Thursday, September 29, 2005


Lee thinks I am a well-rounded person. Upon further inspection, as well as confirmation from Patrick, I believe that yes, I am well-rounded. I enjoy literature, movies, film, tv, a variety of sports, the sciences, art, music, etc. Each one of my good friends helps play a role in keeping me well rounded. If I have to choose two more areas to be more knowledgeable in, it would have to be politics and money.

All my relatives are safe. And the houses in Port Arthur just need a few repairs, nothing major. I am VERY thankful. It took a bit of weight off the shoulders for everyone.

This upcoming weekend will be a bit crazy. I got Katie with me, in from Colorado. Unfortunately, I won't be sleeping a whole lot, but sacrifices are needed in the spirit of fun! I got some homecoming stuff on my plate and a last minute brunch.

The Red Sox are turning me into a foul mouthed sailor with their come from behind antics. Agh! I am way too into baseball at this time of the year.

Casaul Friday tomorrow! :-) And then off to crazy antics with my crazy Carla. The weekend looks sunny with a chance for mischief.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

just waiting

Well, good news is that my cousin left Port Arthur. We were so relieved to hear from him. He is in Lafayette, TX now. We aren't sure if that is a whole lot better, but better than being in Port Arthur. Our apartment has been pretty gloomy lately. My cousins already feel that this winter, they won't have a home to come back to. Their house is right by the canal and if flooding happens, which it will, then their house is likely to go. I just can't believe that this is happening again. Katrina and now Rita. We feel so helpless here in MA. All we can do is keep calling everyone and checking up and making sure everyone is out of Rita's path. That is when we are able to get through the lines. The weather channel or CNN is constantly on in our rooms, which isn't a great thing to do, but we can't help but track this thing and hope and pray that it doesn't do the damage that everyone says it will. We wish we were there in TX with the rest of the family to lend support and morale. But really our family does not need 3 more people to house. Around 50 to 60 of my family members are currently spread out among four or five houses right now in Houston (just barely safe enough) and Dallas. Just... crazy to imagine. I just hope and pray for their safety.

How many more people in my family will be rebuilding after this? Sometimes, I think it's going to keep hurricaning until it destroys every single one of my family's homes. Right now it's about 60% towards its goal. And in a few days, if Rita does what they say she is supposed to do, it will be about 70% towards its goal. If something happens to those of us in CA, PA, and MA... I will truly believe that our family is cursed. Or that God is trying to test our will to survive. Isn't life hard enough without the hurricanes and floods?

It just isn't fair.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

raging rita

So my family in Port Arthur has evacuated and those in Houston are leaving today for Dallas. Lee and Lisa's dad was stupid and decided to stay in Port Arthur which is soooo stupid. They are very upset that their dad is being so stubborn. He is the only one from the family staying behind. :-( This has been such a bad year for my family. So now, all the New Orleans people are displaced in TX, and those that stayed with family in Port Arthur and Houston, are displaced again, along with the family who hosted them. JESUS CHRIST. Please stop hurricaning. Please. If the hurricane blows over my aunt's house in Port Arthur, then my mom and dad's house will be the only remaining functional home out of all my aunts and uncles. My three aunts and uncles all lost their homes to the flood in New Orleans. But amazingly... just AMAZINGLY... my grandparent's house, which is trusted to my mother, was not flooded or ruined. So strange how that happened. I just keep praying that everything turns OK and that my stupid cousin is alive and well after Rita hits. And I hope that Rita avoids New Orleans. It can't take anymore. And neither can I or my family. I miss my family. A trip to Erie sounds kind of good, as well as a trip to Texas.

Elizabethtown really reminds me of my friendship with Daniel. "We peed on the phone!" really brought back some funny memories. :-) I am one crazy person with some crazy friends.

Banana hammock. :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

everything is everything

Our Laura is officially 21. I am so proud of her. We went to the Bollywood Grill where I got some spicy almond and onion chicken. Laura was home in bed by 1am. :-P And my favorite quote from Laura, the morning after, "I feel like a million bucks! I am so glad I puked!" I love that girl.

