Monday, May 31, 2004

blast from the past

I've seen a lot of old acquaintances from high school in the past few days. Today brought Keith Mosely, Chandra Collins, and Jeremy Blakeslee. And even those from gradeschool, Leah and Andrea Straub and Susie Howard. Weird. It always makes me think of the yesteryears. I'm not saying life was simple then, but it was simpler.

Breaking news in relation to the old high school people... supposedly one of the suspects in the bombing of Brian Wells was a grad of Academy 2001. Rumor has it that it's a former cursh I had. I won't say names, but wow... he was the first crush I had in high school. He is pretty trashy now. It was the drug habit... and oh yeah, losing his v-card to Carrie Klaes. Gross. It's funny to think of all the school drama that happened in high school.

The itching stopped. Yay! (That definitely just sounded like I had an STD/STI/VD... oh acronyms. :-( I miss William!)

My brother and dad came home this morning. My dad proceeded to get on my case right when I woke up and guilt trip me about something. It ruined my morning. We get along so much better when we are 500 miles apart... or more.

I started my day with Becky time at Wendy's and Old Navy. Then work. Work was alright. I love Amy... but she leads far too melodramatic a life. After work, Ian came up and we saw Day After Tomorrow. It was pretty decent. But there were these awful obnoxious guys from Ian's school who were just dicks. Let me recount what happened:
::during a very suspenseful part in the movie::
The dicks: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (continues on)
Angry guy in the back: Why don't you shut the FUCK UP! ::applause and laughing from audience::
The dicks: Yeah, why don't we take this out back?
As Becky would say, I wanted to punch-a-size their faces in. What's funny is that there were four off work employees in there and none of us did anything because we didn't want to miss the movie. Anyways, ugh. Ian wants social darwinism to happen with those guys a little faster. Also during the movie, there was this black couple in front of us. And man... as awful as this sounds, they were so stereotypical. Let me recreate:
::really good shot of destroyed building on screen... pretty awesome::
Black woman: Oh dee-AMN!!!
Yeah me and Ian could hardly contain our laughter. It was nice to get some Ian time. We had complete opposite schedules this week really. Oh well! That's life.

I need to get to bed. Morning shift. Wow, I want a break from working at t-town. :-P

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I'm really itchy right now. And I don't know why. Can bed bugs be spread from person to person? Poor Becky had bed bugs from Italy and I feel like I'm infected. Or something. Maybe it is all in my head.

Real quick recap because I am one tired mofo:
1. I forgot my blasted cell phone ALL day. I think I had around 10 phone calls. One of them being from the 404 area code, which according to Ian is central Atlanta. Who was that?? Jess J?? I am dying to know!
2. Worked 10-5 on about 4 hours of sleep.
3. Went and picked up Becky from the airport (slept the ride there for the most part). It is too good to have her back in the States.
4. Saw Shrek 2 for a third time (Becky's first :-D).
5. Got a purse from Italy from Becky... total count: 6 purses from Europe. I am in heaven, people.
6. Sleeping in tomorrow and seeing my best friend in the afternoon. Then working 4:45-11.
7. Let's hope I get out early. I want to see the redhead for some putt putt or a movie.
8. ::scratch scratch scratch:: Make the itching stop please!
9. My brother and dad will be home tomorrow.
10. I need to clean my room.
11. I got a best friend and a brother back in the span of 3 days. Life is good.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

breaking the bar barrier

I finally did it. I went to an American bar and used the privilege of being 21. And the first bar I go to... is a gay bar, hahahaha. "The Zone" was the one who took the cherry. Hanni and Amanda were there with their gay friend Dave. The two guys who carded us... flaming. The bar in general... flaming. The crossdresser we saw... flaming. We stayed about 15 minutes. Me and Ashley discussed who was butch between the two of us when we walked in. We decided it was her, because I was dressed in a girly pink shirt, so I definitely couldn't be the butch one! :-P And then there was some breast grabbing. Hanni grabbed mine in spite and then I felt Amanda's since Hanni told me to because really it was mainly bra and less boob because there was a decent amount of padding. ;-)

