Tuesday, September 30, 2003

::yawn:: I'm not equipped to handle 8ams. I really want to skip tomorrow. But I won't. Plus I need to go to class with David to observe CS 1005. Oodles of fun right there.

The term is winding down and I'm getting more and more nervous about the group projects. I can only hope for the best.

Today's SocComm office hour was too much fun. We played iSketch and man, too funny. Especially when you are playing with Kurt, Jon Abad, and Tofer. Good times in the office.

Uhh at the exec meeting, out of the blue, Amy asks "Who is McBoobs?" Yeah, that was a funny moment. I don't know if I like the nickname McBoobs but it does have comical value to it. :-)

Every day it grows worse and worse. What is it you say? You need to come for futon talk if you want to find out. Hehe. ;-)

I really love my residents. They are way too cool. :-)

That is all. Gotta wake up to that damn 8am!

Sunday, September 28, 2003

I love having a good night!

Let's see, Matt Hazel came over and hung out with me. He's always a barrel of fun. Muhaha. We watched a lot of mindless TV and just talked... the norm for a Matt Hazel and Vonda Bui hang out session. He also came along for rounds and such and just kept me company on this mellow Saturday night. Where would I be without Matt Hazel? ;-) He's always a favorite of mine. I love him (even if he is a tool sometimes :-D)!

Amelie was on, courtesy of Bryan Ruoff since he picked this month's movie list on channel 12, and it made me pretty happy. That movie just warms me fo some reason. Really... it's almost as good as the video clips I have of Adam Suprock. Almost, not quite.

Adam Suprock is so quirky. His quirkiness is the most fascinating thing. I have to say he is one of my favorite new friends... him and eee-an the coolest new friends from the summer. :-D I still talk to both of them on a regular basis and it makes me very happy.

How am I continually getting good grades in linear programming? I keep getting near 100s on the homeworks and it's so odd considering I just think I don't deserve them. And I got a 184/200 on my in-class psych project. That was crazy considering one of my project partners was grossly not prepared and blundered a lot of parts. And MG 1100 is going great. It's a good term I have to say.

Friday night, I felt slightly lonely. Had a minor depression/moody bout. That passed though. Sometimes you just feel super lonely and there isn't a real cure. It just has to have its spat and be on it's way.

Best joke ever:

E to the X and a constant function are walking down the street.
E to the X and a constant function see a differential operator coming towards them.
The constant function gets scared and runs away, so as not to turn into 0.
E to the X, not fearing the differential operator (because the derivative of E to the X is E to The X) walks up and says,
"Hi, I'm E to the X"
The differential operator responds "Hi, I'm The Differential Operator... with respect to Y."

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh yeah, that made my Friday night better. I'm such a geek. Haha.

Mmm... my asian eyes are getting extra squinty... I think that is a sign. -.- Zzzz

Monday, September 22, 2003

Long Island with a lot of joos is always fun. Especially when you are the only non-joo. I dropped $100 shopping. Got some new pants and all that jazz. Best lines from the trip:

William's Mom: "How is your QP project going, William?"
William: "Oh you mean my sufficiency?

William's Grandpa: "He didn't even take the tax off the $1.99!"

There were also trips to Krispy Kreme where we were mesmorized by the making of the blueberry donuts. So cool.

The Psych in-class project is almost over. Thank goodness! Too bad we have the final project to do still. What a pain.

Had a major mental breakdown last week. SNAP was killing me. But a phone call to Becky calmed me as well as a nice visit from the joo. I was just majorly stressing out and nothing was going my way. Things are lovely, or at least better now.

Why do freshmen overcompensate in the drinking area? Why do they think that they have to drink themselves into oblivion so as to look "cool" when really, it scares people and just fucks them up for 24 hours (or longer). Oh whatever. People have to learn mistakes somehow.

Doing work in the office. Must get to that. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


You have not seen poop until you have seen the poop in the handicap bathroom on the first floor of Daniels. Mother of pearl. It brings a whole new picture to the Bitter Reject Films statement of "My anus is bleeding!" Holy crap! Literally! Holy CRAP! or BIG CRAP! or GINORMOUS CRAP! It was the size of my fist, people. My residents were in awe of it. It has now been sealed as a D4 bonding moment due to our complete shock over that poop. I can't wait to see the plant services person's face when they have to clean it, because that thing is so not flushable. Also, another interesting aspect of it all is that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom OR in the actual toilet! Did the person take that humongous poop and then not wipe because there was nothing to wipe with? Seriously, this is the all-time best/disgusting Renegade Pooper Caper ever. EVER!

I was there to hold William's hand as his 140 hours of TiVo came in. Holy crap! (Agh that phrase means so much more now after this poop thing... really, I need a new expression that means that without saying shit because sometimes I like to keep my potty mouth clean.) Anyways, it was monumental for the joo. Kudos for his happiness.

