Monday, June 28, 2004

at carla's request

Since my Danish Dame wants me to blog, I must comply.

I've seen Fahrenheit 9/11 twice now. Fabulous film. Two of the best quotes: "We'll smoke him out." and "Now, watch this drive." OK, I don't absolutely hate Bush or wish death upon him, but I do wish for the next four years to be devoid of him. Before the movie started on opening night, there was a preview for Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. After it ended, someone had the nerve to shout "That's gay." And worse off is that everyone laughed. I was pretty angered by that comment. It felt so out of place and uncultured. Anyways, once the movie started, the audience was completely riveted. People were on the edge of their seats and it was completely silent, no movie theatre chitter chatter at all. It was by far, one of the best movie going experiences I've had. And people, I PAID to see this movie. PAID. First movie in Erie in about three years (discounting the dollar theatre). Moore made some very valid points, but was very manipulative in the way he lead you to think this or that. I see the points and I see the hardcore bias. As many people have said, I wish I could see a counterpoint to this film, to tell their side. I'm decently open-minded about it all. I've had many heated discussions with good friends (Republican friends) about it all, and good points were made. I still feel anti-Bush, but at least I don't hate hate him as much. Derek and Adam were staunch Bush fans. My manager Blaine likes to put me and Derek in a box together so we can argue politics and get all heated. It's humorous. Anyways, to sum it up, go see Fahrenheit 9/11, no matter what your political standpoint is. BUT, do not let this film decide your vote in anyway. Basing a vote on a biased film such as this would be stupid. Be fair to yourself and read up on current news and educate yourself.

It's also very alarming to think of our voter turn out rate in America. But I guess those who really care will vote, and at least some are educated. It's better to have low voter turn out of people who actually know their stuff than have a bunch of retards vote based on petty crap. Still the apathy in the US is sickening. In Denmark, everyone was always so involved and caught up and had an opinion and stayed well informed. Every citizen earned the right to give their two cents and always made sure to keep it up. I wish we had that in the US. More caring. Less apathy.

The B&G has been OK. My kids were pretty bad at the end of last week but today was a good day. Tomorrow they get to go on a field trip to McD's to learn how the food is made and make their own meals. It should be interesting, to say the least. My last paycheck was for all of 14 dollars. Weak. But the next one will be for $450 and boy oh boy do I need it. Still paying off my credit card and need to prepare myself for rent and books and perils of living on my own.

I really miss WPI and everything and everyone there. I got hit by the WPI blues a few days ago. I just feel like it's been forever. Is this how it's gonna be after college is over? A forever feeling of missing something? I hope not. I can survive it, but it sucks sometimes. I am relatively happy though, just missing out on the other part of my life. August 1st will feel so great.

Asians vs. azns. Who will win? I bet you wonder what I mean by this. Asians are the stereotypical Asians, the studious good ones who strive to be successful and geeky. The azns are a new breed. Or mutation of the Asians, a rebellion against the conformity that Asian parents try to force upon their children. They are the ghetto ones, the wannabee rappers, my cousins in New Orleans. I consider myself an Asian. A white girl trapped in an Asian body, but an Asian nonetheless. My brother is an azn. I start to wonder, who would win in a fight? Would the intelligence win against braun? Are the goody two shoes geeks going out the door as the metrosexual and hip azns dance their way in? Are they the new Asians of the future? One has to wonder. And worry.

A movie I am VERY MUCH looking forward to is Kinsey. Plot description: A look at the life of Alfred Kinsey (Neeson), a pioneer in the area of human sexuality research, whose 1948 publication "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" was one of the first recorded works that saw science address sexual behavior. My friends from HS and I use the Kinsey scale to judge heterosexuality and homosexuality. Mega flaming is a 6 while straight as an arrow is a 1. I can't wait to see what this movie is all about. The trailer I saw was great. Just enough to leave you wanting to know more without giving away the whole damn movie. Fabulous.

