Monday, November 29, 2004


Thanksgiving was alright. It was nice to rest up and such. Molly has some cute little cousins, you just wanted to pinch and hug 'em all. One of her neighbors was wicked cute, too, but I thought he might have been gay. Not sure. He was a little metrosexual and that always throws me off a little.

So, excitement. Tom Muller said that we (being me, Hanni, John and possibly Ben) are allowed to do an Extreme Makeover on him, but nothing permanent. The mere thought of haircuts, hair product, and a fashion show at Express for Men and the Gap gets me far too excited. There will be so many photos. I hope we chip in to buy and outfit for him or he finds something he really likes and buys it himself as well. I cannot wait for winter break!

Thefacebook is far too exciting. I am addicted and check it every moment I get. It's a little sick. But it's tons of fun to find people from high school or have them find you and just mess around and such. Best distraction thus far.

I cut off all my hair. It's a little too short for my liking, but not too shabby. It's the early 90s Monica and Rachel in seasons 1 and 2 of Friends. It makes it look older, but not better persay. Meh, oh well, it will grow out a little longer to the length I want it at. It will be the haircut in my senior photo and AGD composite picture though. Oh well! I will just make do.

I'm starting to reconsider keeping a written journal again. I just worry I won't be diligent enough to write in it as often as I do here. But the plus is that I can say whatever I want and not feel contricted due to hurting people's feelings. We shall see.

Also, date for the formal is still in the air. It might be William and it might not. Who else to take??? I do not know.

I'm really in the mood for turkey sandwiches lately. Thanksgiving is still wearing off. :-P With that note, I'm out.

Monday, November 22, 2004


So Malia, an alum and current grad student at WPI, was hit by a car today. :-( It was very weird and scary to see the ambulance and someone on the ground being attended to. It kinda brought me right back to my accident. ::sigh:: Sometimes, I almost forget about the accident. It's almost like it didn't happen. But the limp is a semi-reminder every day. How lucky I was in the unlucky situation. That's how I always look at it. I hope Malia is OK though.

This weekend was pretty cool because one of the coolest guys I know visited me - Tom Muller! :-) Since I wasn't spending Thanksgiving with him, he wanted to come visit so we'd see each other before break. I love him, he's fabulous. We saw Team America and hung out at HnH and made lunch and dinner together. It was nice to see him. The last time I had seen him was last February. Sheesh, such a long time!

So I think I might need a formal date. Yowsers. I was gonna take William but he might have to bail due to a SNAP shift. Who to take? Agh!

My best friend is having some major issues at home and I wish I were there to help out. Drama is so evil at times, and so are boys. ::sigh:: I just hope things pan out OK.

I had more... but I'm losing my train of thought. Derailed!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

a fool for school

Thanksgiving has been determined and I am going to stay at Molly's place. I feel super comfortable there and well, it's my ho, so yay. I'm just glad the decision has been made and don't need to stress over it anymore.

MQP is coming out to really suck. Right now, Art wants us to do 1000 random generated scenarios and then make a distribution from it. Uh... how do you do a 1000 random generated scenarios? Yeah. It sucks. :-(

Otherwise, my other two classes are well on their way to being A's, although I do speak too soon on numerical methods, considering the midterm is tomorrow. But I do feel good about it right now. I studied with my role model, Patrick, and a very distracted Elise. So I think I will do well. Thus far, that class is a perfect score, with all my homeworks being correct. Management accounting is at a 95% from the quiz. It feels good not to suck!

Today was the WIN dinner and I am starting to wonder if actuarial math is meant for me. I really need to sit down and reformat my resume and send it out to everywhere and anywhere. I kinda want to look into more finance jobs/accounting/management maybe as well, besides all the actuarial stuff. Let's hope I have a job by the end of the year. Hear that God? That would be cool, awesome!

I can't wait for C term so I can have more time for MQP and then D term will be soooo nice. No offices, no more MQP, just classes I'm actually interested it! Yes! Is it D term yet?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Life is never without drama. It sucks when you let down a friend, but it even sucks more when the friend really makes you pay for it. I'm just very stressed lately and drama piles onto it. I just wish I had more time and more brain cells and focus to be there for everyone all the time. And yeah sometimes, I suck... but please, cut me slack. I am trying to stay sane. If I'm insensitive, tell me and talk to me rationally. I can handle that. I can't handle anger and intentional hurt directed towards me. I am emotional as is. And to be honest, I've cried more than enough tears in this past year, I hate to think that I am going to cry more tears over a misunderstanding of some sort. ::sigh:: I'm just blabbering because I'm upset over a mishap in one of my friendships. I just hate being so eaten up. :-( I'd almost rather cry over my accident, because at least that wasn't my fault. ::sigh::

