Monday, April 28, 2003

Yeah. I should blog. But I don't feel like it. That is all I have to say at this moment.

More will come by Tuesday night I think. Right now, I need to focus on school and the people I won't be seeing for a few months. ::tear:: Blog comes later.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Mmm I don't know why I haven't blogged in a bit... must be forgetting...

Uhh SNAP shift with Pat Baxter rocked as usual... Ahem, the shift with Anissa was not as great... but that's the norm. And I even got to drive with Jon Abad for a little bit! It was the first time this term! I miss driving with Jon Abad. What can I say, he is my favorite! :-) Anyways, I watched Pat screw up on printing out his MQP and watched him throw out 1600 sheets of paper... yeah 50 baby trees dead... haha... and man me and Pat just zinged it back and forth most of the night... I really wish me and him had gotten to drive together before this last term... he is a lot of fun!

So this idea was thought up about SNAP. SNAP drivers should be invited to return the next year. It shouldn't be automatic return. You need to be worthy haha. There are def a few drivers that uhh yeah should not be asked to return. We will see how this works out.

SocComm end of the year BBQ went nice... I got two superlatives... "Flawless" and some lame-o Tofer sent in about how I abused Max. Get over it Tof... haha... I hate the weather a lot because MOTQ is practically canceled as is... damn you rain!

If you can't tell, I'm not rambling as much as usual because I am trying to get as many thoughts in before I pass out in bed haha.

James Lescoe won the Olson Award... kudos! Jeff got honorable mention. Kudos again! I went to the Math Awards Ceremony and realized just how unsmart I was haha... there are way too many smart math majors... makes me feel like I should switch majors. :-P

Yup, I cannot type anymore since I am about to fall asleep................................ more later on math classes because they were good and uh other things. When I am more coherent. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

One more thing... when Jon Abad's blog is down (like it is at this very moment), I feel like I'm missing out haha... I need Jon Abad insight or the day doesn't end right... damn you php! Haha although, I have to say the latest comments on William's blogs make me laugh... zing!

This is me not wanting to work anymore on the Advanced Calc homework...

I should just quit at this point because on Monday, I have two homework assignments due for both Advanced Calc and Survival Models AND my PF final which I need to do really well on... and then the two finals on Tuesday. And Sunday is movie on the quad (or Harrington depending on weather) which means I am booked for a decent amount of time on Sunday.

With the exception of a good dinner and a nice 15 min at the BBQ... this day has sucked so much. I can't remember when I've had such a crappy Tuesday!

Let's talk good though... dinner with Molly was really funny... we haven't talked that long in a while haha... my poor ho had a headache though, but then again when doesn't she? I hope that gets fixed soon... it's only gonna be ooooh 13 weeks of non-stop headaches? Yeah, modern medicine blows and so does the headache clinic at UMASS. Ok, dinner was good and then Jess J joined us with her dad and that's when things got even funnier. Jess J made an awesome joke/comment about someone that I cannot repeat in a public forum or else I will most likely get myself in trouble. But if you want to hear it, just ask and I'll tell you depending on whether you know the person and if you would be offended or not haha. And so we are just chatting and chatting and then Jess picks up her friggin coffee cup and literally dumps the rest of the coffee on herself. It wasn't even an accident or because she didn't have a good grip or anything. She just picked it up and proceeded to throw it on herself. We have no idea why she did that and neither does she. But man we laughed for quite awhile about it haha. She got it everywhere and then proceeded to try to use a napkin and water to do damage control but actually just made the wetness worse haha. Jess J is so funny. I haven't hung out with her in ages! And now it's one week of school left and yeah... where did all the time go? I always forget how much quieter and smaller Founders is. Def more intimate. Me, Molly, Jess, and her dad were definitely the loudest people there until the crew boys arrived (and then Matt Hazel proceeded to make fun of me from his table because I don't like that awful website where this cute little animal keeps getting killed in horrible ways). I saw David for all of 10 min... he is a ridiculously fast eater... I was going to go over and say hi to him and wham, he is gone and it's been all of a few min... not a leisure eater I guess. Ha, I spent an hour and a half down at Founders just shooting the breeze. I love that.