Anyways, Jill came and picked us up. We went to Calamari's which was JAM PACKED with good looking people. It was almost like Kobenhavn. Almost. Until I started seeing people I knew. Here comes a list of people most of you won't know, but I want to remember on this night. Joe Jaigai, who I do think is cool. Then Jared Delio... not so much. Oh, and yeah... Walter Martin did a very flamboyant wave. It is so strange to run into people like that. Very. We then went to Molly Brannigans, where we had a drink. I went Sex and the City with a cosmopolitan. We chatted it up and then were hungry and headed to Perkins. We ran into Dave and Julia! YAY! They are people from high school I love running into. We chatted and laughed and it was grande. All and all a great night. Best part: getting carded and HA! actually being 21. :-D

Charlie told me that he wondered how I could be so content and never worry much about significant others, or securing a boyfriend. Then we went over our "relationships" and I won because both of mine were under 48 hours. I don't count these really because there were all before the age of 15 and meaningless. But the one where I was dumped by his sister before church started, Tim was his name, well yeah... freaky enough I saw him for the first time in 4 years or so. It was weird. I looked at him and didn't even realize it was him until his dad recognized me and struck up conversation. It was weird. I keep saying that because it is. Anyways, Tim looked good and graduated with a degree in english and political science. Again... weird. It's been 7 years since our 24 hour run, and yeah. Weird. I think about him for the first time in years and wham! He actually appears in my life for a split second. Weird.

Saw Raising Helen. Cried a little. I think when I see movies alone, I am much more vulnerable. But this is what happens when you work the morning shift and all your friends work the evening shift. Woo dee doo.

One last ttown thing, Zach (Mr. McQuaid) left me messages everywhere to let me know that yes, he reads the explanations on the back of refunded tickets. I had written on the back of a ticket a night or two ago something along of the lines of "Hey, do you guys actually read this or am I just writing this for no reason? Could you let me know? Thanks!" And so he did. He left me a note in box office and even in my sign on screen when I punch it. It was great. Haha, I laughed for a good while. He is the coolest manager. And he is leaving. :-( And this segways into the bad news part of this blog...

OK, so here is the really shitty news for the day. My grandmother on my mom's side is dying or in bad shape. Something is wrong with her and I don't know what the translation is of the Vietnamese expression my mom is using for my grandmother's ailments. The doctors want to operate on her, but they are afraid she will die during surgery. Our family is weighing the decision of what to do. :-/ It's tough for my mom. My biological grandmother died a few weeks after giving birth to my mom. And then my grandfather remarried and this grandmother is the only mother my mom has ever known. My grandmother helped raise me as a baby too because we lived with them for a while in New Orleans. It just sucks. I really love her and yeah... what more can I say? :-(

And more poopy news... but trivial stuff. We no longer have 50 cent night at the dollar theatre. They jacked it to 75 cents. Let's have a moment of silence for the wonderfulness of 50 cent Tuesdays. ::tear::

Let's end on a good note, ladies and gents. Becky will be back in my life in less than 24 hours. ::crapping pants as we speak::

Waking up in 5 hours. Morning shift. Dammit! :-P

I will end this post with a quote from Van Wilder that cracked me and Carla up all the time, no matter the occasion.
Taj: I would like very much to spend my remaining days here as your assistant.
Van Wilder: Okay, we're just going do a little word association. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. Milk.
Taj: Tit! Oh, mommy. Most Indians would say "cow" because they are sacred, but I hear "milk," I think giant jugs. You see, I cannot go home a virgin. I came here to study the great American art of muff diving. To smack clam, munch rug, dine at just one American pink taco stand! You know, I wanted to, how is it, park the porpoise. You know? I want to take it through the car wash, baby. And get it waxed. I want to wax it. Wax it! You know, and air dry. Air dry that shit, yeah! And I would like to be your assistant very much, Mr. Van Wilder.

Friday, May 28, 2004


Today was a very SUCCESSFUL day. A short list of my accomplishments (short because I really need to go to bed, opening at ttown in the morning):

1. I secured a backup job for the summer at the Boys and Girls Club.
2. I bought my mom a fantabulous washer.
3. I played tennis for the first time in 2004 with Ace and Tony.
4. I had a good day of shopping at Old Navy and Lerner.
5. I gave in and bought the second season of Sex and the City.

