Thursday, February 26, 2004

So new game plan: London first, then Italy for Easter. Yes!

And Franny officially rocks. She noticed that Maroon 5 will be playing in Copenhagen March 28th. Guess who is going to buy tickets? Oh yeah, that's right! ME! Omg, I will just die. I cannot wait! Holla Franny!

That is all. I can't wait until this term is over. So much stress happening. Agh!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

::yawn:: Sleep will feel nice in a few minutes.

Had a talk with Molly. We are gonna keep working at it. Always good to talk. Always. :-)

At CoffeeHouse today, Brenden was hilarious. He is so geeky in this cute way. I love it. The question he asked himself tonight was "What is the weight of music?" And he seriously tried to figure it out. It was HOT. Haha. :-)

The term is really winding down and I am still slacking it up. I have a feeling the next few days will involve next to none sleep. So I will get it all tonight. ;-)

David comes back to the States on Saturday! Wicked excited! He'll be a whole new person to me. OK, not really haha. But I am still very happy to get to see him.

Agh! I just realized I am not going to see William for a while once C term ends! :-( My joo... we will just have to be email whores since cell phones won't be happening. ::tear::

Today is Ash Wednesday... if I were a good Catholic I would go to mass. Hahahahahaa. :-D Shh, don't tell my mom! It would kill her!

Denmark needs to just get here already. I cannot wait to go. I will avoid love affairs with any of my partners, threesomes with my partners, and the terrible triangle. I will also make sure NOT to lose my bus pass. And buy a new pair of sneaker because there will be tons of walking. Just my favorite. Hey as long as there aren't hills :-D

Venice is turning out to be tougher to plan. Let's hope we can do it.

I will miss WPI in D term because I think D term is one of the best terms. Oh well! Next year...

No more rambling... early morning tomorrow... I think... Let's hope! Zzz

Sunday, February 22, 2004

::squint:: Quite tired right now.

Cloud 9 was a decent time. Unfortunately, LCA's tragic flaw is that it plays bad music AKA non-stop techno. But it was still a good time. The most common thing to happen to me would be a resident seeing me and screaming "Mom! Agh! What are you doing here?" Hahahaha. They were so excited because they thought I was drinking. Suckas... mom doesn't do that. :-P The other funny incident was when I was getting a pop and all of a sudden, these beefy guys pass by and I don't recognize them but the one guy looks at me and screams "Vonda!" and I am confused because I don't know him! But what do ya know... he is one of the many beefy SNAP abusers. It was amusing. He told me he was hoping I was going to be his driver tonight. ::eyes roll:: How famous I feel. :-P A lot of people were there and it was nice to dance and let off some steam. Paul was there and in his usual Paul way, snuggled and let me know that I looked good tonight. Bertini was semi-drunk and on the prowl for a certain someone. There is something going on between Drew and Marcie maybe? And the LCA chapter from RPI was there... and the best part was that they fit right in because they were kinda dorky. Ha. Decent time for my one and only party of the year. :-P

Did I mention I have the bestest friend in the entire world? It's 3:30 in the morning and I've had a semi-rollercoastery day and the one person I want to call actaully calls me right as I think about calling her... even though it's 3:30 in the morning!! She is amazing and it's creepy how that just happened... I was about to call her and she calls me first. :-) She called to tell me that she was thinking of me since she was at Eat'n'Park with Ace, Tony, and Jeff and it wasn't the same without me. I miss her. And everyone at home. Especially on days like this when I just need a bit more support and better cheering up. I put up a good fake front for everyone. It's something I've gotten good at over the span of my life. So few know what's real and what's not. And so few can pierce through.

Time with Tom Muller was great. All we did was talk the entire time really. And it wasn't one sided either. :-) I've known him since I was 5, but I still don't KNOW him. And I told him that. This has probably been one of the most insightful times I've spent with Tom. I feel like I've gotten to see more of the real him in the past day or two than ever before. It was great. I wish I could rope him into staying at my apartment for the summer. That is, if I stay at the apartment for the summer. We will see. Even if he doesn't stay, I'm sure we will hang out.