I feel like life has somewhat been disrupted by the re-entrance of Daniel into the States. I do not like being at his beckon call. He is demanding as he says. I treasure our unique friendship, but I am weary of anything strenuous. I look forward to talking with him on a more regular basis, but I do not want to be only spoken to when he needs advice or such. I know him so well. I may not know the everyday details, but I feel like I KNOW him. Bleh. I miss the banter and I miss the Daniel-Vonda laughs, but I do not miss the drama. He called today while I was at TGIFridays with Hanni. He told me I don't sound like a Valley girl anymore. I was pleased. It was weird to hear his voice after a year of not hearing it. The last time we spoke was last summer the last night he was in the States before he left for his year in India. Anyways, I am glad he is home and everything. I admit I missed him while he was gone, when we chatted the few times during the year. I do not think of him otherwise. I hope he gets some balls and does something with his feelings. Otherwise, he is just another Texan pansy. Anyways, yeah... welcome back Daniel. :-P

My throat is a bit sore. Not a good sign. Come on body, fight the sickness. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

I'm such a dork. When I'm at work (t-town) and bored, I write down all the points I want to bring up in my blog. Dorky huh? But it's the best way to remind myself.

Time for bed. I hope this appeased you Carla. Anything for my queen, my goddess. ;-) Muhahahaha. Good night world.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

magic stick

Deshawn told Hanni that Matt, one of our co-workers, needs the magic stick. Sounds like Matt doesn't get any. Hahaha.

I haven't got much to say lately. I go to work, and try to find time with my friends. That is about it.

Went to a bar by Forward Hall, called Stage Right. It was Pirate Night. My co-worker Jason came in a pirate costume. It was mighty funny. And everytime you got a drink, you plundered the treasure chest. Cute. Not my scene, but cute.

Something to look forward to: Ian hangout time, Becky sleepover, I love the 90s, and lots and lots of love. Woo.

OK, I only said I would be online for a half hour and then bed. I am at 25 minutes. Peace out.

Monday, June 21, 2004

age is a number and so much more

This weekend was decent. Friday was just relaxing with Becky. I don't see her enough these days. We go a day without doing anything and it feels like a lifetime. That's what happens when summer jobs kick in and your schedules don't match up. It sucks. But we do our best. This weekend, we are gonna have an old fashioned slumber party! Haha, who would have thought?

Throughout the day, I always have all these thoughts I want to remember to write down to put in my blog or something. Just so I can remember these thoughts. But then when it comes time to recall it all, it just slips away like slippery noodles and an inexperienced chopstick handler.

I went to see Dodgeball with Ian. And... his little sister Emily and her friend Allison in tow. I felt old, especially when Ian tells me I'm old. I was the chaffeur AKA only one with a license. At first I thought me and Ian were just supplying rides, but then they wanted to sit with us and well that was just strange. But there weren't at 4's together so we split up. Which is fine. I would have felt like there was an audience there with them anyways. Plus I feel bad, because with little sisters around, you automatically want to gang up on the sibling that is actually your friend. I am a joker and teaser as is, but when another joker/teaser comes around who is blood related, it becomes a whole new arena and sometimes you can just get carried away. I wanted to avoid that. I like to tease people Vonda style, not double team them.

There were these obnoxious black couples sitting behind us. They laughed so loud at EVERYTHING in the movie. I wonder if they were high, because some of the things were not THAT funny. But it's good to have those people because they make you laugh even when things aren't laughable.

One of the topics of discussion was a girl and guy who were dating. She's 17 and he's 23 or 24. Ahem, if sex is happening, in PA, that would be illegal and statuatory (sp?) rape. Anyways, that's not the point. The point that came to me was why was that relationship generally seen as OK? An older guy dates a younger girl and it's OK. Maybe a tiny bit cradle robbing, but not too bad really when it comes to most people's opinions. But if an older girl dated a younger guy with that type of age difference, well it's just unacceptable or frowned upon. The girl would be teased mercilessly. Why are men able to date whomever they want no matter the taboos surrounding it and it's seen as OK and gets "congrats, dude, she's hot and young" comments. Whereas women are plagued with all these restrictions imposed by what society thinks. It's beat into your brain so early that you don't even realize that society isn't necessarily imposing them as you get older, you are. Granted you could argue that younger guys are not as mature and therefore older women don't normally date them, but the really awesome younger guys do exist, I'm friends with plenty. But yet, most girls will never ever consider it just due to the consequences of it - the difficulty of accepting disapproval from everyone else or just the general negative judgement. I know I am brainwashed that way. I would maybe consider a guy one year younger or so, but anymore than that and it get's iffy or no if's at all. Yes, it's important to consiter that I, too, am decently young, but still, too young or younger in general just feels wrong. But what is so wrong about it? Nothing. And yet so many women, and society in general, can turn nothing into so many somethings.