Ladies and gents, you are looking at a satisfied woman.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

i just don't want to be known as the "up-the-butt girl" -- charlotte york

Oh yes, ladies and gents, I bought the first full season of Sex and the City. I want to just watch it all RIGHT NOW. But what would I have to look forward to? Well I could buy the next season... and the next... and the next... yeah I want them all. Gawd I wish I were rich. Another favorite line from Season 1 Episode 3 AKA "Vally of the Twenty-Something Guys" from Ms. Samantha Jones AKA C-squared, "Front, back, who cares? A hole is a hole." Hahahahaha. Boy do I love this show. And I miss Kobenhavn where they are showing the last few episodes of the 6th season as we speak. ::tear::

So I slept in late and yet again, this washer has yet to be bought. Mark my words, it will be bought and ready tomorrow! I am also going with Hanni to the Boys and Girls Club to beg for summer jobs. I have not lost complete hope in Worcester for the summer, but I really need to feel secure about backups right now. Tomorrow will be "get me a job" day.

I was reading through Cinemark's Employee Handbook the other day on that monstrously SLOW day and stumbled upon the parking rules. It says if you park in a spot that you see customers constantly walking by throughout the day, then you probably shouldn't have parked there. "Good spots should go to the customers." HA! I always strive for the good spot. Especially when I work morning shifts. I pick my favorite spot and tough for the customers. :-D Sorry, Tony, I am not a side parking kind of girl.

Went to see Mystic River with Charlie. No big-breasted girlfriend this time around. It was a great movie. Gawd, it was suspenseful. Especially when simultaneous events are happening and man, I was dying in my seat. I just wanted to scream! It happens so slow and you just want it speed up and something happen... or not happen. Anyways, I highly suggest this movie and Tim Robbins was GREAT. It makes me want to want Shawshenk Redemption this very moment.

::yawn:: I have three early days coming up. B&G tomorrow to hunt down John Popoff and then two days of opening at the movies. Maybe I CAN straighten out my sleeping schedule!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

thank you for calling cinemark tinseltown

Slow day at work. I am talking SLOW. And I was the only one there since April whatshername was a no-show again. She definitely got the boot this time. FIRED. Woo. I was bored out of my mind. Bonkers I tell ya, bonkers. The highlight of my 7 hour shift was getting a phone call, any phone call! "Thank you for calling Cinemark Tinseltown, the best seat in town! This is Vonda, may I help you?" Oh yes, ladies and gents, that was my highlight. Most frequently asked question: Are you selling Harry Potter tickets yet? Answer: Why yes, we are. We have 4 available show times, 11:30, 3:00, 7:00, and 10:10. At least Tony was there to entertain me here and there. I hate shifts where I work alone. They suck oodles. But I do have over 30some hours next week, so that it hot. I need to start paying off Denmark. Yowsers!

For Wednesday, I plan on finally buying the darn washer and getting a delivery day set. And ummm shopping? I would like to see what is new at Old Navy as well as hit up Lerner New York Company again. They have such cheap hot dresses. I got one, but hey... I could always use another. :-) I also wanted to see Mystic River at the dollar theatre. I hope they card me, I love being carded. :-) I asked Charlie to go with me, and I think he is... unless there is another big breasted ex-girlfriend around. Anyways, I will call him tomorrow and make him. Be forceful and leave no options, people. That is how you get reluctant people to hang out with you! :-D

Popped an email to David to see how he was doing. Doing fine, still same ol' David. He took the second actuarial exam and I hope he passes although I am way envious of his smartness. And he has a female Asian for his MQP partner. I hope he has better luck with her than any previous partners. He swore off female partners after IQP (and maybe even his partnership with me for Modeling with Diff EQs, hehe... I drove him nuts I think), but he doesn't really have too many other options, unless he wants to do MQP alone. Tough for him. Anyways, it was nice to hear from him.

I really need to stop staying up so late. REALLY. It's such a bad habit. And I sleep in so late. I almost wish I was still jetlagged. Almost. :-P

A random Danish memory...