The talks with Tom also let me know just how screwy I am. Yowsers. It also made things clear to me. Set things in motion. Good bye to the stuff bringing me down. :-)

Kill Bill is such an amazing masterpiece. Really. Wow. I'm tempted to watch it for the third time later today. I saw it with Tom at Wesleyan. Still good as the first time.

I want someone to appreciate my weirdness. Love my weirdness. And be just as weird as I am. I believe in a thing called love.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

After a night talking to Tom, I decided pining is not a great thing to be doing. So I did something to stop it. I spoke up. Unfortunately, I was shut down. ::shrug:: A little down... but not out. It get's easier I think each time you get rejected. Oh wait, I lied. :-P But I'm Vonda and I bounce back incredibly well. I don't have time in life to mope. It's such a waste. Thankfully I am going out tonight or I would probably mope a teeny bit and I hate to be weak. Back to the drawing board.

Rules: I must stop liking 1. Quiet people 2. Republicans 3. Non-tickle fight people. (really it's been three in a row I think... yowsers!)

I need to try other flavors. Buck up Vonda, you're only 20. You'll get your first meaningful kiss some day. Most likely not tonight, but SOMEDAY! Right? Yeah that's what I gotta keep telling myself. Agh!

Friday, February 20, 2004

Most amazing and short dream... MUST WRITE BEFORE I FORGET IT:

Person X and I are at the movies. And then the theatre morphs into a horse carriage ride. Nothings really being said. I turn my head to him. Slow and steady rush. Heads grow closer. Eyes shut. And... kiss. Really stupid grins afterwards.

That is by far the sweetest dream I've ever had about someone in real life. Almost felt real. I could feel the pressure on my lips. ::sigh:: But quickly after, everything morphed into something else and I think Tom was in there somewhere. That means I am dreaming about those on my mind, Person X (because duh, ::shrug:: I like him) and Tom (because I'm seeing that big lug this weekend).

Is this a sign of a good weekend ahead? That dream made me wake up with a slight smile on my face. Impressive. :-D

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Yes. I got Ritual for next year. How wonderful. :-D

ID 2050 is getting more and more "fun". We have a lot of revision to do. We did about an hour and a half today and got through a few pages. Hotness. Tomorrow is our first interview. Nervous? A little!

I've decided to do my best to stop groaning about guys. If they like me, they will let me know. Otherwise, it's not worth the stress and such. I gotta keep a level head on and not let some person get me all worked up when I have tons of other things to throw my energies toward. I am going away in a few weeks so what am I looking for anyways? Oh wait, I know... hope. Hope that there actually is someone out there for me. Are you that person?

Tom Muller this weekend? I hope so! :-D

So I should get some work done. Holla!

I think today could be coined by the phrase "Everyone is having a bad day." Ok, not everyone. But many. I dunno why, but I am not feeling so chipper at this point. It wasn't a horrible day... but I just kinda feel down about life a little. Or more love than anything. Damn this stage of a crush. Damn it all to hell. I don't want to like people. Especially people who don't reciprocate. I should give up on the quest for love. It's a doomed quest. Or is it? I could use a sign people.

We picked rooms for our new apartment. I got the biggest room by random draw. Cool beans. I was prepared for the smallest, so this is a treat. Although the person who got the smallest isn't too happy. We will see what happens with that.

So I am going to only talk about the good things that happened today:

I got the MA 3457 project done
I didn't get assassinated :-)
I got to go to most of CoffeeHouse!
Me and Adam did a lot of giggling in class today
I met a new person and made a potential friend
I was touched by someone else's writing
I realized just how strong my feelings are

Although I feel slightly down, I feel kinda good too after the listing. Gray matter. That's life.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Yes! Initiation! I am now a sitting duck. :-) One thing done before I head out to Denmark. :-D I have 16 very awesome new sisters.

Went to see Love Actually again with Mr. Salmon (who played with ribbon through the entire movie! Better than his watch I guess :-P It is nice to have him back... if only for one term :-( Oh well! That's life isn't it?). Such a good movie. Why do I subject myself to sappy love movies that just make feel a bit left out in the love department? I dunno. Masochist I guess. I did choose the music to be played before the movie started. It was soooo good. Awful love songs that just make you wanna belt along with it. "The trouble with love is..."

