Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It feels good to be back in Worcester. As much fun as Florida was, it's just good to be home. Plus I think me and William were starting to get on each other's nerves. But I still had a lot of fun with him. :-)

Holy Pirates! Pirates of the Caribbean had 160 show up at the first showing and then hot diggity damn, the second show SOLD OUT. I know, you're thinking "Shut up! It did not!" But I swear to you it did! Probably 330+ jammed in FLAUD! We had to TURN AWAY PEOPLE. It was insane. Too bad it was so packed, even I couldn't get a seat and neither could my movie buddy Matt Hazel. So, we did the next best thing and downloaded it on my computer (shhh! Don't tell anyone. ;-)) and watched it in my room. Not quite as good but at least the room was a good cool temp and didn't have 330+ in there. :-) Gotta love the quality time with Matt Hazel.

It's only the first day and already it feels like a blur. Things with AGD are really picking up and I am hella excited. I'm gonna be a rockin' NMC. :-D

Tim sent me an email over break saying that our time was half over and it made me so sad because that means that I'll be gone in 7 weeks and I have to leave my kids and I really don't want to. I've grown super attached to them and ugh, it's just not fair. :-( I will miss them so much. Hopefully they will visit me when I'm living at the house in Lisa's room. :-)

My classes look harder this term. I need a serious refresher in Stats I and Diff EQs. Big time. It's been more than a year, almost two years for Diff EQs, since I last thought about this stuff. But I have Suzanne Weekes and she is sooo awesome. I hear Kathy Wilkens is really good too, although the first class was spent on Excel. It was excruciating. And I'm weary of Petrucelli. I had him for Stats I and I got a B, which should have been an A. We will see. Just as long as I keep with the good grades. :-)

I really miss my friends from Erie. I mean I get to talk to them all online, but it's not quite the same. I miss Becky - my best friend, the person who knows me best (who isn't blood related... because Patton does know me better but that's because we're brother and sister). Ian - my favorite 12 year old who always makes me laugh. Ace - my start tennis champ haha. Gosh, I can't wait for Thanksgiving when I get to see everyone and my family! Is it the fourth week of November yet? Almost. :-)

Good, but sad song: Azure Ray - Displaced. Try it.

-.- Zzz -.-

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Florida is pretty nice. I couldn't have asked for a better fall break. I get 7 days with my best friend - the joo, warm weather, and lots of rest. The flight was uneventful, although me and William did get to watch Legally Blonde on his laptop, so that helped pass the time quite nicely.

William's grandparents are HYSTERICAL. His grandfather is sooo crotchety. He just complains about everything and LOVES to pick fights with Judy, William's grandma. All they do is fight. William prepared me for this, but still... it's surprising.

The other night, we had dinner with Williams grandparents, William's great great Aunt Rozie and Uncle Jules, and William's Uncle Joel and (hopefully someday soon future fiance - or at least the whole family hopes) Lori. 7 joos and an asian. Could have been a sitcom. Anyways, at one point in the dinner, someone realized the AC wasn't working and WHAM, the table clears. It was like "How many joos can you fit around the thermostat?" or "How many joos does it take to fix the AC?" It was pretty funny. Me and William could not keep straight faces AT ALL.

All I have done is sleep and work on SNAP schedules. William has been doing the same. Lots of shopping and two movies - Intolerable Cruelty and Runaway Jury. Eh on the first one and thumbs up on the second one. We were the only ones in the theatre for Runaway Jury. It was awesome. The lady who sold us our tickets was pretty nazi-ish. She wouldn't give me a discount because I forgot my student ID. Hahah... us movie box office people are such bitches. I would know, because I definitely am a bitch in the box office! :-) Ian can back me up. ;-)

Grades are out! Well for 2 out of my 3 classes at least.
Linear Programming - A (I got 1057 points out of a possible 1000 points. Killed that class)
Psychology of Education - B (I got 830 points out of a possible 1000 points. Not bad)
*pending* Financial Accounting - A (Prof. Higgins is so slow to post grades! Sheesh! But I expect to get about 106 points out of 100 points. Or maybe just 104 out of 100. Depends on what I get on the investment project. ;-))

It's hard not to say something about grades because I am not allowed to say they are out or else William's grandparents will want to see them and he doesn't want to them to see his grades. You can ask him why. I won't say. There are a few other things I can't talk about either, but meh, I can deal! :-)

Went to Providence Place Mall with the joo, A. Michael, and Mono (AKA Laura) on Friday. It was hella fun. We laughed a lot and ate a shit ton at the Cheesecake Factory. That was the most fun I have had in a while. :-)

The love bug is almost out of my system. I think. Or maybe that's just distance. Who knows! Can I just go back to the void? Nah... but man... when will I get lucky? And not lucky in that sense. ;-) Just lucky with love.

