Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Last day of 2003. What was important about this year? I'm trying to think back to January, and it's definitely a struggle. I think it started off great because last year's new years shindig was wonderful. Tom Muller was in town and we rocked it out at Amanda's. We were dorky and played Trivial Pursuit and just laughed a lot. I remember finding out about Denmark eventually. I remember Advanced Calc I and II which sucked hardcore. The only good thing to come out of those classes was getting the balls to ask David to come hang out. Spring break at Molly's where all we did was play Mario and goof off. Turning 20 and being in denial about it and obsessing about being "19: the continuation." Getting some balls and saying how I felt only to have it dissipate in A term. Going to New Orleans to see my family for the first time in 3 years. Realizing my godmother was dead, 3 years later. Failing the actuarial exam. The scariest fight I've ever had with my brother. Having one of the greatest summers. Being sucked into the life known as Tinseltown. Detinseltowning EVERY single Saturday with Ace and Becky. Yelling at bad inner city kids all day. Realizing some friendships aren't going to last forever. Lazer tagging and kicking some ass, except no dislocations this time around. Going back to WPI as a junior and feeling old with all my freshmen residents. Having the best residents ever even though they drink and party and rock it out. Lots of Matt Hazel hang outs. Finally getting off study hours. Tivo with William. Rekindling my friendship with David. Finding Molly's perfect dress. Playing oodles of Nintendo. Getting all my AGD pledges :-). SocComm and all it's glory. More tinseltown, more family, more Patton, more Becky, more good times. ::sigh:: 2003.

Tonight was wonderful. My brother and I went over to Becky's and made pho and played Mario party, and kart. ANd then just talked late into the night. I've always thought of Becky's little sisters as my own and Becky has always thought of Patton as her own little brother. And tonight we were all together and it was just... perfect. It made my day. :-)

Almost passing out. Good bye 2003!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Agghhh. So tired. At the point of delirium. The ttown xmas party was fun, although bowling always makes me break my nails. And this time it was a doozy. It's pretty bad, but it's OK because I bowled a damn good game. I wish I had brought batteries though, bc I had my digital camera but it ran out of batteries. But luckily Becky had her old school camera, so we are set. It was oodles of fun and this year felt better because I knew more people. Sometimes, though, I still feel out of place, or maybe the word is old? I love everyone at ttown, but I don't think I necesarily fit perfectly in. I'm odd, what can I say. :-) The Millcreek 6 kids were cccrazy and big time gay. Gay Gary was the most intense out of all of them. I swear he was going to sponaneously combust any moment in the night. Too bad Brian Edwards doesn't work at the 6 anymore... he was there last year. He is so gorgeous! Who would have thought he would have turned out to be so ridiculously HOT. Anyways, the shindig ended at 3am and then me and Becky made a quick stop at Tops for batteries and then headed to Tony's place for a crazy Tenacious D marathon where I def fell asleep for a solid 5-10 minutes and Becky as well. Tony has the cutest friggin' cat ever except it tried to bite me. No blood was drawn, so I can't be mad. :-P The Tenacious D was all sorts of crazy, especially the butt baby. AGH! I almost gagged! It was a lot of fun, and I found out Tony is a big Ben Folds fan, along with Tori and Fiona, and well that is hot because those three singers are HOTT! Those are some of my favorites. Hmm I think I will throw on some Ben as we speak. Anyways, we were at Tony's until 6:15am which is ccccrazy... funny how I had said in the last post that 4:30 was the latest in a while and the next night I beat that with 6:15am. Anyways, I had to work at 1pm and thought I would have enough time to sleep. WRONG! Who do I get to wake up to at 9:15am? Well it's uncle ricky and he needs me to open because Maria is sick. Let me say, it was painful to work that shift. I bet I was off, I so was not all there. I didn't sleep until 7am because I had to drop off Becky and then when I got back to my place, the whole neighborhood was without power and it was creepy as all hell walking into my house. And the kitchen door decided to close slowly on its own also and creep me out some more. I called Becky as I was chagning into PJs bc I was scared. :-D I am such a wuss. Anyways, I worked and then Adam finished my shift for me because I wasn't functional, napped for 40 min, and went out with Becky and Amanda. Good, but long and tiring day. Hopefully tonight's sleep will striaghten out my sleeping schedule. I am def not sleeping well.