This poster was in the office we worked. We asked someone what this meant. In Danish, the word for 6 is spelled "sex" and so the pun goes... and this is very loose translation, "6 servings (of vegetables) a day do you good" or "sex servings a day do you good"... something along those lines. Clever Danes. So the point is: VEGETABLES are good for you (and so is sex hehehe, OK I don't think sex is included but it helps spice up the advertisement of veggies, am I right?). Neither of which, the veggies or sex, I experience all too often (sex = never... by choice of course :-) and veggies = rare... by choice again), but the poster was great.

This is a "shout out" to C-squared, Carla Corbitt, to make her laugh some. Remember the worst pooping story I ever told that made you laugh and laugh and laugh? (I can't really write it out, because man oh man, it is just TOO much for this blog and for the public... I can only take so much self humiliation and embarassment!) Yeah just think of that story... oh! And think of suppositories, too and I hope you smile a great smile today! :-) AND ONE MORE: The Norwegian Prime Minister and his hot "Wait! Wash your hands!" tuxedo shirt wearing friend. Your Kobenhavn memory today has been brought to you by the letters V and B. Vonda Bui.

Becky comes home Saturday. Yessssssssss! That is all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

why i love coming home

I was digging through old photos on my computer and came across this one from winter break after lazer tag. It's a reminder of why I love coming home. ::smile:: (From left to right: Ian, me, Becky, and Adam)

Monday, May 24, 2004

shopping with mom

Oh yes... shopping for a washer. My mom is all crazy, haha. We went to Arthur Schultz and such and I began asking questions. And my mom just keeps talking and talking and pointing at this one or another. I just want to buy one and be done with it. Tomorrow, I will hopefully just find one, maybe at Best Buy. But I did buy her a hot hot vaccuum cleaner! It was lovely. I think she really likes it because it is a bagless one and man, it's just hot.

Now that I have so much time on my hands, I have reorganized my AIM buddylist and umm... that's about it. I tried to clean up my room, but not really. I am still lacking motivation or inspiration. Just a lot of apathy right now. I am amazed I manage to blog. Then again... what else would I be doing? :-P

I want to go somewhere really cool this summer for just a few days. Vegas. Florida. NYC. Somewhere in Canada. Something racy. Something exciting. Who is in? ::raises hand::

Saw the finale of the Inferno. Road Rules won... again. Real World is always at such a disadvantage due to the fact that Road Rules people are picked based on physical fitness, not just for the drama they could create. When I think of my time in Kobenhavn, I relate it to the Real World. I wish someone could have been there to tape it all. So much stuff happened all the time it felt like. This was my typical facial reaction.
One of the plusses of having a great correspondence with Rob during D term was that I was unintentionally somewhat keeping track of what I did in Kobenhavn. It's nice to read back through the emails. I miss Kobenhavn a lot. I miss Hotel 9 Sma Hjems, Classensgade, the 40 bus, Osterport, Norreport, Nordhavn, and Central Station, Tivoli, my Danish Dameswaking up to a ho beside me, finding Carla sleeping in the living room, dancing face to boob with Carla's chest, Carla time in general,
Katie in a towel trying to wake up Carla, Katie's shaving days, talking to Matty,

making fun of Joe, the SHOCKER!!!
all the Danish porn, our cleaners, the kickass living room table, the ghetto Netto, Irma's, Hob Nobs, the HOT HOT HOT Danish metrosexual men,
constant emails from Rob, even the blasted Danish lunches I grew tired of, serenading to KPL (Build Me Up Buttercup was a favorite), SEX AND THE CITY!!!!!!!!, the other trashy reality TV shows - Top Model 2, Paradise Hotel, and For Love or Money 2, oh my gawd... the HALLMARK channel (it is the equivalent of the Lifetime channel, once you start, you never stop), all the awesome European music - Sondre Lerche, Scissor Sisters, Pheonix, Kylie, Anastacia, Maria Mena, etc... Carla knows what I'm talking about, Stroget and all the shopping opportunities, all the hot dog stands, the hot Danish Prince and his beautiful commoner bride, Danish Royality in general, HYGGE, and last but not least... the feeling of being content. ::sigh:: When does this withdrawal go away? Never I guess... You just have to find a new habit.


Thunder. Lightening. Rain. Every day.