I accidentally pissed off Matt Hazel. I felt extra bad. I rarely ever piss people off like that. He's such a swell guy. Why am I so mean? :-)

Oh and the thing that bothered me the most today is that I'm walking across the quad and screamed to so and so that he needed to take a shower, jokingly because he didn't change his outfit from yesterday, and he screams back "You're fat!" Yeah, well that made me just about want to puke everywhere with fury and frustration. And what bothers me even more is that no one said anything to reprimand him (the two people who were with me). I fuckin' hate that. Anyone that knows me well should know that something like that would really kill me. :-( It's just really hurtful and I like to think that I have a decent self-esteem but comments like those aren't needed. And ya know, that's what helped get him in trouble in the first place two years ago. Ugh, it's just bringing me down thinking about it. But whatever, moving on because this doesn't deserve my time. Just needed to vent. Done and done.

My anus is bleeding! HAHAHAHA. Oh man. Poop. Time for bed. Exhausted.

Monday, September 15, 2003

As you can see, as I was falling asleep in my room and Adam was visiting and messing around on my computer looking at Isabel's path, he decided to post a blog on my open window. I had just blogged and didn't close the window. That stinker. :-P Stupid A. Michael. :-)

Well linear programming isn't really getting better. Fcatrina is still teaching things the day before of day of. Still sucky. But he isn't unreasonable at least. I sent him an email tonight telling him my concerns and my confusion and he is pushing the due date back but I still need to know this stuff for the exam on Thursday. That was nice of him. He is flexible, just needs to get better at teaching.

I am such a tool. Today I was supposed to meet my project partners for Psych and I totally forgot about it since I didn't write it down in my planner (which I can't find anyways right now) and Rob sent out an email because he was the only one that showed. Funny how I worried about how reliable they would be and it's me who misses a meeting. I suck. I will make it up though and work super hard on the presentation. Once this first exam is done with, all my focus will be on kicking ass on this in class presentation.

Accounting isn't too bad. We have a whole week to do the exam. I find it alarming that someone (an acquaintance) came up to me after class today and said "Hey Vonda, a bunch of us are doing the exam together at one of the big computer labs and you can join us if you want to. Let me know." Talk abou academic dishonesty. Prof. Higgins trusts us to do the exams and it's even open book really, and wham, people plot to have a big cheatfest. Gross out.

I got a digital camera and it makes me super happy. It's so pretty and I like to take pictures now. It rocks my socks off.

Big news: For fall break I am going to Florida with William to visit Grandma Judy and the best part is... WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD! WOO! I am so psyched, you wouldn't even believe. I get to meet Mickey, and Chip and Dale, and Cinderella, and go on all the rides I've heard about all my life. It's going to be an awesome time. And really it's just me and William going and spending a couple nights there and it's going to feel like a real vacation. Just me and the joo. (Let's hope we don't fight while we are there haha)

And maybe while I'm down there, my relatives could drive out and visit me. That would be so nice. :-) I miss them.

Oh and I have decided that I need to work on not liking "my type". Because I always like the wrong guys. I try to remedy this, but you can't help who you are attracted to. You would think at a school where it's a 3-1 (almost 4-1) ratio, I would have liked more guys than the 3 or 4 I've liked. You would think! But, no, I'm weird and picky as all hell. Where is my prince charming? Anyways, my fixation at the moment isn't big... it's just something that won't ever happen I think. Oh well! I'll move on when it's time.

Well I guess I should get cracking and start reading all the Psych. I am so backed up. Oh well! It could be worse. The lin prog could be due. :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hi, I am McBoobs!

Email going down is the worst thing imaginable. Dude, I was going to go bonkers. I like to check my email like it's my lifeline. And without it, I felt lost. It's so easy to communicate that way in college. And now it's up, but it's still screwed up and my folders were deleted and need to be rescued or I will throw a fit. :-)

Oh, my MG1100 homework was super pretty. I liked it, but it was tedious. Fcatrina is still not a fave of mine. He is so nice, but the shittiest teacher ever. He teaches things the day the homework is due that we needed to know in order to complete the homework. I mean you can do it, but it is ten times more difficult teaching yourself when he could just explain it. He makes lecture so worthless and it's the 8am too. I get tempted to skip so often!

I had a talk with the joo and ho and all is peachy. I feel like everything should be moving for the better not that they were that bad or anything. Everything in life always needs a bit of improving/work. :-)

Like my project partners in my psych class need improving. Our stuff is due in a week and we have still to meet. Who is this supposed John Paik character? And is he reliable? Same thing goes for Rob Vigneau. Let's hope this doesn't blow up in our faces!

