Sunday, June 22, 2003

It's so frustrating how my mom doesn't have a spine. I wish she would stand up and take control. And I'm sick the card parties at my house. I hate those people. They are dirty, gross, stupid, have gambling problems, and have a lack of respect for my house and our stuff. And the worst part is that my mom doesn't tell them when they are being rude. Instead, Patton's camera was taken and now lost, some girl took my flip flops, and Patton's house keys were taken (luckily those were returned) and other miscellaneous things and it pisses me off that my mom knows that these things happened and doesn't do anything to prevent it. What do I have to do? Hide all my stuff in my room whenever these fuckin' people come over? NO! It's my friggin' house too and I am sick of coming home after a long day to find these piece of crap people invading my personal life and home and making rude comments in Vietnamese like I don't understand. I just want to scream at them. Patton is going to flip out on them soon. My mom tried to come to me for the empathetic support because Patton totally got pissed at her and I said, "Sorry Mom, I agree with Patton. I don't think Patton should have yelled at you like that, but I'm sick of this crap too." And it upset her that I wasn't behind her (because usually I'm her support in most things) but I'm sorry, this has to stop or else I'm going to friggin' move out or at least never come home during the school year or for a summer because I can't stand this shit anymore. By the way, it's at the 48 hour mark or so. These people need to leave.

Well I would blog more but I gotta go to bed. Work and such. Oh yeah, I am going to get my hair relaxed. I'm going to say good bye to the curls and the poof. Man it's going to be great.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Well week 1 is done, 7 more to go at the B&G Club. I hope I survive and not kill anyone. Although I think I made Lacreishia (who is 12) cry, but to be honest, she deserved it. I'm tired of her disrespect and her lack of maturity. She thumped her 6 year old cousin right in the eye and her cousin cried for so long. So I made Lacreaishia feel this big (imagine me holding my fingers an inch apart) and well she spent all of art with her head on the table and not talking to anyone. It was the nicest art period ever. I hope to make Lacreishia feel as much remorse as I can because I think she is the most mean-spirited human being I've ever met and I can't stand her attitude. (Wow I am mean haha... but I just have no patience for out-right disrespect).

I have a feeling I am going to repeat last summer and work every day of the summer, Mon-Sun. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri at the B&G, and then for the past two weekends, I have work both Sat and Sun and 2 other weekdays. I don't mind. I guess I like the money and enjoy the hours at ttown.

Working at the B&G is very bad for me and Hanni at times. We both have the urges to yell at kids when they are doing something bad all the time, whether it be at the B&G, Walmart, outside by our houses, at the movies, etc. It's ingrained in us to want to go up to them and tell them to stop and let them know that they are being bad. Hanni almost went up to her neighbor's kid because he was swinging a golf club in the air like a crazy kid and wanted to take it from him and say "Who gave this to you!?" and then make him sit out for time out. Haha... that is the life when you are around kids soo much.

I also love being recognized outside of the B&G club. The kids are so much nicer than. In the club, they are very bad, but outside, they pretend to be angels and like me because they are with their parents. Recognizing incident number one happened last night at the movies. Little Sean recognized me and asked me if I worked the B&G and I said yup and that I would see him Monday and he told his mom that he knew me and then gave a cute wave good bye. :-)

John came to visit!!! It was the first time I had seen him since winter break! It was a surprise and man when I saw him, my jaw dropped haha. It's good to see Big Gay John. :-)

Well I think I'm going to make something to eat and then head off to work for another shift at the movies. Yay!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Let's talk Boys and Girls Club.

I'm going to be lazy and just copy and paste from an email I wrote to someone instead of rephrasing stuff. Here goes...
"I have 13 girls in my group (the 12-14 year olds) and they weren't too bad the first day. Our group name was at first "Hot Girls 2003" (hey they chose it, not me :-P) but then they changed it to "Bay Bay Girls 2003" (AKA Baby Girls 2003). Yeah they are ghet-to haha. There are 10 black girls and 3 white girls and let me say that they inadvertantly segregate themselves. I expect about 20-25 girls by the end of the summer. And unfortunately we are definitely understaffed at the Boys & Girls Club and I hope the management figures out how to solve that somehow!