On a better note, AGD got 32 new members - totally AWESOME girls. We got so many crew girls and I am pretty psyched. They put up the banner and the TKE boys took them and it was a really good time. I think the NMs will really like pledging this year. :-)

Even better note, I really love my best friend Becky. She sent me a really emotional email that made me cry - in a good way though! Tears of happiness are OK. I miss her a lot. I almost wish I were going home for Thanksgiving, but it just doesn't look to be working that way. Oh well. I still don't know what I will be doing. I just can't seem to decide. My dad was really supportive about Thanksgiving though and offered to pay half of the airflight home, but it's so late in the game and it's just too expensive. I can't bring myself to pay it and waste money. I will just see them for winter break. I thought I was tired of home, but I admit I miss it. And the people that make it home. Yeah...

I am so tired, I just can't function. I need sleep. I need to wake up early and research more MQP. Yippity.

You know I don't speak Spanish!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

the lion king

The Lion King was awesome! THe songs were of course contagious and there was this fabulous scene. It was where Mufasa talks to Simba in the sky. They had people carry these pieces of Mufasa's face and put them together. There the lighting made it seem even more 3-d. It was just breathtaking, "LnL's wetdream" was what I called it. :-P

Topher was my psuedo date since we both went singly. We were bus buddies, too. It was very fun. We went to Finagle a Bagel with Jocelyn, Tyler, Tony, Drew, and Alfred. I had a good bagel! Topher and I sat together on the waaaaay right side of the mezzinine(sp?). Here's a photo of us:

It was pretty funny in this one scene where the female lions were mourning Mufasa's death, and they pull these ribbons out of their eyes. It took me forever to understand what they were, until I asked Topher. I was thinking, "Did they pull their eyes out? Or whiskers?" But Topher said they were tears. When we both realized that, we started laughing hard, during a very very sad scene. Overall, The Lion King was a super fun time. I am glad I finally got to go to my first Arts event.

So now my complaint: My pelvis hurts. And I think it's because of the cold cold weather. Because it normally feels fine, but not achey like the way it is right now. Friggin' metal! I'm going to be like old people and get all achey when the weather gets cold. Damn. :-P

Well I've got laundry, vaccuuming, cleaning the kitchen, homework, and pref party stuff to finish. And my reward, you ask, for all this work? I am seeing BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON!! I am just dying of excitement. :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

casey allen

I just remembered what I wanted to blog. This past January, an actuary at Hartford life googled something along the lines of "About Polly + actuary" and came up with my blog. He was wicked nice and sent me an email to wish me luck with everything. We carried a small email correspondence for a few weeks and it just naturally died down. I hadn't thought of him since then. The other night, at the actuary thing that Jeff held, low and behold, I flipped open the power point sheets and there his name was "Casey Allen." I asked immediately "Who is Casey Allen?" and he raised his hand. It was strange to actually meet him after the most random emails! He was kinda cute and such and not what I expected, not that I had a mental image really. Nonetheless, who would have thought?

hump day

Boy, I know I had a reason to blog. But I've completely forgotten. I guess I will just babble.

Every SNAP shift I have ever done this year has been with William. It's somewhat funny. All we do is fight and bicker in the van, but it's funny bickering I guess. Anyways, SNAP is decently fun and I'm glad the joo is a driver.

Ugh, I really hate watching the Real World and hearing them scream out "Vonda!" Since Vonda Shepard, I thought my name had become hidden again. Guess not. I hope that in 20 years, my name is still unique and that little girls won't have it. I fear it will be the generic when it's my time to have kids. That would suck.

It comes out that I might have an MQP parter now, another Asian girl. This should be interesting, except that I had plans to finish it all next term, and I know she doesn't have that type of room to spare. So now, I don't know what to do. I don't want to drag this to D term when I don't have to, ya know? Ugh. Hope she is smart and a good worker.

I had some freaky dreams about my landlord hiding things in the walls to spy on us. It alarmed me so much that when I woke up, I checked all the places I thought they were in just to be sure. Creepy!

This weekend, I am going to see the Lion King. I am soooo excited. :-)

Time for class. Hump day, go make someone happy! :-P

Sunday, November 07, 2004

being social

Hanni and I had the most relaxing time just hanging out and napping and basically... doing nothing! :-) I even got my numerical methods homework done too. So now any free time on Sunday is devoted to MQP reading and research. Awesome? Yes.