Oh! It's Boy Meets World time! Woo! Oh and last minute add: Mickey gets to meet me on Thursday. :-) He's waited 20 years to meet me. I hope he isn't disappointed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


"I've been biding my time
Been so subtly kind
I got to think so selfishly
'Cos you're the face inside of me

I've been biding my days
U see evidently it pays
I've been a friend
With unbiased views
Then secretly lust after you"

Perfectly desribes the state I'm in when it comes to love/crushes/etc. :-) That song is the one I'm listening to a lot lately. It's on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack and is called Secretly. Check it out. It's good stuff.

I MIGHT have gotten a B in psych. We will see by Thursday.

William is the biggest tool ever for lying to me about something so small as being in the Campus Center. It really did tick me off and we screamed at each other for like 2 minutes about it. I think if it weren't this week, then that wouldn't have happened. Whatever. William sucks and can be stupidly selfish at times. I still love him but really hate him too. :-)

Open Mic night was soooo funny. Umm watching Ben burn George Bush on stage? WHOA. And plus I got to interact with Jon Abad's part and the best quote of the night goes to him: "Baby Jesus cries when you lie. And I know for a fact that this time the liar was a joo." Or I think that was the quote. Whatever it was, it made me almost piss myself! Too funny! Me and Kurt could not keep straight faces AT ALL! Sammy G and the Mike'n'Ikes was awesome too. It was such a good night of entertainment. I was highly happy.

My parents were going to go on this crazy cross country trip but the car had issues so they didn't. Thank goodness too because that means Patton won't be alone for three weeks. I seriously think the house would burn down. :-)

::yawn:: And I'm out like a light.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Not feeling as sucky.

I just found out I am passing every class I'm taking no matter what happens. Well I could still fail MG1100 but that is unlikely. I would need zeroes on the final, and the two big projects. So that is blunting the blow of the whole "I should have went to Austalia to stay with my aunt to study to be a nun" vibe. :-) Hopefully this week will only get better. I can't wait for Florida!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I give up on a love life. Period. Why do I even bother? Sometimes you just get kicked in the shin and when you're falling, you get kicked in the other shin. That's what I fuckin' feel like. How sad am I? Really sad. Grr. And I don't want to be sad! And this is why I so rarely like someone because I just continually set myself up for disappointment. Ugh, now I feel like I'm 13 again and all angsty and stupid... why am I Vonda the undatable girl... the girl everyone loves as a best friend or loves as a sister, but never more? Oh, I should stop blogging before I give myself a self-esteem melt down. Yeah, it's that time to whip out some Fiona and pretend I don't suck at life.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I swear, I tell myself I will blog every night but I'm so tired, I just say screw it all! It's time to backtrack!

Friday night - I meant to go out and go to my first party of the year. But once again... I was just not in the mood at all. I am getting old I think! I missed out on Crow's Foam Party. Oh well! I instead did 4 loads of laundry because even if I had wanted to go out, I definitely did not have ANY clothes to wear. 4 loads, people. FOUR! I think that was almost a month's worth of laundry... the longest I have ever went. And while I was in the process of folding my laundry, guess who calls? My favorite rower - Matt Hazel! So he comes over and we just hang out and really do nothing but schmooze as usual. He said I was boring, but I think I am way more entertaining than he is, even when I am at my boringest moments. Plus he still stayed a lengthy amount of time even though I was "boring". ;-) After he left, I spent some good TiVo time with the best joo out there, William! Scrubs was good, but Will & Grace was the best. I really do love my quality TiVo. :-)