Funny/appalling moment of the day: Danye flipped Sean over his back and onto the hard gym floor. Oh yeah Danye and Sean are 7 years old and both black (ya know what, let's assume all kids I talk about are black unless I say otherwise haha... because really that place is 80% black kids and 15% white kids and 5% Latino of some kind) and Danye is one the of worst kids in the program. No remorse at all for anything he does. All the staff members know him just because there isn't a day that doesn't go by where you don't scream "Danye! Stop doing --insert bad thing he is doing--!!!!" And so yeah back to the story, Danye flips Sean and of course Sean starts bawling and landed on his arm pretty hard and is crying and so obviously someone is yelling at Danye and such and Danye's reply was "But Sean is my cousin!" He said that as if it's OK to hurt someone because they are family and "it doesn't mean anything" even though you make your cousin cry for 15 minutes. I had to laugh and at the same time shake my head because you just shouldn't think like that.

Oh wait, I just thought of another funny/appalling story that I saw coming: Chris (who is white) isn't allowed to have any computer time. Why you ask? Because he was caught looking at gay porn. And he is 9 years old. Yup. And to be honest, I had him in my group last year and well... me and Ben and Hanni and John all saw that coming. When we heard from his group leader that story, me and Hanni burst into laughter and said "Yeah we aren't surprised." Hey at least he knows what he likes at a young age."
OK that's all I've got people. I will try my hardest to blog. I don't want to turn into someone who never blogs except to say that they "never blog anymore" haha. :-)

I'm a 9-5 girl now (well more like 60 hours a week kind of girl). Time for a regulated sleep pattern. Woo!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Weeeeee. I got a raise at the movie theatre job. I am now at $5.77 which is really good considering I've only worked there for 4 months total (Ashley has been there a year and she is only at 5.50 with her third eval coming August while I just had my second one). I got a "merit raise"? I didn't even know those existed! ::shrug:: Hey, it's a raise, I can't complain! I've come a long way since the days of $5.15. :-P No more minimum wage for me!

Oh the Boys & Girls Club = $8.00. Woo! Way better than the other job, but not nearly as fun and not nearly as many kewl people. :-)

I saw Dumb and Dumberer tonight. Wow that was a waste of 82 minutes of my life. I actually fell asleep for about 5 minutes because it was so boring. But the one person who did make the movie funny was Bob friggin' Saget! WOO! He was sooooo funny. You cannot help but laugh at his role. But don't bother seeing it. Wait until it goes on video or sneak into it. It is not worth the money whatsoever (not that I paid, but still I felt jipped and that was a free movie... that's how sucky it was).

Becky's bonfire was postponed due to rain and wet wood. It sucked too because it would have been the perfect night since it was Friday the 13th and it was a FULL MOON. How many opportunities come by like that? Oh well, it was out of her hands. We will reschedule!

The Saturday night ritual of "de-tinseltowning" is becoming one of my most treasured things. That and lazer tag. :-)

I start the B&G job tomorrow. I am with the 12-14 year olds. :-( They are taller than me and have so little respect for anyone in that establishment. This is going to suck so much ass. Oh well. I will learn to deal or maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will be switched out to a younger group like I was last year when they moved me to the 8 and 9 year olds. Pray for me. ::crossing fingers::

My latest mix CD is titled "music you can thug out to" muhahaha. Yeah it's some good ol' rap (Tupac, Biggie, etc) and some new (Eminem, 50 cent, etc). It's just stuff you can nod your head to as you make your way through crappy ass traffic. Although it was fun today to blast it and well I guess when I blast it, I overwhelm other people's cars too and me and Patton pulled up next to this one guy's car (he had pink dyed hair) and he was playing rock punkish music and all you can hear now is rap and he definitely TURNED UP THE VOLUME very loud to compete with mine. I found it humorous. :-)

I now realize why I never wear black pants during the school year a lot. I wear it sooo much when I'm home because of working at ttown. All you wear is black pants and black shoes and black socks and usually even a black shirt depending on the movie (right now, it's T3 and black, and even the last one was black, it was X2). And because of that, whenever I'm not at work, I want to be in skirts and sandals because I tire of socks and black pants. B&G will be a nice breather. Jeans and sneakers (or sandals but I know I will want to beam a few kids in dodgeball and sandals are not appropriate running around shoes so sneakers it is). Haha wow I sounded mean, but really, after working with these monsters, I mean inner city kids who had bad parenting and don't respect you and treat you like crap at times, you look forward to gym and when they play dodgeball and you get to throw things at them and NOT get in trouble. Don't worry, I can't throw hard. I just like the joy of tagging them out. :-) (Wow, I'm evil haha).