Erie or Worcester... still in the air. But as more time passes and the prospects of a real job happening in Worcester wither... I start to accept that I might be in Erie for the summer. Which means I should go crawling back to the B&G since it pays the best. Bleh. I look forward to a summer in Erie because I know it's a guaranteed good time. But at the same time, I am sad I am missing out on the opportunities in Worcester. Grrrr. It is not fun leading two great lives in two different cities. I would miss Becky and my family and Ian and Hanni and T-town life if I were in Worcester. But I would miss William and Carla and WPI life and seeing where this Rob thing goes and Tom if I were in Erie. Yadda yadda. A drunk Charlie is trying to tell me what I should do. Although entertaining, not as helpful.

It was 80s day on AMC. All the good ones, Lucas, The Breakfast Club, my all time favorite Sixteen Candles. The weird thing about watching those movies is that I am technically older than all of those kids in those movies and yet I watch them and feel as if I am still "looking up" to them. Also watched Never Been Kissed a few nights ago. I always relate well to that movie. :-P

Saw Mean Girls with Hanni. Very cute and funny movie. Girls are evil. Period. We like to hurt each other with mental and emotional pain, not so much physical. Read Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood. You get a glimpse into what we go through.

I really miss Becky. Yowsers. I should send her an email. Life without Becky doesn't feel completely full. But I can't complain too much. I've got very great friends like Ian and Adam and Hanni to keep me at bay.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


At work, some girl was buying a ticket and asked "You're Vonda, right? You went to Academy?" and well... I am that Vonda (maybe the only Vonda in Erie). And I asked her if she goes there or went there, and she is a junior... which makes no sense on how she even knows/recognizes me considering we weren't in high school at the same time. Nonetheless I felt pretty cool. Yeah I am lame like that. Then the kid behind her was all "You're Patton's sister Vonda, right?" and hot diggity damn, I swear I was Miss Popular today. :-) Knox, my manager, thought I was at least, haha.

13 going on 30 was pretty diappointing. Man, I think Ian suffered pretty badly. I don't think he smiled or cracked a laugh. It was so gross in the beginning, because he was putting in his contacts before the movie started. He woke up 20 minutes before I picked him up. What a stinker. It was pretty entertaining to hear from his mom that his dog (his mangy dog) pees in his room a lot lately. Hahahaha. Anyways, the movie was not very funny. But dammit, I did cry. Ooooh, I am such a sucker for that. Thankfully Ian had to work and missed the last 15 minutes of the movie so he wasn't there for my cry-fest. It was so funny to hear sniffles throughout the theatre, haha. The other bad thing about the movie was that they used Liz Phair's "Why Can't I" as a theme song and that is NOT ALLOWED since it was the main one for Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! ::gasp:: I know. Travesty. Copy catters!

Work was non stop. Every show until 9:15 of Shrek sold the freak out. I am exhausted. Now I have two free days. Next up on my schedule is to see Mean Girls. Who can I sucker into seeing that? :-)

Saturday, May 22, 2004


So I got an email from Anne Marie in Fin Aid. It pretty told me that she already filled the position and that the interview on June 2nd was unnecessary. This means that I am out of luck for a job in Worcester at the moment. Which also means I might not be able to live there for the summer. Agh! I had my whole summer planned around this! Grr. But I did email Russ AKA Officer Fontaine, and he said to check with Judy for any dispatcher jobs and with Plant Services possibly. He said he could hook me up if there is anything open. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Also going to try to get an application into Showcase and some other stuff.

I guess I REALLY do want to be in Worcester for the summer. But dammit, today was the first day back at Tinseltown and I remember why I love working there. :-( I am so torn. I love being home in Erie once things get going again, but at the same time, I really wanted to try a different summer. Everyone in Erie wants me to stay, well Adam told me I should go because he thinks that is what I really want. And I do think I want it. I had plans for the apartment, time with all my wonderful friends, and yeah... just living a more carefree summer. I am not sure. Bleh! I just want a job for the summer, period. Help!