The other day, I found out another friend of mine was Republican and a Bush lover. ::gasp:: Derek and I worked together in the same box office and had many heated discussions that night over politics and just general issues. We are polar opposites. And he even had the nerve to say the most outrageous comment, "People never really change their minds, so why bother?" I think he deeply believes that people don't change minds... and that is disturbing. He is such a nice kid, but wow... who would have thought he could be so ridiculous? I hope he gets kicked in the head by someone or something and his life and thoughts change so radically that nothing is ever the same again. He needs it because right now, he is living in a very closed world.

I need to get to bed. Tomorrow begins another week with the kids. And this week starts summerschool kids. Scream now or forever lose your sanity. Agghhhhhhhh!

Friday, June 18, 2004

tears of pain

Well last night, I slept from 6:30pm-8:15am. People, that is 12+ hours there of sleeping. I talked to Ace real quick around 6pm to maybe do something but I just couldn't muster up real energy and then ZONKED out. I was really tired!

The other day, Charlie hit me in the face with a water bottle (he meant to lightly hit me in my back and the bottle was only 1/8 full... it was just luck that the bottle hit me like that) and it hurt so bad that I started crying. He felt so BAD. So bad, I've gotten two text messages of apologies, a hug (which is rare from Charlie), a get better card, and a half dozen box of chocolate covered strawberries. He is REALLY sorry. I didn't want to cry, but it hurt so bad, that the tears came before I knew it. Luckily it didn't bruise, but is still wicked sore. I hope Charlie stops feeling so bad, because he is starting to make me feel bad about it, too. I'm not used to his niceness.

The first week at the Boys and Girls Club has been the best I've ever had. Nick, my partner, is the best. He works really well with the kids and handles the SUPER bad ones really great. My kids actually LISTEN to me and it's so wonderful. I sit them down and tell them the rules and ask them to repeat it back to me. Miraculously, they do and actually follow through! I haven't had too many problems and all I can pray for is that the rest of the weeks are just like this week. Please God, please?

Went to go to see Chronicles of Riddick. COMPLETE RUBBISH. It was so bad, it was funny, and I don't think they meant it to be funny. Best line ever from Vin Diesel, "It's been a long time since I smelled beautiful." Me and Becky almost pissed ourselves. I think Ian was laughing too. No one else found it funny... I think they were pissed at us for laughing... but COME ON! You cannot take Vin Diesel seriously. At all.

It's cute how when you are little, an act such as holding a boys hat can mean so much. One of my girls gets to hold one of my boys hat and automatically that means they kind of like each other. If it were only so easy when you are older. Signals can be so mixed and actions can say so many different things. You could waste so much time on just waiting and analyzing. Say what you mean and say it as soon as you know you want it. If it's reciprocated, then wonderful. If it's not, then closure is better than unwanted pining.

Emails are back up with Rob. It's nice. Another month and a half of it until we actually hang out and see each other. By August, it would be four and a half months of emails and non-face-to-face correspondence. That is a long time. A long time of thinking and analyzing and wondering and worrying and just letting the imagination run wild....

Brenda is turning 21 tomorrow and I plan on attending the bar hopping just to see her survive the State St run. I won't be drinking, I'll let Brenda do it all for me. :-P

I'll end this post with the best quote I've gotten from the B&G kids so far. This was said by Deshawn: "I've got a magic stick." And he meant THE "magic stick." He's 10. Makes ya wonder just how much kids are exposed to sex, huh?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

phone calls

Today was full of phone calls! Carla called me and we chatted for quite a long time. There was venting and then lots of giggling and laughing because we are like that. I miss my slut, ::tear::. Soon, someday, we will be reunited. And I talked to Ian for a while as well, and made plans for putt putt after work tomorrow. He is such a stinker. I talked to Becky since we didn't hang out today because our schedules don't match up. And finally, my joo, William. Keeping my fingers crossed on being the backup for the Jewish wedding of his Uncle Joel and soon to be Aunt Laurie!