The BBQ with AXP was kewl. I got to see dear Johnny Prudente (who is a TKE haha) at the BBQ and we just caught up on life... I haven't seen him in ages because I don't SNAP with Jon Abad anymore so my time at TKE has decreased a lot. Johnny is such a funny guy haha. We became friends because he abused SNAP so often and it seemed like every time he called, I was driving that night or something. Marc Cyr "leid" me with a lei haha... what a random kid he is haha... he was def randomly on my floor and randomly in my room the other night... he said it's not fair I have a double and he hopes I get Stoddard as a senior... what not so nice comments! Mmm to think of it, I think I lost the name game with him before... I felt bad haha... anyways, the 15 minutes I was at the BBQ were kewl and it was nice to catch up with a few people who I don't get to see enough...

Erin, me, and Colleen were all rambling about something and Johnny was trying to follow along and it was funny because as we are rambling on, he turns to me and whisphers "I've been listening to you guys and I don't get what you're saying at all!" haha I told him he didn't understant because he was a boy... :-) If girls and guys understood each other better, life would be too easy and nothing would be a challenge.

I definitely know I have had a somber night when my playlist consists of Fiona Apple - I Know, Fiona Apple - Never is a Promise, Des-ree - Kissing You, and Gary Jules - Mad World... I haven't used this playlist in ages. I'm always way more upbeat but I guess tonight I need the more moody/slow drawnout stuff... it's just soothing (or depressing as William would say... he hates this playlist more than anything... I don't find it depressing at all but I guess I'm odd like that haha).

So I was supposed to go to the formal with William on Friday and man I really didn't think I would be able to get out of it (I at first wanted to go but I committed to this weeks ago... and now I just would like that Friday to not be totally booked)... anyways it worked out... Erin is going to step in and be his date and I think she is the best replacement for me because she is just as fun and even crazier than I am... plus William is really intrigued by her red hair haha... I guess my black hair is just too "boring" for him haha... Anyways, I get a free Friday and that makes me happy because yeah... maybe I'll get to hang out with someone! :-P

You know it's not winter when you hear lawn mowers. You know it's not winter when you see worms crawling across the cement. :-)

Stress level is most likely going to exponentially increase within this last week... gotta make this the best week... agh! I'm not going to see some people for 3-4 months! That kills me! OK, let's not think about that til its crunch time. Time for sleep. Then cranking out the rest of Advanced Calc. Woopee... damn you rain. You totally ruined my Tuesday mentality.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It's amazing how Daniel can take a semi-serious blog like my last one and write a very lewd and suggestive comment "Call me. I'll tap that tear away." Then again that is very Daniel-esque haha and I admit I laughed... still though... ::shakes head:: He's never been one for seriousness haha...

Mmm so it's raining today and it just puts a damper on the day... it just feels devoid of fun or life... and it's Tuesday! I hate when Tuesdays are unintentionally stolen from me like that... and the RA meeting ruins Tuesdays too... last real Tuesday I've got and I get to spend 9-10:30 in RA meetings... weeeee... how fun.

Monday was really good though so I guess that is a good thing. Helps softens the blow of a disappointing Tuesday. The weather yesterday was gorgeous. :-) I wish there were more days like that! Anyways, class went well and I was such a good gurl and went to office hours to see joconnor and adub... I'm still not completely failing any of my classes but who knows what this week brings haha... oh Monday was so nice just because I didn't have any meetings from 3 until 9 and that NEVER happens... I took advantage of that and went to The B for the first time since B term I think... David came too. :-) And then later we went to see Catch Me If You Can... I only got to stay an hour though because I was on duty... haha gawd, that poor guy whose toes I stepped on as I was leaving... ::shakes head:: haha...