Today was a really good day. The biatch called me up and we hit up lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and did some shopping at the mall. I got this REALLY pretty dress at Lerner New York, except there is a slightly dammaged part and I am going to see if I can exchange it. Then work was wonderful because I got to be in the same box as ADAM SUPROCK! Yay! We were wicked spastic all day long. There was lot of sassiness back and forth. Adam is quite fiesty now! He even called me a bitch, and if you people knew Sir Suprock, you would call me a liar. But he did! It's a long story as to why, but he didn't REALLY mean it, haha. Anyways, it was really good to share a box with him and I wish I got more days with him in the same box. He is the only person I really like in box office these days. I mean Amy and Emily are cool, but Adam... he is just Adam! If anyone knows Adam, they know he has an obsession with anything Japanese, including Japanese girls (and Asian girls in general). He actually told me today that when he first saw me like 3 years ago, he thought I was cute... well because ya know, I am Asian. BUT then he got to be my friend and no longer saw me as cute. WHAT! Hahahahaha. I was jokingly insulted, but dude... he needs to learn to phrase that better. I do not like him that way whatsoever, but I found that story funny and I guess Becky and Tony were right... I had an advantage over them in the Adam department because of my Asian-ness. Tee hee. We get to work together again tomorrow. Woo pee!

I gave good ol' Ian a ride home from work. Ooooh I hate him for being a non-box person. But at least he is happy in Rugis and when he is ushering sometimes. If I WERE, emphasize WERE, to stay in Erie for the summer, I would definitely cross train all over the place so I could get as many hours as I could. I don't want the Boys and Girls Club really, so yeah... that is what I would do. But that is kinda worst case scenario for now. Anyways, Ian is Ian and such a favorite. It was sad, the first time I saw the schedule, I actually looked to see if we were working any days together and then I remembered, "Oh wait... he isn't in box anymore." Blasted! Hehe, I just suckered him into seeing 13 Going On 30. Sweet. I definitely thought I was gonna see that by myself tomorrow. I love the privilege of free movies. :-)

At work they have a list of the 16 year olds up in box office so you know NOT to let them into rated R movies. How embarassing! Everyone knows how young you are! Haha. The youngest kid at Tinseltown has the nickname of "weiner" and I giggle each time I see the poor kid.

::yawn:: Tired. I hope I do not have dreams of vampires tonight! What a bad omen that was to the craptastic email I get from Fin Aid. Please, let's dream of better things. ;-)

Friday, May 21, 2004

never look at watermelon the same again

I took my mom to Erie County Farms, which is the ultimate Ghetto Netto (only the Kobenhavn kids would get that), and there were watermelons on sale. Everyone had one! And well... after Katie sitting on her watermelon in a drunken stupor, I just can't look at watermelons without a slight inside giggle. :-)

I did very little today. It was a Holy Day of Obligation... and boy did Mom pressure me to go to church. But I held my own and said no. I think it made her wicked upset though. But I just couldn't fake it today. God's great and I have a lot of faith... but not so much into the organized religion thing, especially catholicism.

Tomorrow starts my first day back at T-town. Woo hoo. I get to work with Adam! Yay! He is the only good friend I got left in box. The rest of them left me. ::tear:: And it's Shrek opening weekend. Busy? Probably. I think I have always started back at T-town on some crazy ass Friday shift and always closing as well. Weeeeee. It will be nice to have a few days of busy work.