During my SNAP shift with William, we split up and I visited Katie's apartment where Matty and his roomies and a few AGDs were pre-gaming. They were kinda funny. And then later Joe Vaughn came too with his NJ girlfriend. It was nice to see everyone. They all later went to SAE to get "heffed up" haha. Lame. :-P

After SNAP, William and I crashed Max Giang's birthday party. He was wicked smashed. When he saw me, he basically ran over and almost knocked me over with my gimp leg. It was cute though and he was definitely acting funny. I think he kissed me on the cheek a bigillion times (OK like five or six :-P) in his drunken stupor. What's with slighty gay boys acting straighter as they get drunker? He definitely made out with some other girl too. It was highly entertaining. What was even better was that Sander and Brandon were there and me, William, and them had a nice little D4 memory-fest. It was very fun! Brandon was his usual social self and Sander divulged oh so many "overshares" in our time together. I will never look at Sander the same way again, haha. Overall an excellent time.

The internet was down at my apartment. Very bothersome. I hate not having the internet at my fingertips. For the record, Charter blows!

So this coming weekend, I am either going to visit Hanni or have Tom visit me. It's been FOREVER since I saw Tom. Also Thanksgiving plans have completely changed now that Becky and Tony aren't coming. ::sigh:: I have no idea what I want to do. Should I go home? It's such a long trip. We shall see. Maybe I could visit Tom's place again. Maybe I would get a chance to play Bridge again with him and his parents, which would be awesome! I hope Brendan finds other people to play with and remembers me here at WPI. I miss Bridge.

Busy Sunday, fully of AGD goodiness and some MQP. Excitement! I should get crackin'! Woo.

Friday, November 05, 2004


I cannot stay up late anymore. If I had to pull an all nighter, I would die basically. Or fall asleep. When my eyes start squinting, I know it's time to go to sleep. I am glad I actually listen to my body, unlike freshman year where I would stay up far too late. Blame Daniel and Paul for that. :-P

Well. Jesusland did it again. They elected Bush for a second term. It was very hard to see Kerry lose by so little. What does it say about America when half of the nation doesn't vote for their current president? ::sigh:: Sometimes, I wish I were still abroad. But you have to deal with the reality of the situation and first, bitch and moan, and then second, accept and criticize objectively as possible, and third, hope for a different result next time.

Hanni is coming in tonight and we are going to see The Incredibles with William, Molly, and Shawn. Very exciting. It should be interesting how the Molly and Shawn thing works out. I think she digs him a little. It's nice to see a change for her after Jared. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

Recruitment is soooo exhausting. And I have to say, I am not in the right mentality to be doing it. I am still stuck in the A term feeling and rush right now just feels all wrong. But I do it. And the girls are so YOUNG. It's strange to rush them. Did I look like them when I rushed 3 years ago? Probably, but I'd deny it if you asked. :-P It will be interesting to see how Recruitment goes this year. We already have 12 pledges. How many more can we have?

So the new drama in my life is that fact that the school insurance won't cover my physical therapy. I need to find new ways to fund physical therapy, because I really can't pay out of pocket expense. That is just too much. Luckily the therapist that evaluated me gave me a sheet of mat exercises to do and basic instructions. If I had to, I could go to the gym and do this all myself every day. I just need the discipline and will, because I know with my schedule, I'll always find an excuse not to do it. I'll work it out somehow... I always do.

The actuarial exam has went and passed. I didn't feel a passing vibe. It could be very close though. It's very hard to tell. We shall see in a few months.

Time to start my weekend. Yessssssss. (Napoleon Dynamite style!)

Monday, November 01, 2004


Mmm. Life. Goes by fast now. Good.

Haunted house was interesting to say the least. I got to play the person being given a lobotomy while still alive. My throat still hurts a little now from all that screaming. It was a good room though for the most part. I think Jroy scared lots of people with her scariness. I heard a few scared people under my sheet of brains (AKA ramen with fake blood in it... GROSS!). I wish I had had a chance to actually go through the house. Oh well!

I took my first percocet this weekend. It felt so good and I wish I hadn't taken one, because now I know what it feels like to be without weird muscle twitches and pain in general and it's fabulous. DAMMIT! I forgot to take my medication... again. Shit! I really need someone to remind me at EVERY meal. Damn damn damn!

I love when you get late night phone calls and proceed to have a 4 minute conversation while still halfway between sleep and awake. Daniel called at 2:40am and I was definitely asleep. I thought I dreamt the phone call, but according to my logs, it happened. I have noooo idea what I said in that 4 minute span. Hope it was good! :-P

I apparently was cool enough to get invited to Pi Mu Epsilon. Yay, at least some honor society considers me smart enough. :-P My GPA is 3.5 and I am damn proud of it! :-D I don't know if I am actually going to do it or not... but it was an honor to be invited.

This is such a wicked busy week for me. I am scared. Actuarial exam, physical therapy, and recruitment. I will either have the greatest week or the worst. I see no inbetween.