More to come (maybe) ... time for dinner with Molly...

Monday, April 21, 2003

I hate feeling helpless. ::tear::

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Happy Easter.

Mmm I spent all day doing nothing really and it felt damn good. I watched an awesome tennis match between Capriati and Davenport (yay Davenport won)... and catch most of the Revs home opener (which they lost)... I must say that some of those soccer guys are hot... McBride and Twellman... not bad! Maybe David is right... soccer isn't that bad of a sport haha... And then I caught pieces of tons of my favorite gushy movies... The Wedding Singer, Can't Hardly Wait, Never Been Kissed... and some of Bring It On... it was a highly lazy and successful day. :-)

NV21 was sooo much lighter tonite and way funnier... I was impressed with all the plays tonite... Said, Not Said was def inspired by my suff... a total spinoff... esp the ending! I had no idea the ending was the same exact type of ending I had in my suff! Haha... Dean rocks though and I'm glad I was able to inspire one of his NV plays... plus I got an A on my suff and that's all the compensation I need haha... All the plays were stellar. :-)

This may have been the most uneventful weekend but I think I needed that a lot... just to rest up... granted though, I tended to think a lot about certain things and certain people... :-) Still thinking... and with that I shall go to bed and hope my thoughts turn into some good dreams. Happy Easter.

Friday, April 18, 2003


Yeah I definitely just lost this humongous blog I was writing because my finger bumped the wrong button and yeah... I'm pissed. Bah. Now I don't even want to rewrite it all... I will try though...

OK back to Wrights... good stuff... David had to pour most of my drinks the rest of the night because obviously I was way too clumsy and couldn't do it myself! Haha... Erin was all into her chicken and just being crazy and Colleen and Caitlin pulled an awesome purse caper on Erin and filled her purse with sugar packets. There were some definite weird conversations and odd comments (some coming from me haha). I think I need to think before I speak haha and also learn how to pour water without spilling all of it over the table! :-)

Hahaha David did the funniest thing in Advanced Calc haha... Fehribach was asking if anyone knew what this certain function was called and said that you would know this if you had taken a complex analysis class and I turn to David and give him a look/smile because I know he is in that class and most likely knows the answer... and he does... so he gives the right answer and afterwards proceeds to do the Tiger Woods-ish "yeah I made the shot!" pumping of the arm motion and man it was just too hilarious hahaha... high point of Advanced Calc haha... Fehribach tends to always ask "Does anybody know the answer?" or "What comes next?" or "Anyone who hasn't answered want to answer?" And well I never know the answer but there are def some people in our class that ALWAYS know the answer and always raise their hands and it's like jeez... haha so whenever I do answer a question, I feel all special haha... I guess David thinks similarly haha...

Haha the Quest of MAW is comin along... James is really doing all the work... I just run around and get the furgls and find people... Here is this awesome harassing email from Lord MAW:
Oh, my poor Team Omega.

There you sit, in last place, not knowing
which way is up. Can you even hope to
solve a SINGLE Challenge in the Quest of Maw??

Tauntingly yours,
Lord Maw
I want to know who writes these! I think it's Prof Martin but we will see haha...

Observation: If you have someone on a stage that doesn't know what to do and an audience watching on... there is always someone bound to say "Take it off!" This is always true, people... always!

NV21 was a bit of a depressing thing tonite since all the plays were really serious or about death and yeah eating disorders, etc... hopefully tomorrow night will be funny... it was still decent nonetheless... I loved Amanda Gray... she is seriously one of my favorite people... :-)

So it's starting to hit me that the school year is ending soon and I am torn between joy and dread... joy because I admit I love going home and seeing my best friend Becky and my brother and my mom and working at T-town and just being home and feeling safe... dread because I really hate good byes or "See you next year"'s... I really do... I have a hard time imagining going three months without see or hanging out with a few people that have become key characters in my crazy life... agh! I mean there is always the phone and IM and emails and etc... but it just sometimes isn't enough... I really almost wish I wasn't going home for the summer... but then again... I need to go home... I just miss it... most likely will be my last summer at home... I think I want to stay out here next summer and look for an internship somewhere or get an on-campus job... but anyways... plus there are a few things that I have started that I don't want to stop... ::sigh:: damn you time... you go too fast...

