Thursday, July 24, 2003

Well NYC was a blast even if we got rained out. Conan was THE MAN and I hope you looked hard because me and Becky were definitely on TV when they panned to the audience. Madame Tussad's was AWESOME! Me and Becky were probably being inappropriate at times but it was damn funny. As me about the photos we took. :-) There was so butt grabbing, crouch shots, nose honking and just plain silliness as we reveled in the realness of the wax people. It was cccrazy.

My car acted up just a bit when it overheated near Mt. Pocono. And the traffice was killer. It took us 10 hours to get to William's when it should have only taken about 8 with sufficient breaks. Oh well, can't have things perfect.

William was a bit of a brat and I know he will read this, but hey, he was! He just got his iBook and just would not get off of it. His sister Franny saved the day by being a great hostess and I love her for doing that. Hey joo, you suck. :-) Learn to be better at entertaining me and Becky. Also, hahahaha, while we were driving down Oceanside, I wanted to be obnoxious towards William and was screaming "Jew!" out the window as we drove through. It was quite humorous and very tactless. :-P Un-Vonda-like I would say. I guess Oceanside is a very Jewish area. Oh well! :-)

I just read in Amanda Gray's profile about how Wal-Mart isn't the same without me and I just realized how much I miss her and her soccer mom personality and everyone else at WPI and the life I lead there. I am just about ready to be done with Erie. Not that I don't love it, because I do, but I am ready for summer to be over.

And let me say, I love Becky to death. She is without a doubt the best friend a person can have. If I could take one thing back to WPI with me, it would be her. :-)

Um work at the B&G is hell. I am DEFINITELY ready to be done with that. The kids just get mouthy and I have a lack of patience these days. Ugh, plus 30 kids by myself is HORRIBLE. Oh well... just two and half more weeks!

Reading the admissions cafe has gotten me all excited for NSO (not the training though... oh the training will be GRUELING!). I hear of future residents and big speakers and my RA quirks start a ticking again. Fun police, here I come! :-P

The ho and Jared will be here in a week and half. Yay! I hopefully can send a few non-immediate necessities back with her in her car since I really fear that my Audi might not fit it all. Agh!

My dad is coming in this weekend again. Umm... yay? Maybe? We will see. Still owes me some money! (Now I feel like William)

Ok time for bed. Tomorrow is a long day, with work at the B&G and then Tinseltown where Tomb Raider 3, Spy Kids 3D, and Seabiscuit come out. Then on Saturday... Tom Muller is coming to town! WOOOOOOO! I am far too excited about that! :-) I just talked to him for an hour tonight and man, I miss the bugger. Yay for seeing old friends. On that good note, I will head to bed.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

This is really copy and pasted from the email I sent to David. I am far too lazy to write something different when this is what I WOULD have put in my blog anyways. :-)

Let's see, my co-worker/friend Ian was pretty racist today. He is 16 and so young and I forget that he's still a kid who doesn't want to grow up at all but I've grown to love him. He is like a meaner version of me with big poofy red hair and freckles and doesn't hide his meanness with smiles or anything. :-P Anyways, 1. He called me old and I was going to punch him for calling me that. 2. As I was chasing him at work to punch him, he taunts me with "Hey don't you know kung fu?" 3. As we are punching out together at the time clock, he goes first and says "Minorities second!" AGH! Yeah, he's a fun kid. I think summer would have been boring if he hadn't started working there. It's good to have great co-workers. :-)

Oh and I was short 27 friggin dollars on my drawer at Tinseltown. There was def a screw up somewhere and I think I forget to refund 6 tickets or something (and I guess the managers didn't look too hard at my bag either because uhhh 27 is a lot and I wish that would have told me the day later and kept my bag so I could have looked through it to find the mistake... whatever, T-town sucks at being on top of things like this) and yeah, I got written up for it (a golden rod as we call it since it comes on a gold pice of paper). That is actually a fireable offense, but they love me, so I just got a warning. Not even probation or suspension! I rock. :-)

Patton is dropping out of college. Not a big surprise. He is so lazy and jeez... I swear he is just going to grow up to be a bum with crap and a half to show for his life. I don't mind that he quit college. But I do mind that he does little to figure out what he should be doing with his life. Fine, college isn't for him... but something out there is and he needs to get his ass in gear and figure it out!

I got my car looked at today for inspection and I think I need a new tire, new rear brake pads, and something else, and an oil change. Total: $250. Not too bad. The guy who is doing it is a friend of my Dad's and he was joking around with me today. Nice guy. Gotta make sure the car is in good enough condition to make it to NYC July 21-23. WOO! I cannot wait for that trip!

Anyways I'm exhausted and need to get to bed. Working tomorrow at 10:30am. Wee... I haven't had a day off at both places at the same time since umm... Before June 14th if I'm not mistaken. Awesome huh? And I've only slept in past 9am about 3 days since June 14th. No longer do I waste mornings. :-)

Out like a light.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

The ho came and is gone already. ::tear:: It was really nice to see her though. We talked it up at night and she finally go to go lazer tagging with me and my friends. It was an intense game and a good workout as usual. She is now in Indiana with Jared and I'll see her in August again before she heads back to Vermont. Woo!

