Saturday, February 26, 2005

being an adult

This past week was the Career Fair. I stopped by the Allmerica table and then American Express table. The Allmerica people were cool. I stopped by and basically told them that I was interested in a job there... and ironically, I already WORK for them as an INTERN. They found me pretty funny. They wrote down my name and it seemed pretty promising. William also dropped off his resume there and said right off the bat, "I want to work in HR!" and the ladies liked him I think. The American Express table had two guys, I think both WPI alums (I know one was). They were pretty cool and I have an interview with them next Friday at 9am. I'm not 100% sure if I want to be a Financial Advisor, but it does seem interesting. I just would really like a job in Worcester since I plan on being here for the next year. I am kinda excited for the next year. :-) Hopefully it will be as great as I hope it's going to be.

I am kinda going through a weird mood these days. I am not 100% sure what it is. But a weird hollow ache going on. I think I need excitement. I'm almost 22 and feeling a teeny tiny incomplete. To be a sap, I think it has to be the lack of a male companion. I mean I have William, but we all know how useless that is. :-P

MQP is moving along. Still have a lot of work but I am starting to feel really proud of the results I am getting. I hope it's something that gets me a job.

Things are really changing. But life goes on... that's just the way it is...

Monday, February 21, 2005

danish wannabe

Well... been a good week. I can't remember much of the week but the weekend has been nice. Friday was spent with Laura and William and Topher for the first part. We made dinner and chit chatted. It was soooooo nice to see Topher for once. I miss hanging out with my fellow short companion. If only we had more hang out time. I should send more more exchange appointments. :-P We went to the mall where I got a featherbed and it's fab. After a few harassing phone calls from the Denmark kids, I finally headed over to Katie's. Whoa, there were some trashed people there! I called Patrick and he joined the life of the party as well. Carla threw lots of coins everywhere and Mumford threw them at Carla to retaliate. I saw a certain someone make out with a girl and a gay boy. Yowsers... not something I really wanted to see! :-P It was a pretty funny night over all though and it was great to see Joe and ask him uber personal questions. And time spent with Carla is time spent well.

Saturday was Katie day. We went shopping where I dropped some mula on dressier clothes for work and such. We watched the Prince and Me with William where we oooohed and awwwwed at the screen and screamed whenever we saw something we recognized. We also made fun of the actors because they were Brits trying to be Danish and it was just wrong. Danes have HORRIBLE accents when it comes to speaking English. None the less, we love the movie. It's been a binge on Denmark kind of week. We had the ID 2050 talk this past week and I think it really pumped up the new kids going and really made the rest of us wish we were going back. We went to the B for drinks afterwards and it was just so nice to be together again. Anyways, we spent some time at SAE later Saturday night with Joe and then talked with another soon to be Dane, Kevin Glynn. Man Denmark is everywhere. It makes me miss it so bad.

I got a new smell over the weekend as well. I made a stop at Victoria's Secret with William and Lamie. Between us four, we got 7 bottles of VS's scents. My new smell is Amber Romance which is a nice soft vanilla smell. Nothing heavy. I like it thus far. I still have my Clinique though, just in case I want to go back to citrus again.

MQP sucks. Now it's the writing part. Ick.

Work is OK. Tomorrow I get to work on testing all that reading crap I read this week. Loss development, here I come!

Now I am officially tired. @

Monday, February 14, 2005

shoving it to people

This past weekend was a pretty good one minus being crappily sick. Tom and I arrived in Boston and went shopping where I bought two small purses and a cute red wallet. I also got a small fake Coach ID holder thingy and lots of goodies in Chinatown. We went to dinner in the North End at Seraceno (sp?) and then got dessert at Mike's which was tooooooo good. I felt like I was back in Venice again, especially drinking the house merlot. I got to finally meet Kyle and Bethany. They were really funny and we kept trading Hanni stories and I would tell them what a bitch she was in high school. We also ran into this mega gay Emerson guy and his two friends from out of town. They asked where we all went and when I told them I went to WPI, one of the girls became struck with awe and just said "Oh wow!" as if I were some genius. It was awesome.

Later on, Kyle got retardedly drunk and started talking A LOT. And he kept asking Tom all these hard movie trivia questions that Tom actually knew and I think Kyle wanted to secretly do Tom right there and then whenever he answered something right. We watched SNL where one of the good skits was "Gays in Space" and Weekend Update with Seth and Fred acting like Charles and Camilla was HORRIFYING due to their awkward gayness. Kyle had the quote of the night with "But she didn't shove it to you!" Drunkity McDrunk Drunk!

Later on, I slept in Hanni's bed as Hanni and Kyle slept on the floor beside me. I am gonna kick Hanni's ass. :-) But I love her and I did leave my Nalgene and new purchases in her room, so I have to be nice if I want them back. She is coming to Worcester for the start of spring break and then we are heading to Tom's to spend the night and then spend the day at Mohegan Sun gambling like old ladies at the nickel slot machine. Hotness.

I just got My So-Called Life in the mail... and it is so amazing. I am only on episode 2 of 19. Do not worry, I will fix that soon enough. It's a nice break from Sex and the City, but really Sex and the City will always win.

Oh yeah Happy Valentine's Day. Or not. No Valentine. Surprise! NOT! It's OK. It's all overrated. Anyways, I will now give a list of things I look for in guys:
1. Witty and able to do banter
2. Knows how to give a hard time without over-doing it
3. Geeky/dorky but well rounded
4. Has to be into film and movies
5. Understands my sense of humor
6. Can handle me being really open about every day things ;-)
7. Likes math, even a little
8. Accepts my close friendships with other people who have strong personalities
9. Accepts my personal lifestyle choices and does not pressure me to change them
10. Likes women, especially me
11. Is open-minded (especially about gay stuff, religion (or the lack of it), race, etc)
12. Can handle big crazy Asian-ness and the madness of my family
13. Will let me keep my maiden name (come on, Vonda Bui sounds so damn good!)
14. Wants a family
15. Likes living in the New England or at least North Atlantic region
16. In general... just gets me!!
That isn't in some important order or anything, just listed. If you know of someone cool enough and fits the description and actually might LIKE me, holla! :-P I'm not desparate, but I admit I am getting a little bored of the single life. I am pretty good at leading it though, I guess.