I really want something to happen. Yup. A lot. ;-)

So it's Friday and ya know what I want to do? Go to bed... I am so weak and getting old haha... oh man in the office today, I actually said out loud "Oh wait I'm 20." How creepy... I actually said out loud my real age... yeah times are changing haha... William was so shocked, he proceeded to email all of soccomm about it... haha SocComm spam, ya gotta love it! I can't wait for MEGA FLAME GO! Last term that racked up almost 200 emails in the span of 24 hours... it was awesome...

Oookay... I am done with randomness... maybe... who knows... I always have tons of thoughts running through my head... then again who doesn't?

I am def feeling Friday. A lot. :-)

I was amazingly awake for all my classes today. Well kinda… PF and Advanced calc were good… I was awake and thinking as best as I could… Adub’s class was a bit snoozefest like but not as bad as usual. On the whole, quite good classes today.

Nicole kinda bailed on the whole tennis thing. But I got her racket and asked Erin to come out and hit around… it was good times… I love Erin! She reminds me of myself but way crazier haha. We hit around and I convinced Jake and Neel to hint around too… David and Sid declined though… pfft… ping pong AKA table tennis… just doesn’t get my blood flowing or my heart pumping enough haha… anyways I was dropping f-bombs left and right on the courts today with Erin and Jake just kept making fun of me haha… I played with Jon Abad in class and he is getting much better! (If you check his blog, he mentions how I compliment him :-)). I really love tennis… gawd I hope I have enough time to try the varsity tennis thing next year.

Wright's Chicken Farm was kewl... not as great as it was hyped to be but a kewl place nonetheless... I just think everyone likes the vibe of the people they are with and less of the vibe of how great the place is... anyways, Daniels kids are way tooooo crazy hahahaha... I wonder what David thought of everyone hahaha... we are definitely a weird group... and I was such a klutz! I spilled the pitcher of watcher, not once, but twice. Yes, unforgivably clumsy... I know. The food was good (anything non-DAKA is though) and the bus ride was pretty funny. Lots of songs and lots of laughter and a good vibe all around. David was "wicked" (I can't use that word without quotes for some reason haha) quiet during dinner... but talkative during the bus ride back :-)... I think I'm not going to have a voice soon at the rate I'm screaming and yelling...

Oops... Time for class... more to blog when I get back... although I do need to continue the quest of MAW... we will see...

Thursday, April 17, 2003

From Bertini's blog about Poetry Slam:
"The poem talked about how there is always a time for the deep passionate kisses, but it's the small and light kisses, the little cute things that bring us back to happiness--to childhood, escape from the world. It was much more beautiful than that, but you get the idea."
Yeah... good stuff... :-)

::yawn:: I notice I have a tendency to blog very late at night... always around this time... clarity is best at this time I guess...

Anyways... Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday... no classes ever but always a shit ton of stuff to do... Open House res hall tour... haha it was def the first tour I've given in a LONG time... I must say William was very much at home giving a tour... I think he has a mini-O every time he gives a tour haha... moving on...

I finally did my laundry... it felt good to know that I can choose whatever I want to wear tomorrow and it will be clean! I seriously went way too long without doing laundry... I have figured that going a week and a half is comfortable... two weeks is tough... I start breaking out stuff that isn't in my regular rotation haha... but that's not a bad idea since I realized some of that stuff is actually decent... they are worthy of regular rotation now. :-)

Saul Williams was a disappointment... he really just talked for a long time and granted that really isn't much different from most RA inservices but I guess after seeing the Poetry Slam the night before, I had higher hopes. Granted the poems he did read (like all 4 or 5 over a 2 hours period) were good... but I just wasn't in the mood to hear lots of talk on the war and blah blah blah... plus he was 20 min late... I was worried he would never stop. He did though, at 9pm which was too late to have the closing meeting because some RAs had to get back for duty. I hope we don't have to meet again and that our SHDs can just go over the procedure. I was so glad they let us go. I really wanted to catch NV.