MG 3600 is the biggest joke ever. I haven't read one chapter in the entire book. Or a page. Nothing, nada. Guess what I got on my first paper? 93%. Guess what I got on my midterm (all essay questions)? 94%. Re-friggin-diculous! Only 7 people got A's on their papers out of 28 and only 6 got A's on the midterm. How am I one of them??! :-P

I am excited to see David get his drunk ass back to the states. The one time he ever IMs me just because... and he happens to be drunk. :-P But he does sound more fun. I can't wait to have him back! :-D

Denmark is getting closer and closer. I cannot wait to get down with the Danish. And the Italian. And the Greek. :-) Its going to be a trip of a lifetime.

Elf is such a funny movie. Cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. ID 2050 time. :-P

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The best poem someone has ever written about me. Elise Clay is the coolest person ever!

"Vonda Bui, you're so cool
Geeky math boys make you drool
I never knew he had a name
It was as "The Math Kid" that David claimed fame
Now's he gone, what to do?
Perhaps Matt Hazel is the boy for you
He's a crew boy and he's hot
But he's Republican, so maybe not
At a strip club you could get some play
Lap dance from Fabio on your birthday
The second time, Brad Allen danced
While we wished Fabio would put on pants
Then we left, still alone
In my car we all drove home
Back to school
Where the boys are cruel
There are so many, but so few
Who deserve to be with you
Until you find one, let's just say
[[last line taken out... ask me for the last line]]"

Perfect. Junior Night was awesome. :-)

Monday, February 09, 2004

Apartment... ALMOST SET IN STONE. WOO. We could be HnH junior or HnH north, etc since we are on the corner of Highland and Howe. It's $340 a month. The place has a washer/dryer, a new renovated bathroom (which is what sold me), and off street parking. THe kitchen needs some work like cleaning and such and making more counter space, but otherwise, it's a good apartment for a really good price. The landlord is wicked old and we are afraid he could croak, but is really nice and likes us. I cannot wait to move in!

David sent me a postcard! Highlight of the day. I love snail mail. There is just something about it. :-)

Tomorrow is Junior Night. I love I-Week. I think the new members really like it so far. Tomorrow is gonna be great. :-) I cannot wait for Initiation... plus it will be a load off my shoulders as NMC... it means I actaully did a good job.

Denmark is getting here. I am soooo excited. It is gonna be awesome to live with Molly, Carla, and Katie. We got the 6 person suite and it's gonna be huge. I can't wait to just experience life outside of the US. And we are gonna hit up Iceland on our way home! How cool! I wish ID 2050 were over and we were just in Denmark already. :-P

Even though it's Valentine's Day this weekend and I of course have no one to celebrate it with in that special way, I am pretty excited. I want to see 50 First Dates and just have a good cozy time. No sulking! Although, don't get me wrong... it would be nice to have someone. :-) Maybe it will be a miracle and I actually had a date for V-day. Doubt it. That's why it would be a miracle. :-P Any takers?

OK time to get a cracking on some MA 3457 work. I've been pretty bad with it. Oh well. Can't be perfect.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Well... what a week.

So much stress over the stupid apartment. Is it over yet?

This week had the draft of the literature review. Bleh. I mean I got it done, but sheesh. I've done so much writing these past few weeks. Good news, academically, I got a 93% on my first MG 3600 paper... one of 7 A's given out of a possible 28 papers. Woo! And then I got a 115 out of 100 on my MA 3457 midterm! Woo! Good start. Too bad the good start ended today with the sleeping in and not studying for the MG 3600 exam. Meh, what can I do now? Although I felt like crying when I woke up and realized I was screwed. It wasn't too bad. I think I could have passed. It was all essay based... the worst kind! My hand hurt so bad after it.