Muhaha Matt Hazel is making fun of blogs as I write this. He said when he saw this it made him think IMMEDIATELY of me. Goody. What a tool. :-)

Since I got all my homework done last night, I feel good about tonight. Less stress! Woo! Time for a nap. ;-)

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Ugh, Matt Hazel messed with my screen thingies and now the screen is completely used as he says. But now I can't see as well. Whatever, I'm too lazy to change it back. He was also very appalled to hear that I had never done a disk cleanup before in the year I've had my computer. And so he tried to do one, except ummm it didn't work? Or was taking too long. I let it run all of Saturday and it was still in the "analyzing" stage. Too long. I hit cancel. Sorry Matt Hazel. OK not really sorry, but sorry.

The weekend was good. Friday I was too tired to go out, although there were numerous invitations to the yellow house and a stop at HnH afterwards. But I needed a nap and retreat was the next day... so I opted to stay in and invite people over. I got a small visit from the joo and then stupid Matt Hazel came over for a lengthy visit because he has no friends and only his old RA :-P and watched tennis with me. It's always fun to hang out with him.

I got a call from a not-so-smart dispatcher in the middle of the night, telling me to let Adam into his room. I was pissed, because it was 3:30am and Campus Police is supposed to take care of that. I let the dispatcher know he was wrong to have called me, although he didn't believe me. But he looked it up and sent me an email to apologize for his wrongness. Another win against the man.

The Soccomm retreat was pretty good. This trip did not really help me to think more highly of Amy though. Ugh, maybe it's slightly worse now. It's just everytime she talks, I feel like she doesn't like us and that she wishes she wasn't our advisor. It feels like she just wants to do the bare bare bare minimum and nothing more because she doesn't get paid for anything more. And now, Erin is going to be our night advisor... she's the one who will actually stop in on events or be the one to call in case of emergency. This just shows how much Amy doesn't care. Fuck convenience, Amy... we want committment. But with the exception of her, it was a damn funny trip. William hit on the camp counselors... all of them, except one. And when we were shaking hands to say thanks, William shakes Chris's (AKA "the cute one") hand, Chris says, "What, no dry hump?" HAHAHAHA. And Brynn, the extra cute guy fron New Zealand with a rockin' accent, was soo funny too. William, like the retard he is, asked Brynn to do an impression of us Americans. Brynn looks at him like he is an idiot (because he is) and says in the least accented voice he could so "You're a dick ::fake haha/giggle::" OMG, we were all dying. It was glorious. And then later, we were doing Mind Trap cards and holy crap, it was too funny. I don't know how it happened, but I somehow got the nickname "McBoobs"?? Well whatever, it's not going to stick unless A. Michael sticks for Adam haha. There were some awesome jokes in the mind trap jokes. We were laughing so hard that my jaw hurt and my stomach felt like it would going to cramp. It was awesome. I'll write down the jokes later.

Time for Soccomm films. I'm still trying to get the hang of blogging more often. I always forget. :-)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'm beginning to think that Adam and I are cursed when it comes to MOTQ. It will just never happen for us. Oh well. MITH went well though. Lots of people showed up to Harrington and the amound of people really surprised me. I wasn't expecting such a crazy crowd. :-)

I'm gonna try working on the not feeling lonely thing. Less mopey-ness.

Stephen Lynch was pretty funny this weekend. With the exception of the "song for the ladies" where there was a hanger comment, he was damn great. I went with a bunch of my residents and Matt Hazel. We all had a rocking time. Then because William wasn't in the party mood, therefore making me lose my party buddy, I didn't go out either. Instead Matt Hazel came over (because poor baby couldn't erg since the gym was closed... my did he bitch about it) and we watched Super Troopers. Alex joined us for a little bit of it. It was tons hilarious.

There was some RA stuff to deal with. It was Matt's first weekend. Luckily I was able to leave SNAP for a second and help him through his first altercation. Went smoothly, but a bit smelly. :-P

Worked my first SNAP shift with Tara. Kewl beans. I look forward to working with Scott or AJ this term. Joey needs to let up the reigns a bit though. He is holding on too tight. We will work that out.

I know the school year is officially off to a start when I have a three day weekend and I don't do any homework except start a few problems I couldn't finish and am double booked throughout the week for a few different meetings. Goody! :-P

There was some crazy shit happening in my home city of Erie, though! A crazy bomber dies. And then his friend dies, too! Related deaths? Who knows. Except Erie is all sorts of crazy right now. It makes me wonder just how safe it really is in Erie!

Time to go to bed. I've been prolonging the sleep thing. But I must get enough sleep to make through the 8am Linear Programming class. My goal is not to skip any classes. I really want to do well this term! :-)