Sunday, October 27, 2002

Mmm first weekend of B term over and it feels so unsatisfying... granted I had a shift of SNAP with Jon Abad and there is always something happening but it was quite tame... we went to IFC Casino nite and that was a lot of fun. It was also nice to see the Greek community out there and mingling and less exclusion. Plus I got to see some of my boys whom I haven't seen in a while. Although after seeing a particular Crow with a whale hat on his head and another will a moose hunting-ish looking one, I started to wonder why they are my boys. ;-) Just kidding. They are great like that and always making me laugh.

SNAP Moment of the nite for me: when I couldn't find the door handle to my door and I had to ask Jon where it was (altho I drive in that van every single week for hours upon hours and use the handle a lot bc hello thats how you get out) and he told me it's the silver thing that doesn't look like anything else. Yeah. I think I'm on crack and it's not even the good crack! Whew what a weirdo I was that nite. That did give me and Molly a gut-wrneching laugh in her car tho when I told her. My jaw actually hurt after our laughing. It felt so good and yet painful, but worth it. I need more laughs like that!

Friday nite, Hanni and John John came and visited. Unfortunately, this was the worst possible weekend for them to come since I am a busy bee and I felt like the worst host and friend. But it was nice to see John and Hanni. Brings back a little bit of Erie punch.

I went out with my gurls to TKE and it was quite fun and nice. 9 our of 13 people from my pledge class were there and it felt really good to be out together. I felt really our of tune in A term... hopefully B term won't be the same. I can't wait for pledging to start. I can't believe I won't be one of the youngest anymore. It's crazy and insane.

I did go see Punch Drunk Love with Molly and William and ehhh. It was a bit to artsy for me I guess. I dunno. I just wasn't feeling it.

OK. That's that. Theory of Interest needs to be done. Much love to you all.

Monday, October 21, 2002

It's the night before the first day of B term. All I can think is oh man, it's B term already. Where did the time go? I'm not sure!!! But I have to say that Fall Break rocked! Molly and I were insane gals. I cannot begin to describe how messed up we are when we are together. It's so hard for us not to bump into each other or trip or fall because we are like two magnets that collide when they are really trying to avoid each other. We shopped as if we were shopaholics in our past lives. I did find a red dress, not the prettiest thing, but I can deal. And once again, my room is messy as all heck. I swear I will work on that whole "cleanliness" thing this term because it definitely got out of hand last term. :-) And oh man SNAP this term is gonna rock also! Guess who I am driving with for two nites a week? Oh yeah you guessed right, Jon Abad! Yay! We always have fun SNAP adventures together. This term looks really good and I know it HAS to be better than A term. But as usual, it will be very busy. It's Recruitment time and that's always crazy. I can't wait til it's all done with and no more restrictions and all that junk that I hated. It will be interesting to see who goes Greek on my floor and which house they choose. I hope they all make good choices and are happy. I love my floor. Daniels 3rd is the best! I would not trade them for any other floor in this whole school!

Other news, I am going to spend Thanksgiving with William on Long Island. You wanna hear the really kewl part tho? He is flying both of us from Boston to NYC for free! YAY! I love flying. And man oh man, Black Friday in NYC??? INSANE!!!

OK time for sleep