::yawn:: My eyes hurt. I need to stop. It's 2am, why am I blogging? Oh yeah... because I want to. Good night!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

First official detinseltowning was a lot of fun! We even got Tony to come with us! Tony... doesn't roll off the tongue yet... trying to not use Sansone as much. This will be a hard battle! There is only one person I call by last name and that is Bertini, but that's because he's Bertini and only people who don't know him call him Mike. Anyways, I think this detinseltowning had to be the least detinseltowning one ever. We hardly talked about work at all. I think it was because Tony was there, but honestly, we never talk about him, and he works there of course, too, so it's not like we would have left him out had we started chitter chattering about ttown. It was really funny though. I was pretty tired and kinda at that breaking point where there is no volume dial and everything is a little funny. Screw alcohol, just keep me up for a while with little sleep! I'll be plenty "drunk" for you then. Jeff and Ed made an appearance along with Jen Dunn and Randy. Lots of tinseltown people. We were there until 4:30 in the morning. I haven't been out that late since possibly New Years last year. It was awesome and deliriously great. It was nice to do that. I think we have one more before I cart my ass back to New England.

I can't believe break is zooming by. It feels like it wll be over so soon. I always miss Erie a lot when I leave. But I love WPI too, it just stresses me out more!

I wish my Wallstreet letter would get here. I just want to know if I got in or not. I want it so bad though. I wonder if David, Tiff, or Adam will get in as well. It would be so awesome if at least one of them got in. I miss David. At least it's nothing that is too painful or anything. But then again, I think it's because I half expect to see him when I get back to WPI. Which I won't. Maybe I will be sadder then. Right now, he is thrown into the lump of missing everyone at WPI, except when his damn song comes on in the car. Then I miss him a little bit more than I want to. I should change the CDs. Oh wait, I think Ben did... I am currently on "Music You Can Thug Out To" mix CD hehe. Good diversion. Now I hear Warren G's "Regulators" instead. Also, working a lot keeps your mind off things.

Tonight is the Tinseltown Employee party. Woo! It should be a lot of fun. Let's hope Tony isn't as hyper scary as last year. HAHAHAHA. That was pretty funny last year.

Um I don't get why I got billed in my phone plan for certain calls. Looks like I need to call Verizon and ask.

Time for another good day at ttown.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

All I do while I am home is work. And hang out with my friends when I can. I work 9 consecutive days! Crazy! And it's busy at ttown too. But good news is that Brian the meathead was FIRED today. Woo hoo! Everyone was very happy to hear that. Except he had a whole weeks worth of shifts and um, yeah we really need those shifts covered because it's hella busy with RotK and such. Every single show of it today sold out. I got to work with Charlie. It was fun because all we do is antagonize each other and yell at each other for being mean to one another. It's an endless cycle that never tires for me and Charlie. And I got to work with Adam on Christmas Eve and that was a lot of fun! We were on the phone most of the time, talking nonsense with each other. Adam is a lot of fun and if I were in Erie year round, I would make that sucker my friend and show him there is more life outside of Japanese penpals. The only thing to make work better would be if stupid Ian would get his ass back to Erie. But alas, I don't think that will happen any time soon. Oh well! Work is still good nonetheless. As always.

I am happy to start de-tinseltowning up again tomorrow night with Ace and Becky. That is always a good thing. It's the equivalent of a girl's cocktail night out kind of thing except minus the alcoholic drinks and plus the breakfast buffet. :-)

Christmas was pretty ordinary. I went to midnight mass with my mom and I was "that cougher". I am definitely itchy in the throat always. My mom kept trying to make me suck on the little certs mints and such except it wasn't really working. And she kept egging me to take a sip of the wine so as soothe my throat. Except HELLO I am SICK! If I sip the wine, I might infect the whole congregation. I hissed that to her and I thought she understood. But no... after I passed on the wine, I get back to our seat and she is upset and asks me once again why I didn't take the wine. My mom is so crazy sometimes. I think I get my kookiness from her!

I'm trying to detangle myself from Maroon 5. It's always on in the car so I am trying to change the playlist. It's hard a battle, but I think I'm doing well. I am on gut wrenching music right now. The music that makes you hurt. I think I am masochist when it comes to music. I like the stuff that makes you wanna cry or scream or just be angry. It outlet maybe for the everyday mini-struggles that I go though.

