Monday, January 31, 2005


I received my first real compliment from my MQP advisors today. He said that the method I used to distribute my losses was clever! Yesssss. It wasn't an overly bad beat up on Vonda day for once. My partner didn't show though and didn't send me an email to say she wasn't showing either. I wonder why she didn't show. Anyways, MQP is kinda on its way... ok not really. :-P

The AGD Retreat was disastous. First my car left the latest because Carla forgot her gig book pages and then Jillian had a fight with her boyfriend. So anyway, we left late, but mananged to beat every car but Molly's and Catherine's (out of about 10 cars total). I guess I drive fast. Anyways, we get there and the gates are locked. We are stuck in our cars for at least an hour and some. Finally when we do get into the lodge, we start a fire... and what do you know the flew or whatever you call it was open, but filled with snow. So the smoke floods the entire lodge and we have to leave the lodge because we couldn't breathe and the smoke stung our eyes. It was so bad, it was funny. Bonding through disasters I guess... anyways, it was a great night otherwise. The seniors did some bonding and it was a pretty good time minus all the crap we had to go through to get there.

Saturday night I hung out with Katie, Matty, Jblaze, Patrick (which was a nice surprise), Molly, and a few other random people. I went to my first Russell St. Party and it was a pretty good time. I got caught up with Andy Kim and we compared out easiness when it comes to getting the Asian night sunburn. It was refreshing to be out and about. I must do that more!

I am offically in SocComm Social Security AKA I am a SocComm elder and get into stuff free with no obligation. Sweet. I like hanging out, I just don't want to do work. :-P I do enough work on MQP.

This weekend I am feeling Hotel Rwanda, some acapella, and who knows what else. Anyone is free to join me. :-) What I do know is I can't wait for this coming free weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

enough already

My laptop rocks my friggin' socks. I love it. I can't part with it. I hope this obsessive phase eventually leaves my system. :)

So we had this shitty snow storm that caused a state of emergency and put a few feet on the ground. And low and behold, this morning at 7am, it was snowing again. Yowsers. SNAP was canceled again, evening classes were canceled, and another state of emergency was called apparently. I think the snow needs to take a break.

The AGD retreat is this weekend, my last one. Hope it's a good time. Some key seniors better be there or I'm gonna be pretty ticked.

As I was transferring stuff from my desktop to my laptop, I found an old message I had written to someone my freshman year. Reading it made me cringe, laugh, tear up a bit, and feel... closure. It's nice to read gut wrenching messages and no longer feel the pain. I still can't believe I wrote all that I did.

American Idol is quickly becoming my favorite TV show right now. Four seasons in and I finally become a full fledged fan. I am rooting for David Brown. He was soulful, kind, pure, and just a good package. The song he sang gave me chills.

Anyways, as William's away message says right now: Early to bed, early to rise.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

whoa snow

Well it is definitely Worcester with a white blanket over it. I'd say a few feet? It's hard to tell since the winds make some areas look larger than others. All I know is that my van was snowed in and it took me over an hour and some to shovel it out. Although I was tired and lost feeling in my ass, I felt somewhat accomplished knowing I could do it. Scott and Laura were very impressed I did it.

The Pats go to the Superbowl again. Looks like this is New England's year, minus John Kerry not being elected President. I knew it would be a 2/3 kind of thing. Had the NHL not had a lockout, it would have been interesting to see how that would have turned out. But I'm pretty sure the Boston Bruins aren't THAT good and the same can be said of the Celtics.

William and I watched the last 8 episodes of Sex and the City. As we watched, I gave him the director's commentary. He just loved me for it... not. :-) The quote of the weekend for us had to be "I love you... unconditionally." That's what best friends are for!

My laptop should be here tomorrow! And if not tomorrow, then definitely Tuesday. How excited am I? Too excited. :-)

With that, I hit the sack! It's warmer in bed.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

doubly jinxed

Well... I jinxed myself. I said at my MQP meeting that it had been a very long time since I had been sick. Should have known better. The very next day, the congestion and dry throat came. Now fatigue. Goody.