The card party thing finally is better. Although it got much much worse before it got better. It was definitely a week or two straight of constant people and crap and well my sanity was slowing breaking down. I was definitely crying just because I couldn't bear it anymore and my mom and I talked and this time, she really did something about it and we have come to a compromise. I feel so much better about it now. I hate fighting with my mom more than anything.

I really need to shop or something. Granted I really don't wear much outside of the Tinseltown uniform and jeans and the B&G staff shirt, but still... you gotta satisfy yourself with a new red shirt here and there ya know? :-) I'm proud of myself though, because I have branched out and bought a few yellow and blue things so there people, I don't ALWAYS get red only. :-P

Kat's sister died in a car accident and I almost cried because that made me think about what I would be feeling if anything ever happened to Patton or something. It's scary how anything can happen to anyone and yeah... it just makes you feel lucky that it hasn't happened to you.

Speaking of siblings, I saw my (half) sister Marissa while I was working at T-town. She looks great and she was with her husband, Charlie. They were in town because her uncle died. I think she lives in North Carolina now or something since Charlie is in the Army (I think?). Anyways it was nice to see her because we hadn't spoken in months and then she got a new cell and forgot to tell me and such. I always feel bad that we aren't close but then again we have only know each other 10 years and she hasn't lived in Erie much of those 10 years. Haha, after she left to see her movie, George (that horn dog) proceeded to tell me that I had a hot sister. ::eyes roll:: My good ol' coworkers.

And about co-workers, I am tired tired tired of picking up the slack for some people. I am pretty much going to talk to my manager about how box office is kinda slacking and it sucks because then I get dumped on with work and end up there way later than I should be and yup... I'm getting tired of it. Especially a certain co-worker who is really on my shit list. I like him as a person, but as a co-worker... AGH! I could kill him at times. Sheesh! My horoscope today told me to not let other people take credit for the work that I do and it's time to step up and mention something. And is Krissy is working tomorrow, you can bet she will hear about it. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm too much of a bitch. ::shrug:: Oh well!)

I am really loving life in Erie right now because I'm seriously enjoying the routine I guess. But I do miss school and I cannot wait to get back and see everyone and jump back into that life. And as the days count down, I cannot wait til I see my Jew! This month, we haven't talked as much and that sucks because he's my Jew and well... you gotta get good doses of William to lead a healthy life. Plus Conan O'Brien. Heh, I bet Ian is super jealous. Hehe.

Well it's time to pack my lunch for tomorrow and get some shut eye eventually. I cat nap so often because I can't seem to get enough sleep at night. 8am classes are going to kill me in A term. AGH!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

So tonight, I saw Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde. It was damn good. It was pretty funny and I would see it again if I were bored.

My dad is home right now. Weird. He owes me $300. I should charge interest since it's late in repayment. Grr. (Wow I just sounded like William there... charging interest... haha!)

So the whole card parties just get worse and worse. I got into a bad fight with my mom again. And I spent the night at Hanni's because I couldn't stand to be home. I felt horrible. I hate fighting with my mom more than anything. Things are better, but not really. Because I know the card parties aren't stopping and I will continue to not stay in my house if this continues. I should just move out. :-(

It was soooo nice to see Jon Abad, Ben, and Shamus! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went out to eat at Eatn'Park and then just chatted. It was so great to be with them. I miss WPI. They found PA and fireworks laws funny haha. Ask them about it. Or see the photo. :-)

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and yeah, I am working the morning. Then some good ol' Mercyhurrst fireworks to top off the night. You see everyone and their mothers and fathers tomorrow night. Woo hoo. I like to play the "Who knows more people" game tomorrow night. :-D

I called David and talked to him for a few minutes before I saw 28 Days Later yesterday. It was really nice to talk, even if for a few min. I feel like I haven't talked to him in ages. Oh wait, I haven't haha. It's def been about 2 weeks or so. He is one of those people who doesn't chat about nothing like I do. He only communicates if he has something to day. Most normal people are like that. I, on the other hand, am not like that hehe.

Work at T-town is just as fun as usual. My first official staff meeting was pretty damn funny. The segment called "I work with zombies" was pretty hilarious. And well I just love the T-town crew. My favorite people to work with are Becky, Adam, and Ian. Ian is the youngest, freshly 16, and I always forget that he is so young. I like to compare how young is he by saying "He was 9 when Tupac was shot." Don't ask. Just be confused and say "Vonda is weird" because I am. :-) Anyways work is great there and I love the people. And my first paycheck at $5.77 was nice!

B&G is same ol' same ol' really. I want to rip my hair out at the end of the night and that is definitely expected. But I like it. I forget how much I like working with kids even though they are monsters. And Ryan jokes about making a movie about this place someday and it's great because I can just see it all. The stars would be the staff, and other regular kids like Allante, Danyah, Chris Powell, etc. The big time trouble makers really haha. Ryan said the opening scene would be a staff member waking up and doing his morning routine and then as he is driving closer and closer to the club, his hands start to shake at the wheel. And it's very peaceful until he gets to the club doors and then as he steps in, there is a SONIC BOOM of noise that drowns everything out... and then you see it... you see THE KIDS! AGHH! Haha. Gawd I double over and laugh whenever I think about it. And me and Hanni do impressions of the kids a lot and can't stop laughing. It's awesome.

Well I should get to bed. It's been an eventful day. :-) Hope tomorrow is even kewler.