So, theory: I force my friendship on people. And by force, I mean I make a very strong initial presence with new people. And by people, I mean guys that I like. Let me go through the cycle:
1. I meet someone.
2. I think that someone is cute and intriguing.
3. I am determined to be friends with them (because I am psycho and think friendship before relationship is very important).
4. They have no choice in being friends or not... like I said, FORCE.
5. If they think I am cool, they are glad I make the effort.
6. If they think I am kind of annoying, they are usually quiet guys, so the likelihood of them saying something is low.
7. They eventually realize how awesome I am... AS A FRIEND.
8. I am sccccccrewed.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this vicious cycle repeats over and over again. And that period before I realize that I am officially labeled as friend is the period that makes it all worth it. Because for a split second or two, I think, just maybe, this could go somewhere. If only that split second or two came weeks or months sooner, so reality can come sooner, and I can stop hitting myself with a hammer. I need a new "Go, get him!" routine. Or maybe I need to start liking new guys. With that I digress...

I had my first bad experience at Blackstone Valley. These friggin' unwatched kids were walking in and out of our movie, Lord of War (which is rated R). And they wouldn't stop talking and I wanted to push they all down or at least get them kicked out. I felt especially bad for Patrick's little brother, Oliver, since he had to sit by them. I didn't really care for the movie. I wasn't in the right mood for Nicolas Cage and it just wasn't really that good. But Just Like Heaven was pretty good and ridiculously cheezy. The whole movie was worth it when Mark Ruffalo says, "Because I love her," and the audience actually GASPED as if that were a surprise. I couldn't stop laughing. I love the movies.

I changed my sleeping arrangements. Feng shui, baby. Maybe the ghost will stop waking me up a half hour into my sleep and maybe I'll stop waking up so tired and maybe I'll finally feel like I am really relaxing when I sleep.

I went Saturday afternoon with my favorite blonde, Carla. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and then shopped for several hours before hitting up the nail salon for manicures and a new lease on eye brows. The experience was somewhat scary, but worth it in the end.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Franny!

It's been a really good weekend. Even with the new theory, which I take for fact really, and the constant rain and the not that great movies, it's been a really good weekend. Let me just say it one more time, because I don't think I get to say it often... it's been a really good weekend. :-)

sums it all up

Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

federer, no one does it betterer

Just a few photos from the US Open! The first one is the view we had from our seats:

The second here is a zoomed in shot of Federer and Nalbandian. Federer is drool worthy...

Although the matches were far too short, they were still a good time. Federer is amazing! And I was esctatic that Kim finally won her first Grand Slam. The Belgians there were very crazy and entertaining. The best part of the whole experience was seeing the Over 45 Men's Masters. Those old guys were hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. They were pretty good at tennis and highly engaging and amusing. I am definitely glad I stayed. :-) I hope to make a repeat visit next year to the Open. It's definitely worth it!

Shoutouts to my good friend Tom for driving to get me on Long Island and then driving me back. I swear, he spoils me. :-P And John got one of those crazy big tennis balls, no signatures though. Too bad!

I just started reading Pride and Prejudice. Very good! It's actually made me laugh out loud, which is a tough feat when it comes to books. David said that we should start a book club and read Jane Austen's Persuasion together, haha. We shall see. I definitely am behind in my reading though since I was gone this whole week in NYC and hardly read last week on the T. Gotta get through the Narnia series so Lisa can return the books to the library.

Sometimes, I get a tremendous feeling of hope. I have no idea where it comes from or why it comes, but it feels amazing and very comforting.

September is almost half over... meaning the best time of the year is approaching in Boston: autumn and the post season. :-D

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

eff you katrina

Here's a big fuck you to Katrina. Thank you for ruining the city I was born in, the homes I grew up in, the lives of my entire family, and killing New Orleans. And I swear to you, if you take the life of a single family member of mine... I will friggin kill you.

My mom's side of the family is completely OK and all in Texas with other family. They were very lucky. There were a couple of scary days where we didn't hear from my aunt and uncle who got stuck in Gulfport, but they got through safely. My dad's side of the family is still in the air. :-( Pray...

I am in NYC right now on a business training trip. I've got a US Open match tomorrow and Saturday. I can't wait.

NYC is intimidating! But, my bathroom is awesome because I can listen to the TV while I go to the bathroom or shower because there are speakers in there. :-)

Are you happy Carla? Sheesh. :-P Blogging seems like the bottom of my agenda lately... sorry. I will try to bring it back! Maybe...