I watched a lot of Sex in the City with Bertini and Laura tonight. It was a damn good time. I really like that show. Bertini was asleep towards the end, but I wasn't. "Do I look like I've had a lot of sex.................... in the city?" ;-)

Went to the Pub show Battle of the Bands late due to a super long AGD meeting. The show was good in the beginning I heard, but I got there at its shittiest part. Let me tell you some of the song titles "A Woman's Place Is Not In Space" (about how it's because of women that the Columbia crashed because she was probably checking her tampon or reading her Vogue), "Fishing for Laci Peterson" (you can guess...) "The World Trade Centers Had It Coming" (self explanatory) and some song about how lesbians are stupid. It was so misogynistic and the worst part was that people were laughing because it was so outrageous. I was seething and disgusted. I wanted those fuckers off the stage. I hate retarded people. Big time. I hope the next Battle of the Bands is better.

Well somehow Mike Schwartz knew that I had a thing for Matt Hazel a few terms ago and told Matt this all. And Matt's all "And don't get mad or anything but Mike told me that OF ALL PEOPLE you have a thing for me." WHAT? Of all people? Sheesh. Anyways I informed him that that was old news and dissapated. Luckily he isn't weirded out because he would have been had I told him when I actually did like him. It was funny. Except I told him that I thought he was hot and now he won't shut up. What have I done? Every comedic chance he gets, it's something about how hot he is. Blah blah blah. Stupid Matt Hazel. :-P

Yeesh I had a min breakdown cry today. Too much stress and yucky weather and a few consecutive not cool things will do that to me. It was nothing. A few tears and a couple hyperventilating breaths as I walked back up the hill, wet, cold soggy socks, and tired and frustrated... yeah, it sucked. Sometimes you just get down and the day makes it go even more down. Luckily it was a short moment.

::yawn:: tired. Long day. Must sleep. And must remember to blog more during the week. I kept meaning to. Someone has to keep blogging since the rate of blogging on everyone else's has decreased! Pssh. Where is my reading material? Oh wait... ID 2050. Evil. :-) But hey at least I don't have to do stupid logs like Patrick and Jocelyn do. Hehe.... God Bless Prof. Ljungquist. :-)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

SocComm Retreat? Decent. Certain parts were very fun. The evening got a little segregated and I felt like I was in grade school all over again. Boys drooling over girls again and forgetting anything else. But luckily some Cosmo and girl talk with Julia, Belinda, and Patty in the other room remedied any bad vibes. We have a really diverse exec board this year and I think it will be a killer year. I thought of some super fun events and I hope they happen... in A term! Haha, I don't want any D term events. :-) I don't want to miss them!

We made timelines for part of the retreat. Making mine was interesting. You start to think back and try to determine what is "important" and it's sad that I can't remember as much. I marked when my brother first punched me in the stomach. When I first met Tom Muller and instantly got a crush on him that lasted from age 5 or 6 until 17 or 18 (minus a 5 year gap where we didn't go to school together). Alaska. Realizing I had a half-siser. Becoming best friends with Becky. The good times at Academy. WPI and all its goodness/stress. I guess I got the big items in there.

I talked to Tom for an hour and half today. Caught up on the past three weeks. Well really, it was me talking, him listening and making funny commentary or laughing at my craziness. I told him how I have had a thing for Republicans lately. That made him laugh. He said to convert them, but really, you can't change people. He's such a well informed Democrat. I would like him and say... Patrick? to go head to head in a debate. They are so into it. I wonder who would get the best of each other? Anyways. my goal is to visit him the weekend of the Feb 20th-21st. Crossing my fingers that I have the time. I would really like to see him before I head off to Denmark. Plus in the two years he has been at Wesleyan, I have no once visited. I am such a tool of a friend. :-P

Went to see Lost in Translation with Patrick. Good movie. Very visual and rish in color. You got a real sense of Tokyo from it. Bill Murray is so funny. For relaxing times, make it Santori time. :-) Some of the scenes were very touching and although nothing grande and killer "wow" it's down to earth and its sweet vulnerability made it pretty good. Kudos. Well worth not doing ID 2050.

Speaking of ID 2050, it is going to kick my ass. I haven't been productive as much as I liked but I am not as worried for some reason. I hope we do well on this. And I cannot wait for Denmark to happen. It's going to be amazing. I just know it.

The Superbowl is playing right now. Crazy close game. Patriots are up. Crazyness on the floor. If they win... pandamonium. Should go back to that. Go Pats!