Whenever I am home, I always start to evaluate myself because there is so much thinking time when I am home. I start to wonder why I do what I do and what makes me keep going. And whether everything is what it seems or maybe I just make it appear to be a certain way. I am vague because I really don't know what to type. Just that sometimes, you tend to self doubt. It's not a bad thing, persay. Just a bit tiring, but healthy because it makes me look at this blur called life and that through the blur, some things are clear, and some things not. That's life. 20-20 vision would be boring. :-P

I saw A Nightmare Before Christmas finally. It was artistically beautiful. Good story. I can see why Becky is so obsessed. :-) New Christmas tradition with her.

I should try and get some sleep. I get to open. Fun stuff. I bet tomorrow will be hell. But hey, I wouldn't have it any other way at ttown. :-P

Monday, December 22, 2003

Well people are starting to trickle into Erie. It's nice. Hanni, my biatch is home and hating it. She's finally happy in Boston and so it's hard to be home now and well... it is Erie and Erie is no Boston. Plus her grandma isn't in the greatest spirits and I think it's tough on Hanni. But she is surviving. It is weird as hell to see her behind the wheel. She is quite the hestitant driver, but I cut her slack because she is new and I remember years back when I was nervous and still uncomfortable. I hate how she parks gawd forsakenly FAR BACK in the parking lot. Haha. Ben just got home tonight although I haven't talked to him much since Thanksgiving. I heard he got a ride from Gertrude Stein to Erie from Pittsburgh. I don't get why he had her give him a ride when he could have asked me, Becky, Hanni, or his own parents to pick him up. He can be so weird sometimes. And everyone is apprehensive to the idea of obligatory hang outs with Gertrude since Ben has reintroduced her into the mix. Not to be cruel, but I know me and her won't be lifelong friends in any way and this is just going to feel like we are dragging out the end. Whatever, Ben is Ben and I should have seen this coming. :-P John John got in tonight and he is still John John. It was good to see him since it's been FOREVER. Well since summer that is when he made his phantom visit that made me scream with joy. No Tom Muller in Erie as far as I know but it is still early. I talked on the phone with him today for almost THREE HOURS. I guess we hadn't talked in ages. I think I might have called him once over B term, maybe twice. Anyways, he is my dear Tommy Tom Tom Muller and still leading a slightly less than exciting life haha. If he doesn't come visit Erie, I think I am going to leave Erie a few days earlier than I planned and stay a day or two in CT with him and just hang out. Maybe play bridge! OH that would be so HOT. I haven't played since I stayed at his place for Thanksgiving 2 years ago. I miss him, I haven't seen him since summer. He has been my longest friend and I plan on keeping that friendship for a lifetime. I'm lucky that me and him still keep in touch. I don't think anyone else talks to him as much. They always ask me how he is doing. I always wonder why they don't call and just ask him themselves. :-P Then again, I bet they can't hold a conversation the way I hold a conversation! Tom tells me I am talker. :-D There was possible talk of him living with me over the summer if one of my roomies lets him sublet. That is if Tom can afford it. It is kinda expensive. That would be soooo cool though! :-)

Mona Lisa Smile was excellent. I am definitely a feminist and there were parts in that movie that made me so angry. Growing up in a family where males are favored, I cannot help but be a feminist. I refuse to be told I have to do this or be that or duties and shit. Fuck that, I'll do what I want! Anyways, I enjoyed the movie. I look forward to seeing RotK (LotR) with my favorite 12 year old, Ian. I am meeting him up at ttown before 4 since he (hahahaha) has school until 3pm. Bwahahaha. I love the fact that he is still in high school and such. It gives me a lot of ammunition to shoot at him. He's such a good kid though. And maybe Charlie will join us. He told me to give him a call as well. I love Charlie, such an old friend. :-) It's nice to be home and seeing people who make Erie, Erie.

Went to Wayner's party this weekend. First real Erie party I've been to. Let me say, what a disappointment. I wasn't feeling it. Especially once a party foul was committed - rum and coke was spilled on my shirt and pants and purse by some chick. That's when I knew it was time to leave. The people there were acting kinda dumb anyways. There was this one kid in a mask and he was just creeping me out since he layed on the ground by my ass where I was sitting and ummm put his head ridiculously close to my ass and yeah... made me HELLA uncomfortable! Weird people there. Oh it was a costume party, and that's why he had a mask, but I was not dressed up. No time for preparation.

