go to mine because he is fun and I don't have to worry about making anything a big deal. Now I am out of $43 and a date and no dress and super sad about it. I have no idea who to take and am just not looking forward to this formal anymore. :-( Fate has it out for me to not have a good time.

Kim was a lot of fun. :-) I wish she were still at WPI. Oh well. Time and life moves on.

There was a fire in Daniels this past weekend. Kinda scary because it was a real fire - not some stupid kid who put their popcorn in for 10 minutes. We were outside in freezing temps for about 20-30 min before they let us in to Alumni. It was scary because for a moment, a few residents were missing. Luckily no damage really... just a massive reality check. More to come on the fire as info files in.

Kurt is driving with me when I go home for Thanksgiving. Cool, huh? :-P


Saturday, November 08, 2003

::yawn:: I think this is gonna be the week from hell. PQP mixed with two math assignments mixed with Recruitment mixed with SocComm movies and no time... yeah, it's gonna be rough!

Went to see Elf with David tonight (the 12:10am show... I know, super late!). It was a ridiculously cute movie! I didn't think it was gonna be great but I really enjoyed it! And right as I am typing this, I am playing some Christmas music. :-) Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You. I'm feeling a bit too cheery right now I think, even though I've very drained! I was super glad to finally actually get to hang out with David. It feels like A term just went by and we rarely talked or hung out and wham it's B term. And then after B term is over... it could be August before I see him again. Whoa. That's saddening! But hey, there is still a couple weeks to get to hang out with him. :-) I'll make the best of it. And that reminds me I should make a point to hang out with Emily, too. I swear, time flies too fast for me.

I nailed the MG 2200 exam pretty much. The prof still sucks and doesn't understand everything, which is unfortunate.

There is some heavy ttown gossip going around. Must see if they are true! Pregnancies, promotions, etc... so out of the loop I feel.

Crap. Must sleep. Kim coming tomorrow. :-) Yay!

Friday, November 07, 2003

Oooh people have been hacking Jessi's computer. It's interesting and creepy to see her computer being manipulated by some random guy out in the world. Scott is trying to fix it. He said some guy from Toronto did the same thing to him a little bit ago. Our school is so techy. :-)

The bullentin board for Res. Serv. November planning is sooo awesome. It's so awesome that people have been taking down parts of the boards because they must find the things we printed out funny (dancing condoms, safes having sex, etc). Also, someone put up a sign that says "Res Services has 733t photoshop skills." Yeah, people care! Well it's not good caring, but hey at least they are noticing the board! It's AIDS Awareness. Good to spread (the awareness, NOT THE DISEASE!) :-P

The Actuarial Exam went OK. I didn't pass, but I def think I did better than last time, so that is a good thing. I hope Jeff passed because if he didn't... then there is no hope for me. :-P

Kim is coming this weekend and I am ridiculously excited! :-) Ef ef ef ef! I miss my math buddy.

Really exhausted. ::yawn:: I am all studied out I think. Zzz.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Dead AIM is lame and keeps being screwy. Why?

Tuesdays is the day that never ends I think. 8am-5:30pm, I got a place to be. I might not necessarily being doing work though. :-)

Holy crap, the Actuarial Exam is this Thursday. Who is screwed once again? ::Vonda raises her hand:: It's ok, I suck at life, but I accept it. I need to be more disciplined and study and stuff. I wish I could be smart like James Lescoe or David. Those stinkers passed on their first tries. And David isn't even MAC! It's a funny world. :-P

I would sell my right pinky toe to get into the Wallstreet MQP. OMG, I want it so bad. And thankfully the application is exactly the same as the IQP ones and I still have all my stuff. I need to email Prof. Swift and ask if he will be my math reference and then email Dean and ask if he will be my other faculty reference. I'm a good sell, I just need to explain my not so high grades last year. That should be an interesting story. I need to work on that! Haha, I told David he should apply except I am definitely not helping my chances of getting in since David has way better grades and GPA is more important for the MQP. Oh well, if we both got in and Tiff and Adam, that would be a very fun MQP!!

OK time for Math Modeling. "Suzy" (that's David nickname for her... I will call her that because I can't think of anything better) will probably make me feel semi-dumb again. Being a math major in a modeling class is never good, only because I don't get the concepts behind the modeling. The math I can I think. Just don't get the actual thing we are modeling.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

So the more and more I think about it, the more and more I think I don't want to live on campus next year (whether I get into Wallstreet MQP or not). I think I am ready to move off and try this whole not RAing thing. And I have great people to live with - William AKA the joo and Laura AKA Mono. As much as I love RAing, I am tired of always being an RA no matter the situation. Some people can leave their RA thinking when they leave their building but I can't. I am excited to break rules or at least be with people who are breaking rules and feeling majorly uncomfortable. We are trying to find something on this side of Highland. The banana maybe? Whatever it may be, I am so excited for senior year!

The AGD Haunted House went well. One two crying kids as far as I know. And so many of my residents showed up and I was so happy. :-) I admit I will miss getting to know a bunch of awesome freshmen each year. But I think I've made enough awesome friends to last me through my time at WPI and maybe a lifetime. :-)

Someone said today "Can I join the William and Vonda club?" and it struck me as odd that he called us a club. Haha. But I guess we do have our William and Vonda bond. It will be interesting to live with him next year!

I can't stop listening to the same four songs and it's such a problem. I'm still trying to get them out of my system: Wild Horses by The Sundays, The Scientist by Cold Play, Displaced, and November by Azure Ray. I think it's because some of those songs hold sentimental value about certain people. Meh. Speaking of sentimental value about songs, last night an accapella group sang "When you say nothing at all" and man... right there and then, all the memories of Daniel and freshman year came rushing back. I miss that bastard. I know we don't talk as much and plus he is in India for the year, but he was such a big part of my life freshman year. Big. Now all we have are letters. Well more like I write him letters and he TAKES FOREVER to respond. It's OK. I won't hold it against him. Anyways, yeah... for almost every important person in my life, they have "a song" that reminds me of them... or at least most people do. Some don't and I'm working on it.

So it's B term and soon in C term people will go away (like David and Emily) and then I'll be gone in D term. My the time is start to fly by. Where did my three years at WPI go?

OK, must shower. I heard the grossest stuff during Brunch today. OMG. It made me almost choke and I fell to the ground onto my knees because I was in shock. ICK!