Funniest name I have encountered at the Boys & Girls Club: Tagamon Thrower. It is pronounced todg-a-maun. It is the most Pokemon sounding name ever. He sounds like he throws Pokemons name Tagamon. It's HILARIOUS. What are these parents thinking??!!

Tomorrow is the first field trip with my kids to a puppet show. They better be good or else... or else... yeah, just OR ELSE. Those little farts. :-P

Good bye LA Lakers. Taken down like chumps by the Pistons. Kudos to Larry Brown, I have always liked him since his days in Indiana, and then with the Sixers, and now the Pistons. You're the man. 21 years and now you got the ring. Woo!

Do you ever notice that in movies, when they need background noise to fill in for an "urban setting" you always hear sirens of some sort? I mean always! Why? It's not like urban areas are full of death and crimes... but movies, I guess, like that idea. Where would movies be without death and crimes or drama and conflict in general? Oh wait... you get movies like Dude, Where's My Car? Hahaha.

Movies I am looking forward to this week: The Terminal and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Out like the fat kid in dodgeball.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

good saturday

Life has been unmentionable. Honestly, just enjoying the Erie summer. I start at the B&G on Monday and yeah... I am supposed to be with 12 and older girls again, but I told my boss I couldn't handle it. He better switch me out!

Tonight was some unofficial unplanned detinseltowning. It was interesting to hang out with Brenda, Josh, and Brenda's cousin Jackie. It was a good time. I saw Ace too and she was "happy" hahaha. All in all, a really good Saturday. My first ever double shift was truncated to just a 10 hour shift and it was leisurely and not too busy.

Saw Stepford Wives on Friday. Many plot loopholes, but the humor was great. Becky decided she needs a GBF - gay best friend. Hehehe. I took Ian to see it, too, but his ADHD-ness kept him uninterested. :-P He's a fabulous guy, I just LOOOOOVE him. If only he could see how cool he really was. :-)

I'm tired. Asian eyes are closing up for the night.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

birds chirping

Birds chirping. That usually signals to me that it's time to head home. I have not made it home before 4am all week long. This is what happens when your sleeping schedule gets all out of wack and you have a best friend as great as Becky. :-)

Today was a slow and unproductive day. I took Patton to get a haircut and during the ride, I take off my FAVORITE watch and handed it to Patton so as to prevent an even worse farmer's tan from happening. Well as he is getting out of the car, he drops it on the asphalt and the glass shatters completely. :-( I hope it is fixable. I would be so upset if it wasn't. I got it from Aldo's and it's such a good color and leather and just FABULOUS.

It was Jeff's birthday today so Becky spent most of the day with him. But we did get together for a late night run to Walmart, with my mom in tow. We buy some interesting cheap clothes and just good off. Since the fitting room is closed during the night, me and Becky just started putting on the clothes on top of the clothes we were already wearing. It was humorous. And my mother... my mother is a hoot. Let me recall the one time, Ben and I took her grocery shopping and there was a sale on sugar... she bought EIGHT bags. EIGHT. She does this every time. Not the sugar, but the overbuying. Today it was gallons of water. We bought 20 gallons, people... TWENTY! It was comical and yet very odd. All in all, we made some wonderful purchases at Walmart and went on our merry way.

I finally introduced Becky to my new addiction. Say hello to Sex and the City. We watched six episodes tonight and they were just satisfying as ever. She liked them a lot. I am glad... it would be sad to find out she didn't, but I would still love her anyways. We then chatted for a while and just had Becky and Vonda time, which is sparse these days. We have plenty of Vonda and Becky and everyone else time, but not a lot of just her and me. It's nice.

And I got to talk to the ho today! She sounds pretty good. Knee surgery is set for Monday and otherwise, it's boring as hell, but she sounded really good. And her boy is not going to CA and yeah, that is wonderful to hear. :-) And my other Danish Dame, Carla, turned 21 yesterday. :-D I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with her and tell some drunk obnoxious guy "No guys, she's the birthday girl!" ;-) Hahaha. And Katie... I am sending some cheer vibes your way. Oh how I miss my Dames.