Does everyone know that Becky is the bestest friend out there? Yeah she is. I don't think I can spend enough time with her. :-)

This blog was very boring but that's OK. You could have stopped reading. I just babble because I like to. That's what this blog is for. TIme for bed. Academy Alum Day tomorrow! And it's chicken nugget day! YES! So much to look forward to. :-)

Saturday, December 20, 2003

HOME! Woo! The drive was kinda slow. The Mercedes actually has an accurate and working clock so I kept looking at it and it made the time go by so much slower than usual. There were no tired moments. Just a few yawning ones. I listened to the same CD for a good half of it. I can't seem to get enough of Maroon 5 and the Love Actually soundtrack. Both so good!

It feels great to be home. Patton came home real quick to help my unpack the car because if he didn't, he knew mom would bitch him out later. :-) I love being spoiled when I'm home since I'm home so little. Hehe. Anyways, I was having pho since I hadn't eaten a damn thing all day, and he is telling me a story about mom and dad. And it's just about how they are so forgetful and tell him the same things over and over again. My dad only does it twice... but mom is a huge offender. Six or seven times haha. It drives Patton NUTS! It almost made me snort noodles since I could see this happening every day and dear gawd it's funny. My parents are so weird and getting old!

Of course, you know the first thing I do when I come home is set up the computer. Duh. I go to WPI, that is such a given.

Becky called and welcomed me home. :-D I can't wait to see her tomorrow! I think I am going to sleep in real good and then get up, shower and then start off winter break with something new - a haircut! My hair is getting kinda long and scraggly. It's about that time.

I start up at ttown on Tuesday and work Christmas eve and Christmas. I don't mind, Christmas isn't the hugest and most festive holiday in our house. We don't even have a tree or anything. I'm sure mom will have me help her make an American Christmas dinner with turkey or chicken or ham, depending on what our mood is. It will be nice. I can't believe it's almost Christmas already. Last year we got out so early and this year, we got out so late. But I guess it's not THAT late, just in tune with other schools now, which is a first. WPI always likes to follow the beat of its own drum.

I think I got an A in MG 2200, a B in Stats II (I thought the final was awesome and I spanked it), and ummm I think I might have NRed math modeling. :-( I really don't know. Maybe Suzy will pity us all. I hope so, that class was so hard and if I knew I was going to NR it, I would have quit a while ago and threw my efforts into getting an A in Stats II dammit. Please, dear God, let me pass math modeling!

I cannot get The Sweetest Goodbye out of my head. :-( I hope it's not like this for the next couple of months. I will never survive! I am so pathetic. :-P

Well I am exhausted. And no longer in the mood to function. :-) Sleeping in my cold cold room. Thank gawd for space heaters.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Ugh. Packing. The worst thing alive. It just makes me miss people or something. Bleh.

And I am driving home alone. Which sucks, but I can't do much about it. No biggie. I'll just have super duper good music to keep me spirited!

I got my car stuck in a snow bank yesterday. I am AWESOME like that. Luckily my wonderful D4 boys all came out and pushed me out. :-) It was the end to the perfect day.

:-( Said good bye to David. :-( ::sigh:: It suuuuuuuuuucks. Unbelievably sucks. It's just not fair.

Well it's 11am and I really should keep packing. The computer hasn't even been packed and it's the tough one to do really. Clothes almost done. Good bye WPI! Be back in a few weeks. Don't worry, I will blog while I'm home in good ol' Erie. It makes me sooo giddy to go home! :-D

Monday, December 15, 2003

Formal was fun. DJ was bad. Matt Hazel was good. No limo was disappointing. Overall, a decent time. I have some great photos of a few things. Ask me about them and I will show you. :-)

Four days until this term is over. Agh. Insane that it's all moving so fast. It makes me sad because David is gone in C term and um yeah, I don't think I will be OK with that. OK, I won't talk about it too much or else I'll get really retarded about it. Ugh. :-( But I got to hang out with him a lot this weekend, so I shouldn't be too upset. But oh, wait I should be because I will maybe get to see him oh one or two days in the next 5-6 months. AGH!!!!!

All the work I have this week is going to be such a bitch. I cannot wait to go home. Blaine called and asked when I could work. I bet I get Christmas. Imagine my excited face. :-P Blaine is pretty hot though. But I am hearing some rumors that would make him being hot worthless. Catch my drift? ;-) Hehe.