So I walk in to NV and damn I came in the middle of Amanda Gray's play... so close to seeing it. It was weird because I walk in and all I hear is Paul's voice. :-) He's got such a nice soothing voice. Anyways I'm still not really sure what her play is about, but I guess I will see it Friday so it's OK. David was there, so I just sat behind him since I didn't want to climb over 50 people and he moved to sit with me (yay). He's such a cute guy. :-) He liked some of the plays so that's good. I got to see all of Dining Out... it was def written by a guy... Ryan Petti to be exact and it's funny because Steph Carney kissed a girl and who would have thought Ryan Petti would be writing a play where he makes his real life gf kiss another chick? A guys dream huh? Hahaha... Sonja was so funny with her laugh and Pat Talbot def nailed his role since he really is like that in real life. I love Shenk, he's always funny and AJ was cute as usual... good stuff. I only got to see parts of Soft Targets... it was OK... it took me FOREVER to realize that it was Rachel as the daughter and then I forgot that this was Sunshine's play! I am such a bad sister haha... they were good... I dunno what Soft Targets turned out like though... had to leave for SNAP... oh well! I will try Friday and maybe Saturday.

SNAP with Pat is always a blast. Finally got to see all of As Good As It Gets. Plus we made a Dominoes run with Katie and William and it was just a good time... lots of laughter and horrible advice given out hahaha... "Just stick your tongue down his throat." ::sniff:: Next week is my last shift with Pat Baxter EVER! EVER! Agh! How sad.

Mmm with this weekend I don't know what to do. See Tom Muller? Or stay for NV on Saturday night? That reminds me that I should call Tom and make sure he is at Weslyan this weekend... he's gonna be the big 2-0 also on 4-20 ;-)... oh Tom Muller, he's the best... Maybe I'll stay Saturday night for the most part so I can see NV and then have Hanni come in and drive at night to get to Weslyan and spend the night and part of the morning there and leave to get back to Worcester by 5pm. Who knows. I should call him to make sure he doesn't have other plans. Although he did tell me he would keep that day clear so I could come in. Man we talked forever that night... he's just good to vent too... he is a great listener... he's just a great friend that Tom Muller... who would have thought we would still be friends after 15 years (minus a 4 year stretch where we went to different schools)? Damn, we are 20. That's just fucked up haha... 20... I say it and it just sounds so strange and yet so right... 20...

::yawn:: Time for bed. I swear I am not going to skip anymore classes ever again. :-) I swear.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Wow, I went more than 24 hours not blogging. That means I was way too busy.