Tuesday was fabulous as well. It was "hang out all day with Ian" day. If I am not given a strict deadline, I never get my ass in gear. Ian called around 3:30, but I didn't make it to his house until 5:30. What was even funnier was that, the putt putt place we chose was way far out of the way. So after taking interesting loppy directions to get there (directions that Ian prided himself oh so much on), I realize I didn't have cash. And so I ask Ian to pay... and we get to the window. The guy asks for ten bucks. And then... Ian realizes he doesn't have his wallet. What tools we were. Hahaha. We had to drive ALL the way back into the city to get cash. What should have taken only a half hour or so to do, took us an hour and half, making us miss our 7pm movie, Man on Fire. Anyways, he kicked my ass left and right. He had the right angles. But I made the best long putts. They were hot shots, even he would admit to that. We got some Panera, where he constantly ogled the clones that Hitler hired, and then decided to kill time until the 10pm showing with a trip to the used CD store (where I bought the Christmas Boyz II Men CD, an old old old Toni Braxton CD, and the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack, and finally... BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY dvd!) and with a trip to see Shrek 2. My fourth time seeing it. Still funny as ever. Man on Fire was pretty good too, although I dislike violence. Denzel was great and Dakota Fanning is very talented. The ending was tender and I admit I shed a tear. And after I had to pee at Ian's, and I finally got to see his room. And his perverse lepuercahn (spelling is atrocious here). Now I know how Ian spends all his time online. :-P All and all, a very good fun day with Mr. Page. I think I will request his company Friday since I have it off for once. Or maybe Hanni's. We shall see!

Cross my fingers that Cold Mountain stays at the dollar, since Charlie wanted to see it and asked me to come. Let's see if our schedules match up at all next week. I love making play dates with my friends! :-D

This weekend is Tinseltown packed. I work 10am-11pm on Saturday (my first double) and then 2-10 on Sunday. Talk about hours overload in two days. And then the B&G starts up Monday. I actually have training for it at 1pm today (or tomorrow, whatever). Am I ready for a summer of bad bad kids? Yeah... I think so. :-)

Monday, June 07, 2004


Adam Suprock asked me to come out to Eat'n'Park with him after work. I could not pass up the opportunity. And I had to let Becky in on it too! So me and Adam watched Harry Potter as Becky closed up. Eat'n'Park was fun. We had a waitress, but our guy, nick, was there too. He came out and chatted for a little bit. He asked us where we went to school and what year. When we told him seniors, he seemed so shocked. And he was a senior, too, and I go "So, are ya 21 yet?" and he replied "I'm 24." Ooooops. :-) And Ross, another waiter at ENP recognized me when he came to see a movie and told me he saw my artwork the other day. I had made a bowl of syrup into an "I love you" sign with ketchup. It was pretty hot. I don't think either of them are cute, I just was being weird.

Oh man, while Ross was chatting it up, Adam says loudly into the phone "Is he HITTING on you?" Me and Becky burst into laughter. Oh Adam... when will you learn. :-)

Count 'em up everyone... I have 1... 2... 3... 4... 5 seasons of Sex and the City now. FIVE! Bought the fifth one today. Every trip to Walmart results in another season being purchased. Hehe. It's going to be a great marathon run when I get back to Worcester.

So I'm a senior now... senior. Just doesn't roll off the tongue right. Senior. Senior. Strange how the first three years just flew by like nothing. Life feels good though. So good. I haven't had a bad day in so long. It feels great to be able to say that. Wonderful.

I burned my arm today taking something out of the oven. It's a purple color now. I think it's because of my melanin that it's that color. It's not infected or anything... just purple. A weird slash on the arm. It's great to get burned... or not.

I think I'm running the gammit(sp?) of friends this week. Becky (all the time), Adam, Ian, Ace, and maybe Charlie. That's not even including Jay, Jeff, and Melissa. Oh and I should invite Hanni to Harry Potter too. I can make "See all of my good friends I have in Erie" week. :-P

Weirdest moment at the movies today was seeing Nebiat. Why is this weird? Because she goes to WPI! Here is the way our conversation went:
Me: Nebiat! Holy crap! What are you doing in Erie?
Nebiat: I work here! What are YOU doing in Erie?
Me: I live here!
Yeah... it was wicked strange to see her. I almost fell over because it's the first time I have ever run into any WPI people randomly in Erie. She has an internship at GE. And that reminded me that Karen is there, too. I need to send her and email and hang out. :-) I am wicked excited!