Due to not feeling well and the impending snow, I decided to opt out of the SocComm Retreat. I hope they had a good time. Instead I spent my time sleeping/napping, trying to get the nasal airway clear with drugs, MQP, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and disinfecting everything within sight. I hope last night and today was the peak of the illness and from now on, only healthiness will happen.

I can't imagine owning a house one day and having to clean that house on a regular basis. When I clean my room and the bathroom and do my gross dishes, it takes ALL day. It's exhausting. And then throw in kids... it's just overwhelming to think of! Patrick suggested a maid one day... let's hope I am successful enough to hire one. At least today I couldn't really smell any of the chemicals. A nice side effect to congestion.

MQP is a bit stressful. I need to meet with my advisor and discuss a few concerns I have. I just worry a lot "things" and yeah... jinxed in this department. ::sigh:: I just want at least a B, and an A would be super nice. Oh well, whatever happens happens. I will just do my best and weather the "pick on Vonda" MQP meetings as best as I can.

Well it's time to crawl back into bed. Rest and relaxtion are the key to feeling better. Oh and Sex and the City. :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


My interview went pretty well and I hope I get the internship. Pretty please.

Life has been pretty calm otherwise. I am very fulfilled in the movies department. I saw The Aviator with Tom and In Good Company with Mel and Patrick. Both excellent. Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing as Howard Hughes and Topher Grace holds a special place in my heart. :-P

Dinner with Mel was so nice. I am very glad she is back and missed her a lot. I just hope she keeps her spirits up about everything. I heart her.

For some reason, I just never feel like I have much to blog about. I need to work on a more exciting life. :-P

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Tomorrow's the first day of classes and it feels so... relaxed. I like it.

The ride back from Erie was pretty good. I drank two Mountain Dews and ate lots of Starburst. I felt so sick though from all that sugar. But I was completely awake through the ride and felt safe.

My room is completely clean and I love it. It's so organized and good.

I am visiting Tom this weekend and we will most likely see In Good Company or maybe The Aviator. He came the other day and we saw Sideways and went to Thai Cha Da with William. Sideways was pretty funny and dinner was cccrazy funny. I was laughing so hard, it hurt. "Black people" was the whisper of the night.

I have an interview at Allmerica on Monday and I am wicked nervous. I really want the internship. I really want a job. I really want to be a worthy grown up.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2005 already

Alas. It's 2005. Hurrah.

Out of the 16 days I have been on break, I have spent 10 of them out of Erie. Strange. But it's been very nice to travel and not be in Erie. And soon enough I will be leaving town to head back to Worcester, this weekend really. Nice.

I spent New Year's in Syracuse with Tom, Ben, Hanni, and John. We just mellowed out. It was nice and slow. A little too slow at times, but not horrible. And I have realized I judge Ben too harshly. I really need to work on that, because he is my friend and I should not treat a friend like that.

So I have been looking at the referrals to my blog and searches for "Peter Sarsgaard penis" or "frontal nudity Peter Sarsgaard" keep referring to my blog. Kinda funny. Yes, internet surfers, you can see Peter Sarsgaard's penis in Kinsey. No I do not have a photo of it. By the way... LOTS of hair. :-P

I had a bomb dropped on me last night. A friend just kinda sorta proposed to his ex-girlfriend. It threw me for a loop. I do not really want to discuss why it threw me for a loop. But it did. And I know he was looking for my advice/approval since I know him so well. I gave my support because we are very good friends and friends support friends. I am still not sure on approval and I refuse to give advice. All I can think is... wow. And oh boy. And jeez. And ??????

Exciting news: William and I are charting our bowl movements in Excel. Yes, I said we are charting our poop! I can't wait to see the results. It's also cool to keep track of your eating too. Maybe this will be more of an asset than I think!

No more Tinseltown for me. I think I am done with the place. I worked 24 hours in three days and that was MORE than enough. Plus it isn't the place it used to be really. I am definitely in the "older group" and a lot of the people who made it fun are gone or don't work in my area. It was nice while it lasted.

I need a job. I need to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life or at least the next year. All this makes my head hurt. Help?