Me and Patton finally talked and we are back to normal pretty much. We had our weekly "Let's skip church together" thing and yeah it felt nice to be back in the groove with him. :-)

Well it's midnite and I think I am going to try that whole sleep thing. I only got 4 hours of sleep (and that 5 min during the movie) and so I expect to fall asleep easily tonight. It was a good day. :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Rereading my last post, I realized that I yet again mentioned another Dave. Why are there so many of those all of a sudden? Haha but I guess I only really like one or two or three David or Daves out of the bagillion I know. :-) The David I know (I think the only David who goes by David) is a really kewl guy. ;-) And the two other Daves I know and like (not the drug dealer of course) are nice also.

Tonight ended up super fun. Friends' trivia night at the Van Cleves! Haha, I love Becky. The only sucky part of the night was when Becky bumped the curb and got a flat tire (she hit the metal part where the sewer drain is). It was a big suck, but it will be fixed tomorrow hopefully. I bought her a rasberry milkshake to cheer her up some. And after playing Friends, I realized just how much TV I watch. But hey, it's good TV, so why stop? (I felt like William right there... oh and his away message of "Hopelessly devoted TiVo" screams corny oh so much!)

Man, last night, I was in bed by 12:15am. I was sooo impressed with myself. :-) I don't think I have been asleep that early in a LONG time. Yay for me. Tonight will not be a repeat performance since already you can see that I am posting at 2:14am.

I am excited for some snail mail this summer because Molly is at the Farm and Wilderness Camp and the only way to reach her is snail mail. I love snail mail. It's so precious because I never get anything but bills. I look forward to a summer snail mail correspondence with the ho.

::yawn:: I'm growing weak. Time to sleep (after I read some more of Forrest Gump... I've read it before but that was 4 years ago and I wanted the refresher... I still laugh out loud :-)). I hope I dream something and remember it. It's been awhile.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Wow, I am getting bitched at to update this thing. So I guess I will so people (::coughZachandWilliamcough::) quit their bitching!

I got to give mouth to mouth today... to a doll! How exciting, ok not really. But, I am now CPR and First Aid trained so if you are ever in a life threatening situation, I am trained to help save your life. Yay!

Training at the Boys & Girls Club felt nice and a lot of the people who were there last summer trained too and we were just laughing and making jokes about the kids all day. I know it's bad to joke the way we joke, but ya got to if you are to survive the summer with these monsters, I mean kids!

And I saw Dave the lifeguard for the first time in a year, and he looks exactly the same, as do I. He's a kewl guy and maybe we will get to hang out some more this summer. There were a few times last year when we would talk about plans outside of work, and it only happened once (lazer tag... and let me say, for a boy in the Army, he wasn't too great at shooting people)... but maybe this summer will be different. :-)

Oh and it feels like all of a sudden, I know tons of people named Dave or David. At first the popular name was Adam. Heck it was more like Jewish Adams (I can name three Jewish Adams, sick huh? Haha and before college, I never even knew any true practicing Jews, and now I know three Jewish Adams!). But now it's Dave or David. I think I'm at 6 or 7 and it's just ridiculous!

Work is still lots of fun and yet very busy. I really do enjoy the movie theatres. And plus every Saturday is "De-tinseltowning" time with Becky and Ace. We were talking forever last night and it was just a lot of fun. We laugh a lot and are big crazies haha. My newest idea (crazy idea) is that me, Becky, and Ace should dress up as Charlie's Angels the day it comes to our theatre and promote it like that. I can be Lucy Lui AKA the Asian, Ace could be Cameron Diaz AKA the blonde, and Becky could be Drew Barrymore AKA the brunette! It's all worked out! Haha becky and Ashley are hestitant but I'm going to keep pushing this idea. It would be soooo much fun and I swear I could get the managers to get in on it somehow or at least get their approval! And if I can't, I want to at least pose by the stand up we have for Charlie's Angels and take a photo. :-)

I'm excited for Becky's bonfire this weekend. Friday the 13th spooky fun with a fire. Wee!