Here is the whole kit and kaboodle of the Kobenhavn Klan.

We look fabulous. :-)

Life is just fan-tab-u-lous.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

memories rushing

I just received Katie's package of my pictures that I had put on her computer. It was so good and so hard to see these photos. Just when I thought I had gotten good with the Kobenhavn withdrawal, these photos just bring it all back. It was such a good time. I really miss it right now. 5am. And I miss it. A lot. One photo to laugh at. :-) Joe getting toothpasted by Katie, me, and Matty the first day he was in Kobenhavn. We are such cruel friends.

I am laughing right now. So hard. ::wipe a tear::

Work was work as usual. The new game that me and Emily did today was writing the letters of our full names and then doing a scrabble/boggle contest with them. I think I was the most creative. From "Vonda Elizabeth Bui" I managed to make "hit ablazed bovine" with a left over u. Yeah, I think I am a Jumble whore and then some. :-)

Speaking of hitting animals, the other night while driving from the bar to Eat'n'Park, I encountered my first ever deer in the road. I was pretty close to hitting it. My heart was beating so fast. I was on Route 8 and there are no lights of course and you don't see the deer until you are RIGHT there. I swerved to the left and the deer ran right. I guessed well. I hope it's my one and only deer encounter.

After work, I made my favorite 12 year old come and hang out. We were supposed to hang out with Jeff and Becky, but yeah... by the time we got to her house, she and Jeff were passed out in bed. Old fogies. So Ian and I just played some N64 with Jay and yeah... Ian was a bit too good. For the first time ever playing Pokemon games, he won both times... STINKER! It was nice though to hang out. We are hanging out Tuesday, as well. Putt putt? Lazer tag? Something? Definitely. I also have it a point to see one of his baseball games this summer. See if he is any good. :-P

I also am seeing Harry Potter with Becky, her friend Emily, and Amy (from work). And I am trying to get Charlie to see it too. For some odd reason, he is boycotting the internet for the month of June. He just wants to see if he can do it... weird. I am not happy with that! He said he almost called me last week to go to see something at the dollar theatre, but since he is boycotting the internet, he didn't know what was playing so didn't bother. ::annoyed face:: Well I told him to call me... and then he tells me to call him. Except he works more than I do, so wouldn't it make more sense for the more busy person to call when they have spare time? ::shrug:: I think he will see it Monday. Stupid Charlie. :-)

I bet my neighbors think that our house has the weirdest music interests. Whenever my brother is at the computer, he plays all rap and R&B. It's quite ghetto and good. But then I get on and lately, it's been a lot of Phoenix and slow stuff, more contemporary. Not that I don't like the ghetto mix stuff, but I am not in that mood. And it switches back and forth. I am sure they like Patton's music more, since sometimes I hear them blasting similar stuff. But too bad, I'm not ghetto girl all the time. :-)

I get to work with Adam Suprock tomorrow! Yay! He is back from his vacation. It will nice to have more males in box again. Derek is back as well, so now we have two whole penises in box office. Sweet.

I am weird, aren't I?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

slipping away

I don't know why, but life doesn't seem as bloggable lately. I'll do my best. As Tom Muller would know, I can ramble like my life depended on it. :-P

Went to another bar tonight with Becky, Ace, Tony, Jeff, Jill, and some of the Kohl's Shoe Crew. It was a decent time. A bit awkward here and there. Tonight's bar was the Cornerstone, a Mercyhurst haven during school season. It was decent. Reminded me a bit of what there was in Kobenhavn. Except it was dead as a doornail and boring. Oh well, another night!