This is the latest I have stayed up since I got back to the States. I feel impressed with myself. I didn't get as much clothes unpacked/packed as I would have liked... but I did get stuff sorted... kinda. :-P I'll just do it in the morning or pre-work because I am just not in the mood. Motivation is something I am very much lacking these days. I feel in a weird funk. Still in a slightly hermit shell. I do not know what it is. But I feel out of it. Still reorganizing myself and getting back to "normal" or as normal as I get... which isn't too normal in the first place. I guess time will remedy it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Yes ladies and gents, I went and saw Shrek 2 twice. I only planned on seeing it once around 5 with Melissa and Jeff. But low and behold, guess who calls me at 11:40am to ask if I wanted to see Shrek with him? Charlie. Pfft! And this was after talking about how he didn't care for it last night! What a weirdo he is. And he was so mean about it too! I was caught off guard and not dressed to be ready for a movie but he was all, "who gives a damn about what you are wearing" and pressured me into going. So I went, crappy looking and all because I have to say, it's not too often that Charlie calls up to hang out. He did have the nerve to wait outside and show impatience, but it was joking impatience. As much as he can be an ass, I gotta say Charlie holds a special mean part of my heart. He calls me a harlot and I find it endearing. Or a dorkus malorkus and I smile. That English major Charlie... it's nice to have a few Charlie and Vonda moments. Although the last time he invited me to a movie (X-men 2), he ended up ditching me last minute for some big breasted ex-girlfriend. He still ended up going to the movie, just like I did, but sat RIGHT behind me and proceeded to antagonize me through the movie (Charlie style and all)! Pfft! And then he crashed me and Ian's LOTR 3 get together over the winter and chanted "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" at a tender moment. That Charlie... he makes Tinseltown life so damn special. :-P Where would I be without his awful awful rice patty jokes? Adam told me today that I like the way Charlie is mean to me, and ya know what? I do! It's nice to have someone who knows how to fire back and forth with the smart ass comments. People are always amazed to listen in on any of our conversations together. Take for instance, Dan today just was awed by the way me and Charlie talked to each other. It was just mean comment after another and we say it with so much meanness and if you didn't know us, you would have thought we hated each other and meant it, haha. Anyways, good times. I look forward to the next Charlie and Vonda gathering in my two weeks at home.

I saw Ace real quick too. She is back from Florida. I hope she hits around with me, if we have the time for it. She looks Ace-ly as usually.

Then I saw Shrek 2 with Jeff and Melissa. It was better the second time around without Charlie's pessimism. Plus there were a lot of kids in the theatre and they were so damn excited, it was so cute! Plus I got to look for more funny details since I knew the general plot. It is a cute movie. Not as many HAHAHA moments as the first... but oh man, there are a few good parts, haha. Cute sequel.

I ended up just hanging out with Melissa and Jeff and doing two hours of Mario Party. Good stuff. I am not super good they are, but I hold my own. My thumb sure does hurt though! I do not have the stamina to make it through long hours of video games. It was nice to hang out with them. I think we all miss Becky just a little bit, haha. Her little sister, her best friend, and Jeff (I have no title for him because... well I am not sure of the title) hang out without her. :-P

I also gave Tommy Tom Tom Muller a call. He is working in Financial Services for the summer and commuting from home, in Bristol. And he is getting his sister's cell phone this summer since she will be in Gambia, Africa for a summer internship. I am wicked excited about his cellphone. It's hard to believe he will be reachable at almost any time! Plus we are planning on numerous get togethers since we will both be in New England. I haven't seen him since I stayed at his place a few days during winter break. It will be good to see him. Gotta keep my longest friendship going. What is it now? 16 years with a 4 year gap from 5th to 8th grade? Impressive I say.

I have no unpacked a darn thing really. I find it super tough to unpack only to repack in a week or so anyways. Must do it though, or else mother will kill me! :-D

I am tired. Gawd, I cannot stay up past midnight without a decent fight. I am struggling so bad. Am I getting old? Yeah... I am.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

another day in erie

I had to put another $77 into my blasted car. After the mechanic, EM (a friend of my dad's), fixed my car, we proceeded to have a Patton bashing talk. It sounds awful, but my brother kind of sucks. He is 19, not in school, no job, no ambition... and mooching off my mom. And as much as I will miss him since he is in NC now, I am glad he is at least doing something and making some money. He needs to figure out himself. We can't always be there to make life cozy. Anyways, I kind of miss him already. The house feels kind of empty. I can't imagine living life like this for too long. How does my mom do it?

I took my mom to the doctor's today. It was my first time meeting Dr. Erik. He was nice. His med student or resident physician guy, Chris, was cute. Anyways, apparently my mother's right leg is shorter than her left leg which is causing pain in her lower back. My mom is getting much much older. She is going to be 60 this summer. And I feel awful that no one is here to be with her. She is constantly aching in some way or another and no one is here to take care of her. Once I leave, she will be alone for at least two weeks. I beg and beg her to pack up and just go to New Orleans. She would be happy there. Everyone she loves is there. And I can visit there as well. I love Erie, but my mom's happiness means more. I think I am ready to leave behind the permanence of Erie. I loved being raised here and there are lifetime friendships that were forged here. But I don't need Erie anymore to be the connector of those friendships. Just move Mom, you can do it.