Oh and I guess me, Becky, and Ace are accepted into the Tinseltown family, because we were all invited to Dave the drug dealer/Rugi's guy's party. We weren't going to go though because it isn't our style haha, but we got so much crap about not going. I guess they like us! Yay!

Jeff turns 22 today. Scary. We are all getting old. Old old old.

I really miss the fam down in New Orleans. But I get to talk to them on a regular basis online, and sometimes the phone. I really hope they come up in December and visit. Too bad Jenny won't be 19... she will be freshly 18... or else we could go to Canada and rent a room and gamble and just do whatever we wanted while we were there... strip clubs... bars (not that I drink but they do)... etc!

OK that is all. I kinda want to nap. Waking up at 8am isn't quite a good feeling. :-)

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Work work work. That is all!

Sunday, June 01, 2003

How do you stop thinking about someone? I'm usually really good at it... but bleh... today seems like one of those days where distractions aren't working. And it's only June. Well once the other job kicks in and I officially have very little time to do anything but work, eat, sleep, and find time inbetween to have a social life, maybe I'll not be so ummm... so pathetic. Haha. Well I guess you can't help who you miss. ::shrug:: Actually though, I am kinda impressed with myself. I have been very non-pathetic since I've gotten home. It's just today and I don't know why. Maybe it's because it's my day off and the house is already clean and all I can do is watch TV and silly love movies and stuff. Oh well! Just deal with it Vonda. :-)

The house is clean. It's spotless. My mom will be impressed. :-)

Not to be girly, but one of my favorite things is when I have the time to paint my toenails and do my nails. Now I have red toenails (yay! red!) and french-tipped finger nails. :-)

So I stayed up until 5:30 last night to watch the ending of the National Spelling Bee. Man I felt monstrously dumb watching a friggin' 3rd grader make it to the last 4! THAT IS INSANE! And I almost cried when he lost because the first thing he did was run to his mom and cry in her arms. Watching him cry like that reminded me that this genius was still 9 years old and still finding much comfort in his mother's arms. It was kinda beautiful. Anyways, I was rooting for the other Indian kid who had been there 4 times or something. He won on the word "pococurante" and I think when he heard the word, he knew it already. It was sweet. It's unbelievable how nervous you are for these kids as they battle it out and think and ask and spell mentally. It was worth it to be up that late to watch it!

Work was sooooo crazy on Saturday. We broke our attendance record for the first time since we first opened YEARS ago. We had around 9300 people come in on Saturday. It was raining and we got slammed. My favorite part was that all the shows kept selling out, even the less popular ones. Around what would have been the 7 o'clock rush, every show playing at that time in any possible theatre was sold out and people would come up and I got to say "We are sold out of everything right now. The next available shows are around 9:30." It was sweet! Oh and traffic was a bitch! It took me 25 minutes to traverse about 6 blocks... granted these 6 blocks were by the Upper Peach... but still... 25 minutes! I will have to take the high way next time I work a Friday or Saturday evening shift. I guess the people of Erie don't know what else to do except see movies when it rains.

There was an almost riot a work too. All these people had been waiting in line for seating for Finding Nemo. And Ryan accidentally let this family go into the theatre early because he wasn't paying attention. Well the people in line noticed and started getting SUPER PISSED and demanded that those people get out of the theatre and get in line. The people in line said they refused to go into the movies until those people were gone. But then the people in the theatre refused to leave also. It was such an ordeal and about three seconds from a crazy riot. Yeah scary!