Saturday night - STRIPPERS! My lovely Amanda Gray calls and tells me it's time... it's time for the strip club. Time to pass on the event that I had for my 19th birthday and it's only fitting Amanda Gray gets the same since she is my lovely daughter. So I get directions, get the girls (Amanda Gray, Mel, and Elise) dressed and we head out to Saugus for an awesome night at "Male Encounters." Yeah, what an awesome name the place has. ;-) We only get mildly lost on the way there and ask some guy for directions to the Palace and he proceeds to tell us that it sucks and he doesn't know why we would go to that club. Little does he know, we are only going for naked men and NOT clubbing. :-) Anyways, we get there and we wait FOREVER. We got there early and the show didn't start until 10, so we just chatted. Then the show got on it's way and we got polaroids with some strippers to commemorate and then just sat back and let the jaw and pants dropping start. Most of the guys were decent looking EXCEPT for one... Orlando who happens to be the ugliest grossest guy ever and he just so happens to be THE guy who gave me a lap dance on my 19th birthday. Way to go, Andrea, on picking the yuckiest guy there with possibly the longest hair too. Anyways, the hottest guy was definitely Brad Allen. He was worthy of my dollar and I got a nice picture of him and a peck on the cheek. He was a "rower." Hehe... overall, funny time at the strip club. We just sat there and laughed and went "Holy crap!" whenever the strippers did something inappropriate - which was everything!

Quote of the night:
"Take it off!"

The ride home was just as fun with a near 4 car pile up and some cute guys driving behind us who flashed their lights at us. We also encountered some shady foreign dudes who kept pace with us so they could stare. Weirdos! We were really hoping to encounter a male toll booth person so we could fold out dollar bill and wave it to him stripper style. Too bad we had all chicks! Oh well!

Sunday morning - Who do I get a phone call from at 7:40am? Holy crap, it's friggin' Matt Hazel. Not who I was expecting to wake up to! :-) Anyways, Wally was MIA for the race and he knew that I knew Sunshine's number since Wally was at her place the night before. I think Matt Hazel just uses me for my connections and awesome editing skills (since I have read all his essays 50 times over to help him make them better). Next up after the early phone call - The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk-a-thon! It was a good time this year, much better than last. No blood or blisters and an awesome hour spent with Karen and Mel just chatting it up. Spent the rest of the day napping and finishing work and picking up the slack for A. Michael who was too drunk to make it to the movies since it was Yom Kippur and I guess the Russians made him take shots. How odd and joo-ish. Anyways, Legally Blonde had a lot of females show up and I was happy with that. Then Matt Hazel came over after he helped out with the movie and we just hung out with a lot of my residents (really just watched Jimmy get his ass handed to him in Mega Man 2). Boy, I think I got a lot of Matt Hazel time this weekend now that I realize... lucky me... I think. ;-)

Monday night - Holy baseball! The Red Sox battle back and win the series against the Oakland A's! WHOA! Who would have thought? There were some chaos and a massive mob on the quad with hundreds of people chanting "Yankees suck! Yankees suck!" It was insane and so cool at the same time. I'm not a Sox fan, but I am a Yankees hater. So you can bet I will be cheering my ass off for the Sox because all I want is for the Yankees to lose... lose like they lost tonight! WOO! 5-2 final... that's one game down, only three more to go for the Sox to make it to the World Series... it would be crazy if it ended up Cubs vs. Sox... so crazy! Too bad my team, the Braves, choked in the post season again... losing to the Cubs. Damn the Cubs. Sox all the way!

Evil week from hell = this week since I have so many projects and homework due (luckily William was a great help with the MG stuff and just a nice stress reliever to go to with our Chinese nights and just gossip talks... gotta love my joo). Anyways, I am sooo fucked. I think I am going to get very little sleep tomorrow night and I should have been in bed a half hour ago, but instead chose to blog since I thought it had been put off long enough. I hope people are actually reading this, but then again, I just like to blog because I like to look back and read and laugh. I think I am hitting the year mark on my blogging. Excitement. With that... -.- Zzz

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Greek week speaker was a DUI speaker. Quite depressing. And his video gave me a headache too. And made me think about Rob. He didn't die in a DUI accident, just died in a car accident due to someone's careless speeding. Still makes me a bit upset 6 years later. Some things are just hard to swallow.

After the speaker, I almost called my brother to tell him if he EVER EVER EVER got in the car with someone who was drunk and behind the wheel... I would kill him myself. Not that my brother is stupid... but still... it's not like friends are the most intelligent people.

I haven't had a headache in a while. It sucks.

I have my Aetna phone screening tomorrow. I doubt I will get an internship with them, but it's cool to be at least going through the process.

I called Tom Muller today. It was nice to talk to him. I need to get my car fixed so I can see him. I always miss that sucker. Maybe he can visit me sometime soon also.

I am really procastinating and I will regret it. :-x

Is it Friday yet? Almost.