Troy was pretty decent. SPOILERS in this next paragraph, so refrain if need be. There were only 5 or 6 other people in the theatre and they were at least 4 rows or so from Ian and I. Hence, we could talk obnoxiously. Anyways, Brad Pitt was gorgeous and really cool as Achilles and Orlando Bloom was to die for as well (literally to die for since ya know... his love for Helen killed all of Troy... and his brother... and his dad... and if I just spoiled the movie for you, tough nuts because you should have read the Iliad and known this was coming). But Orlando Bloom played Paris and well... Paris was quite the wuss, so it was a slight turn off. Brian Cox played Agamemnonn. And I mean, he played quite the asshole. BUT... I just could not imagine him as anything but the character he played in Super Troopers. Eric Bana AKA The Incredible Hulk guy was great as Hector. I really liked him. The movie was 2 hours 45 minutes and I didn't look at my watch once. But Ian did a few times. He always does and I always yell at him. Ooooh Ian, such a good kid. So young. What makes him so great is that you forget he is a youngin'. But then you remember that he is... and that he has a world of change coming his way. I can't wait to see the person Ian turns into. He's a great kid right now... a crap ton of potential... hopefully it all turns out right for him. Anyways, I am sure I'll stop by his place and see his crazy outfit he plans on wearing tomorrow. Something about disco pants, a crazy shirt, and his dad's army jacket thingy. What a weirdo he is. :-)

I should be seeing Hanni sometime soon. It will be nice to see the biatch. I said I would be designated driver for her drunk nights. Aren't I wonderful? :-P

I talked to my ho and she sounds not happy. I wish the knee was done hurting and her stupid boyfriend would start acting like a good boyfriend. I need to remember to send him mean emails. :-D

I think it's time I send my best friend an email and see how life is treating her in Italy. I miss her. She adds a certain amount of "magic" to the Erie life. But I guess I am doing OK. Although too many more days of this nothingness will kill me. I should give Jeff a call in the morning and see if he is doing Shrek. I want it!

Sunday, May 16, 2004


Being home, without Becky and soon without my brother, seems very odd. I don't think I like it. And I am not getting hours at T-town really. So I am in LIMBO. I just need to go to Worcester ASAP. But at the same time, I am going to miss Becky and Patton and Ian and Hanni and others massively. Ah, the troubles with leading two lives in two different cities.

Patton and I went putt-putting with Tigger (or was it Tony? I can't tell them apart), Matt, and Billy. I got in third place. Woo hoo! That was when we were supposed to be at "church." It was a good time. But then I discovered that my car was leaking. Gas. Expensive gas. $2.05 per gallon gas! Yowsers. Going to Girard tomorrow to get it fixed. Let's hope it is fast.

I am looking forward to time with William though. My new apartment. Seeing where this Rob thing goes. Getting down and crazy with my favorite pair of breasts AKA Carla. Making random trips to see Molly in VT. Visiting Tommy Tom Tom Muller! Oh man... is it June yet?

Tomorrow, Ian is graciously taking me to see Troy. Woo hoo. Brad Pitt is hot, as is Orlando Bloom. I am glad I get to hang out with Ian. He is my favorite red head! And probably favorite boy in Erie that isn't blood related to me. But shh, don't tell him that or he will think he is something special. I will most likely be hanging out with him a lot in my few weeks at home. Lucky him. :-P

Hahaha, Matt Hazel was drunk at a party and was talking to Sunshine and this is what he said (in his drunken voice):
"Do you know Vonda? She's like my BEST friend! DON'T tell her this, but I wicked miss her, ok, dont tell her."
Muhahahaha! I laughed for quite a while over that. I can't imagine Matt Hazel doing that. It's nice to know he missed me. What a weirdo he is. We are gonna pow wow this summer, too, since he lives under an hour away.

Get me to Worcester already!

Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Danish Dames at our best

New look

Now that I am back in the US, I wanted polka dots. Dots it is.

I miss Denmark.