Funny story of the night: Some stupid teenager boy sticks his hand through the box office hole and says "High five?" and so I high five him and give him a weird look and then after the high five, he keeps his hand in there and goes "Can I touch you?" and that's when I draw the line and say "No." and he leaves. Execpt I think about it and I think "Didn't I just touch you when I high fived you?!" Hahahahaha. Such weirdoes that come to see movies. I think later on he got kicked out of the matrix because he was being too loud and rowdy and on top of that he didn't have a ticket to The Matrix since he wasn't 17. Too bad for him... NOT. I hate teenyboppers with a passion! :-P

My mom comes home later tonight and I am so relieved! :-) Patton and I aren't really talking talking still and I don't think he realizes that I'm not really speaking to him. I think it's because I'm so busy and he chalks it up to that. But really, I don't feel like being around him ever since our really bad fight. That fight spooked me and I'm just tired of those fights. That night made me almost want to leave my house and drive over to Becky's or maybe even call the police for a split second. It was scary. Bleh, I'm not going to think about it anymore. All I want to think about is my mom coming home! I need to clean a lot today so she doesn't think we were living in a pig sty for the last 2 weeks when we really were. I worked so much and Patton is the laziest person ever and all he does is go out and have fun and dirty the house. Then I'll come home and do all the dishes and laundry and clean the bathroom and the entire house and take the garbage out after I've had a horribly busy shift at the movies. Yeah it sucks to live with the bastard. Remind me never to let him live with me when he's in a supposed "tight spot." I will so send him to mom in New Orleans someday. No way will I put up with that. Brother or not, I don't deserve that.

Me, Ace, and Becky went to Eat'n Park last night after me and Ashley got off work. I think it will be a weekly thing where we go to Eat'n Park to "de-tinseltown" ourselves. Last night was soooo funny just because it was such a bad and busy day. We were all laughing so hard that we were crying at some point haha. We all had tears in our eyes haha. It was great. I really needed that after last night. She started telling us how Andy Pasi, the kid with slight Tourette's syndrome and is mentally slow, tried to hit on her. He comes up to her and says in a weird taunting face, "I have something you don't have!" And he pauses and Ashley is really disturbed because she thinks he is talking about his penis. And at this point in the story telling, me and Becky are dying already because who tries to pick up a girl with that line! HAHAHAHA. Gawd our stomachs hurt so bad. And then she finished the story by telling us he said "I've got a mental disorder!" and that's when the tears began. I bet all the people eating last night thought we were so drunk or something because we were sooo crazy and laughing haha. It was a super good night. I'm glad me and Ace are good friends again because I definitely remember a time in high school where we weren't speaking to each other really. I can't remember why but she was super upset at me. I think it was because we weren't talking much anymore and not hanging out and she thought I hated her and was ignoring her on purpose and yeah she got pissed. Luckily we patched things up and she is the one who enlightened me to my love for tennis and got me to join varsity tennis. Haha that's how she got her nickname, Ace. Our bastard of a coach called her that and I found it so funny I told her that Ace would be forever stuck with her. Haha I'm the only one who calls her that but people catch on that I'm talking about Ashley whenever I say Ace. Maybe it will grow!

Also the other night at the movies, a jeep from the parking lot up the hill (a hill that is as large as our very own WPI hill) rolled over the curb and down the huge ass hill into our parking lot and hit a van pretty damn hard. Momentum, you can't stop it! Haha. It was just friggin weird... whoever saw that coming? It was funny though because when it happened, the entire usher department stopped cleaning and went outside to the front. It looked like they were going to strike or something haha. Wow I talk about work so much! I can't help it, since it's all I do right now. :-)

Oh I get to hang out with Brian Huster today! Yay! I am sad though because he isn't staying in Erie for the summer. :-( I just assumed he would be back but alas he is staying in Ohio. (Yes, I know people, why Ohio?) Anyways, I think it sucks that he isn't staying since he has become a favorite Erie-ite of mine over the last two summers. Also he was a regular at lazer tag. Oh well. But the lazer tag tradition will not die! We plan on keeping it up for a third summer in a row. This time it's on Wednesdays at 7. :-) I love it. It's one of the few consistent things we still do and I refuse to let it die.

I'm listening to Lionel Ritchie and it's making me laugh. Right now, "Hello" is playing and it's such a funny song. The video is even better. I downloaded it because I remembered it from that addictive series "I Love the 80s" on VH1. I always watch it no matter what year and no matter that I've seen it all probably twice over now. But still... it's so funny and great and I love watching and hearing 80s stuff. :-) Jon Abad will know what I'm talking about. :-P

OK, time to clean. T-minus 9 hours til my Mom comes home. This place needs to look clean. Or at least liveble. Right now, it's neither of those things. :-)