Some great movies are headed our way. Mona Lisa Smile... LOTR! Woot! And yeah, other stuff. I will definitely pack my time in Erie with many movie going adventures. Too bad stupid Ian will be in stupid NJ for such a large chunk of break. I mean how am I supposed to hang out wiht my favorite 12 year old if he is that far away? Oh well. I will get to see Becky and Ace and my brother and mom and dad and yeah. I am happy to go home for a little bit.

I think Kurt is going to be driving with me again so that is great because I love the company. Just a few days away. Yay! Just need to survive until then. My anthem from last year must come up: Can't nobody hold me down. Oh no, I got to keep on moving!

And last thing... I cannot wait for flame to start. My my, has this term been one of major f-bombs. Zzzzzzzz.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

OK. I went out tonight to LCA. Good at first. Played some clean beruit with some of my favorite LCAs. We didn't win any of them, but when I was with Bertini, I was on fire. I sucked with Snood though, but it's OK. It was all good. But then, people started to get drunk and that's when I stopped having as much fun. Bertini is not a cool drunk. Brianne needed to be watched. And there was a super scuzzy kid there that needed to have his testicles cut off. Ugh, I left like 2 hours later than I wanted to be and yeah... just not that fun towards the end. Plus there were some SNAP issues and bleh. I should have been old and stayed in. But at least some parts were fun. I really do love some of the brothers of LCA. Some. :-P

I am exhausted and should sleep so I can get up at a decent time to work on some stuff and then math modeling with David. Dammit I am going to miss him. He isn't allowed to go. Aghhhh. :-(

Thursday, December 11, 2003

"Are you guys in a fan club?" Yes people that is what the hofo's guy asked me and Jon Abad. Why? Because we were wearing our SocComm hoodies. Ha, this is what happens when you match!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

::yawn:: I plan on getting 9 hours of sleep tonight. It will be fabulous.

SAE social went OK. I definitely don't know too many brothers from that house. But I must say they aren't too bad on the eyes. ;-) Anyways, their tree decorating is a very brother-pledge event and I think we AGDs were in the way. It's OK though. Once the actual social started, things lightened up. I hope someone steals Mike Lalli's pin. He needs to be taught a lesson. ;-) I look forward to getting to know Joe Vaughn better through Denmark. Nice guy. :-)

I have a feeling these last few days are going to be very excruciating and hard. I need to manage my time carefully. I have a lot of work: math modeling project with David :-) (smile for David, not the damn project), PQP final paper, crappy MG 2200 stuff... etc. It's a lot. I just need to stay on top of it. Too bad it's the craziest weekend out there. Oh well. I look forward to our dinner with LCA and the formal! Yay. I need a little fun to brighten up my week.

I cannot stop listening to Maroon 5. They are so good. I'm sure some people have heard "Harder to Breathe" but believe me, that isn't even their best work. If you want some of their stuff, let me know.

I'm in a lose-lose situation. What do you do when either or isn't so good? You do nothing. Except nothing is just as bad. I need to take more risks. I want to be an actuary someday... very appropriate since I always play the safe card. I feel like Ben Stiller in his new movie "And Along Came Polly." Someone make me take uncalculated risks. :-P

I think I am going to pass out any second.................................... yup.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Ummm... B term over yet? Yeah it should be. And soon!

Anyways, we got a decent amount of SNOW in Worcester and I am glad. I went to HnH Saturday night instead of the other HnH (Heaven and Hell). I played some Beirut and I was on fire! Ben and Pat were quite scared I would come back and beat them. But William failed me. :-) It's OK though. Um and then a few select people got drunk. If you want to know the select, ask. No worries, I was not one of them. :-)

Then because I like to walk through storms, haha, I walked over to David's place in Salisbury Estates around 12:30am. He met me halfway. His place is cute. We just hung out and I left around 3ish. Afterwards he had a cooking mishap haha. It was friggin freezing outside but I was super warm since the trek up the hill was more work than I thought it would be. It was nice to see David at his place for once. Natural state I guess. :-) We also saw Matchstick Men. I so called it all from the beginning. I am awesome like that. :-P