The first day at Allmerica was alright. I was really close to being late. It looks like it's gonna be a nice size amount of work, but I look forward to it. The other intern who got hired was a WPI student as well. I hope she is a good intern and better than other partners I've had.

I've got to get cracking on MQP. And get some rest. I feel so icky and I am run down and I hate it. I can't miss anymore meetings. That is all for life now.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

d4 mini reunion

Tonight was a blast! There was a small D4 reunion which consisted of me, William, Jocelyn, Derrick, Wilson, and Orion. We went to Thai Cha Da and then saw Hitch. They are still the same guys they were three years ago, except they drink more now. :-P And like most WPI guys, they are somehow trying to get with the ladies. Somehow, I just don't see it happening yet, haha. I think we (as in William and I) definitely want to hang out with them sometime soon again. Next conquest, though, is getting hangout time with Topher. He is so busy, I hope he can fit us in before he heads to Australia. Things have gotten so bad that we have resorted to IMing eac other when we are barely 5 feet from each other. :-P

S0 after barely after being healthy all of a week or so, I am sick again. I somehow relapsed and I am not thrilled. Laura got me some chloraseptic and I plan on using it when I spent the next day in Boston. I am very excited about getting to hang out with my biatch and Tom. I am glad that we've all had more time for each other. And I am so proud to say that I am still very clost with the friends I made in high school. I think we are actually all closer. It's amazing.

My brother is itching for my desktop. I feel like I don't want to part with it. But I do have the laptop, and it is great. What to do? Probably make him pay for it. Only fair. He's family, so he will get a nice discount, of course.

There was a little upset feelings in the apartment, but we are working on them... sorta. I love Laura, she works so hard for this apartment.

Well time for a shower and some rest. Maybe I can feel a little better before I head into Boston. When I wake up, Tom Muller will be here. Yesssssss.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

such is the life

Well life seems pretty good lately. I start my internship on Valentine's Day. I am very excited. :-)

This weekend, I am going into Boston with Tom to visit Hanni. I want William to visit, too, so Hanni and I can introduce our gbfs to everyone. :-) Hanni works from 2-7, so Tom and I will kill time seeing a movie or going to a museum or something. Then it will be dinner, drinks, sleep, and celebrating the new year in Chinatown. It's the year of Cock. So party hard!

Well I have been thinking about it some, and I believe that I am going to stay in Worcester after graduation. I am hoping this internship at Allmerica will lead into a full-time position of some sort. And I will continue to apply to other places, but now I will limit it to just New England - areas I can commute to from Worcester. And if nothing comes through, I would consider taking grad classes, or something along that line. My father actually agreed with my decision and I was pleased to hear him approve. Now if only I could get William to stay here too... does anyone at WPI know a job position that William could fulfill? :-)

It's official, MQP has been extended to D term. I am OK with that. I just need to finish it, really. It's my last graduation requirement. I got the go ahead email and the financial aid exiting email as well. So weird... graduating? Four years goes by too fast.

I had a dream last night where some guy stabbed me in the back with a lego sword of some sort. And I kept avoiding him throughout my dream and running away. And the way he finally got me was someone I knew distracted me as he stabbed me. It felt real. Does that mean somewhere out there, a friend is stabbing me in the back? It wouldn't be the first sign I've received in a dream. I had a dream where I got the internship and cried from happiness. And that came true (the internship, not the crying). Too bad I really don't want someone stabbing me in the back... wouldn't be the first time, huh? :-P Women lead such hard lives when it comes to relationship with other women.

Hello, my name is Vonda and I am an American Idol addict. So much so that I no longer TiVo The West Wing. And that is a huge move to do!

Sleep is also addicting. I'll go get my fix now.

Friday, February 04, 2005

such a good day

Well ladies and gents, I am not as worthless as I previously thought. I really felt that I didn't get the internship at Allmerica when they didn't call back soon enough, but apparently they liked me! And they offered me the internship. I can only hope this leads to a full time position or at least adds a nice boost to my resume. I don't feel as destitute now about finding a job. :-) I am so happy.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you freshly vaccumm your room and use that carpet scent stuff and your carpet is so fresh and so clean clean. You can walk barefoot and not feel any dirt or crumbs and such. LOVE IT.

MQP is a little better, but I really don't think we will finish this term. I don't think it's where it needs to be. But we will see. My partner is making more of an effort and that is better I guess. I just want to be done with it and graduate.

I need to figure out where I am living soon. Laura wants to know by the end of the term if I am living here next year or not. I am almost tempted to take it, because I would most likely be trying to get a job in this area, near Boston, Providence or horrors of horrors, Connecticut. And the commute would suck but it would be very do-able. I am still unsure. I like my apartment and my roommates. Although it really wouldn't be the same without William. I need to figure this out soon, I just wish I had a job to focus my decisions on. Gotta keep sending out the resumes and cover letters and keep having good interviews. I om 1/1 on interviews. :-)

Spring break has been finalized. I am going home with Hanni. I hope that biatch doesn't drive too slow.

Speaking of Erie friends, I am VERY VERY upset with John. He lied to us about his illness. Why does he hide things like this?

Well time for some down time. :-) Loving life.