We then went to Eat'n'Park because I was hungry. We had a great new waiter and I think me and Becky want to make him our new "Chris." Chris was this awesome waiter there that we always asked for and tipped outrageously. He was a lot of fun and cool to talk to. He ended up moving to Pittsburgh, though, and we have never really had that awesome of service since him. Maybe nick without an uppercase n will be a good replacement. We shall see. :-)

Work was work as usual. A lot of the Harry Potter's sold out wicked early. Expected. I took my break with Ian and it was nice to catch up since we haven't seen or talked in days. I just get home too late to get to talk to him really. I think I am going to ask if he wants to go putt putting or something Monday or Tuesday. I make it a point to do an Ian thing once a week, if not more. :-P

The more and more I watch of Sex and the City, the more and more I love it. It's so great. Carla, I saw the soulmate episode and it was so sweet and tender. I cried. It's in the fourth season and when I get back to Worcester, me and you are gonna watch them all. :-) You can see it from the beginning. Miss ya, c-squared.

My uncle called my dad to tell him that he just found out he had either prostate or colon cancer. :-( I am not sure which one it is because once again, I cannot translate the Vietnamese expression. But it's scary. My two great uncles, my grandfather, and my other uncle died of it. And now my other uncle has it and warned my dad to check for it. :-/ It's scary. I told Patton he should really check for that throughout his life. If my dad has it, that makes it far too big of a disease in the family and Patton runs the risk of having it as well. ::sigh::

Jackie's grandfather is dying and it made me think of my grandmother again. I haven't had a chance to ask my mother about it, and I don't think she has heard anything yet, but the other day, my grandmother went into surgery. When I found out, I said a very urgent prayer and just hoped she would be all right. I think she is, since I haven't got any scary phone calls. I thank God.

I really want more Sondre Lerche. I only have two songs, Two Way Monologue and Sleep on Needles and I really like them. I've also managed to get the new Nelly Furtado, Norah Jones, Phoenix (European band I like... Everything is Everything is the song for any Danish kids if they remember), some of N.E.R.D. And desperately trying to get Sondre Lerche. Maybe I will just crack and get the CD through Amazon. Out of the stuff I have downloaded, I think I am in love with Phoenix the most. Their stuff is really good. It gets stuck in my head constantly. And I plan on get "If I Thought You'd Ever Change." Yeah... good times. :-)

My sleeping schedule is really fucked up. I mean really. I am up until 5am some nights. It will stop once I start at the Boys and Girls Club. But man oh man, are the first few days gonna be painful. ::wince::

What would my life be like right now if I were living in Worcester? I would have been there almost a week now. Would it be better than what I am doing at home in Erie? I wonder. But it doesn't matter. I am happy.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


That is all I do. Sneeze.

I got a new cell phone. It's pretty hot. Camera phone and such, with neat-o features. I need to read the manual for any of the detailed stuff.

I am dead tired. I think it's the caffiene in-take that is killing me. Must stop drinking it again.

John was in town. Yay. Good to see him sober and in the states again.

Sex and the City fun tomorrow. I own four seasons now. Sick.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

mother of pearl

Once again, May 31st is one of the busiest days of the year for movies. Last year it was the record breaking day with over 9200 in attendance. This year, around 7000 but still impressive and still kept me busy during my entire 7 hour shift. Happy Memorial Day to you, too.

I just worked and went to Jay's 13th birthday party. I can't believe she is 13. Weird. And I am 21. I wish her party had been better for her, because in my opinion, the focus wasn't on her at all and it should have been. I must get her a belated gift.

Then... ashamedly... me and Becky went to Soul Plane. And wow, the most sterotypical black girls ever sat in front of us. They made the movie. Everytime a good song with a hip hop beat came on, they started dancing in their seats. Obnoxiously dancing. If the scene wasn't making me laugh, these chicks were. It was awfuly funny. And the movie was pretty bad, but so funny at the same time. I think it was just the situation with the girls and the absurdness of it all. One scene though... the pooping scene. Dear gawd, I almost peed myself. You know me, obsessed with pooping. :-P

We stayed afterwards to hang out a little bit with Steve and Tony. Steve is a funny guy. Man oh man... he is around this summer, too. I am jealous that he is able to just pick things up and go wherever he wants. It's adventurous and I admire him for that. Blaine and Adam were there too and just plain bonkers. Man... I get sucked into tinseltown life so easily.

My eyes hurt. Maybe I do have allergies I am unaware of. Darn the flurries. Sleep, looking forward to lunch with Ace and Becky. Yay!