Tappings were today. I feel old since it's my class that just got tapped. Weird. I think some people were way too upset over not getting tapped. And if they are that upset, then that says that they should have never gotten it anyways. Everyone always says, you can't want to be a skull... or else you will never be one. Personally, I do what I do for me. I don't need a tapping for that. It's a shame other people feel like they need Skull to show they are good enough. Take pride in the work and effort you put out... you don't need a yellow and black ribbon for that. Kudos to those who got tapped (some awesome people got tapped... others not so awesome but hey it's all subjective)... and buck up to those who didn't. 40 years from now, you will laugh at your getting upset. :-)

The formal is this weekend. I finally get to hang out with Matt Hazel. He is such a busy bastard. I see him for 5 minutes at a time. ::tear:: My favorite resident went and got a life. Oh well! I shall deal.

Am I forward enough? I dunno. I like to think I am. Times a ticking and I'm still ineffective. Ugh. What do I need to do? I know what I need to do, but the courage isn't there. I am chicken shit. :-P I wish I could get some help or a sign.

I am tired. Mini-nap time.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

So although this week has been stressful, it feels really good at the moment. Went to see Suzy and I don't think I will NR math modeling, but I need to keep working at it. I will probably get a C or something. We shall see. Suzy also made Rachel cry... sheesh!

SocComm is very interesting right now. Nominations just happened and I am psyched to see what happens with everything. I want VP. ::cross fingers::

Me and Molly went shopping. I found an AWESOME dress for her. I didn't find a dress I liked so I will just have to deal with what I have unless I make another excursion out there. It was cool to get to hang out with Molly. I love when we do stuff outside of school. :-)

AGD rocks my socks as usual. And now that fraternity bid night is here, NM stuff will REALLY pick up. Kidnappings, pin stealings, raids... oh man, I cannot wait! Oh and Jroy is now a NM of AGD! I was sooo psyched! :-D

David came over today and we played some nintendo (finally beat Jackal) and watched Ocean's Eleven and just hung out. I am excited to get to go to his place tomorrow! I wonder what it is like. I always love getting to hang out with David. :-) Not to mention I talk to him way too much online. Bleh, too bad he goes away in C term. Ugh. I hate thinking about that. :-(

Snow is so great. The first real snowfall that is. It makes me feel a little giddy. Like everything is a clean slate and it's up to me to dirty it up and make something happen. Mmm... :-) Now I should sleep. I hope for some yummy dreams...

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

So I pulled off my first successful all nighter of the term. I think it was worth it. Or at least hope it was. Except I am exhausted. But still have work to do. It never stops I tell you.

For some reason right now, I feel like I am lacking drive. I look unhappy and I think I am somewhat. The workload is just really big right now and I feel like I'm going to crumble and NR a stupid class. And all I want to do is sleep and hang out with those who are important to me and it's frustrating because it's a stuggle to find that time. And if I do make that time, it's sacrificing my school work. It's just a shitty cycle right now and I want winter break to be here.

And with listening to the the stupid Love Actually soundtrack, all I want is to have someone. I'm going to sound angsty and say I really feel alone at times. I'm 20 and still without one meaningful/significant relationship. I remembered thinking in high school that in college, it would be easier, but it's not. I still want the same things, the same standards and it's hard finding that person who fits what I want and actually wants me back. I am not even asking for a perfect fit, but then again, maybe I am. I have been at WPI 2 and half years and I have only really liked 3 or 4 people and I have only told half those people how I felt and in one case, it was after the fact and the other, it was at a most inconvenient time where there was no possible chance of progress since it was summer. I think I sabotage myself. Do I not want it to work? And another thing... I always like people who are opposites of me. Molly said something to the point that maybe I like these opposite attributes because I dislike myself. Do I dislike myself? I'm pretty sure I don't. But why do I choose such polar opposites? Would I ever really work out with opposites? Ha. How would I know since I can't even get a relationship to get started. And time isn't on my side either. I just wish I had more balls and would stop being such a wuss and not let moments pass me by. I get so caught up with everything else that I sometimes forget myself. Who am I really? Where am I going? What do I want? Who do I want? And why? I sound like a Guagin painting. And with that, I need to stop and do work. Or else I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to finish my work. Which is likely anyways. I hate when your best is still not good enough.

Let's end on a good note. Bryan Ruoff had a dream about me. :-) It brought a goofy grin to my face, probably one of the few geniune ones of the day. It's always the little things in life that makes life worth living. That's what I need to remember.