My last shift of TTAT went well. Molly came late, but it was all good. I got to teeter with Brandon who ways heavier than me by a decent amount and I got to have weights on my side for once! it was exciting! A very nice self-esteem booster. Then the ho got there and we just chilled. Kathleen was with us a bit and then there was just me and the ho. The LCAs who were chilling that night were very nice guys. Tom was hilarious with all the TTAT shirts he had on. He seriously looked like quazimoto. Haha but it was funny. Then dave Gordon showed up and Lordy lord, that's when the drama starts. Of course, EVERYTIME I see Dave, he has to drag up last year's teeter-totter shift together and how I made his life hell, blah blah blah. This year we aren't teetering together but he tried to convince Eric to try and make my shift highly uncomfortable. But Eric is way nicer than Dave haha. Plus I was only mean to Dave because he was so wasted last year! Totally deserved whatever I did. :-) And then Murph showed up very drunk also. He is a very huggy person when he is drunk. I think he hugged me 500 times that night. Andy was drunk too... but he was in better shape than Murph. Jake chilled a bit too and we reminisced a little bit about our fun times last year. I kind of miss the pre-LCA Jake. He was different. I dunno whether this is the real jake or the pre-LCA Jake is the real one. All I know is that the Jake now is not going to have a liver someday with his drinking style. ::sigh:: I used to randomly go down to his room late at night and him and me and RPJ would just talk about stuff and shoot the breeze. It was really nice... now I see Jake like once a week... maybe... he is as busy as I am... plus I don't think me and him click as well as we used too... oh well! Haha senior Jake was pretty wasted also and all he would say to me was "Das es gut" hahahaha we were the only upperclassmen in our German I class in A term and we played vball in the A term class too... good times haha... teeter-totter is always a lot of fun... It's one of the few times I really get to hang out with a lot of LCAs at once... I'm kinda sad I'm missing it next year, but hey I'll be in Denmark... can't complain. :-)

Adub's homework assignment kept me working through most of Monday and a lot of Tuesday. She sucks. Math sucks. Period.

Tuesday was one of the most beautiful days ever. Gawd it felt great to be in the sun and get a mini-tan. Me and David also checked out the Poetry Slam at coffee house. Good stuff. One chick just rocked. I wish I had copies of their poems because wow, she really hit a lot of things right on... some people were just too artsy for me... it was a good time though. I really like hanging out with David. :-) Hahaha I'm just thinking of some of the things he has said, and yeah, it's hilarious... he's so cute with his non-WPI aura... he is very refreshing. I'm sorry I didn't start talking to him sooner. ::nods head:: I like him. :-)

::yawn:: Jared is trying to convince me to go out on the tracks with him and walk as he runs and its 3am haha. I must decline because I am way too tired. But tonite is beautiful though. Another night it shall be. I swear. I almost have to say, I am glad Jared is living a floor below me next year. :-) Mend a few things that need mending. I feel our friendship is heading for better times.

Right now, I feel really good. I don't know why. I love when I feel this good and don't have a major reason for feeling this good. It just feels perfect. :-) With that I go to bed. I can barely stay awake. Just the right balance of exhaustion and happiness. Loving it. Loving life. :-)

Monday, April 14, 2003

Look at me clean the chocolate off the screen! Nice shot of my butt and Kate's butt.

It's Monday and at this point, this Monday blows. Sunday was ok... GI was decent... I think Healthy Adam had the moment of the night when he went over to the piano and said "Just setting the mood son!" (You had to be there) But man that was hilarious. Plus I didn't know he could actually play the piano. Kewl beans. Bond was uhh... Bond was Bond... haha... so many bad lines... so bad they were funny... I guess these are in all Bond films as Patrick told me... here are a few:

Miranda Frost: This is crazy. You're a double O!
James Bond: It's just a number...

Verity: You handle your weapon well.
James Bond: I have been known to keep my tip up.

Jinx: Ornithologist, huh? There's a mouthful.

Graves: I get to use everything of hers' at my disposal. Her brains...her talent...even her sex.
James Bond: The coldest weapon of all.

Bond is def a guy movie... lots of explosives and such... kept me awake for the most part... plus I was sitting in front of Pope and everytime he laughed, I would laugh because he just has one of those laughs... esp when the sexual innuendos and double entendres came up... haha Molly just laughed at me for my silly-ness and reaction to these horrible lines haha... it was nice to see a movie with the ho, although she looked pained at parts because of her head I'm sure... and Jared was very well behaved and I was thankful. Ever since My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I've been weary to see movies with him... but this is two movies in a row where he has been good... haha I'm sure before him and Molly come out to a movie with me, she tells him not to be an ass during the movie. He's a good guy. Yay for him and Molly.

So I'm whipping out only upbeat music for the rest of today and tomorrow because I'll need it to survive Survival Models homework. I just feel like the hugest slacker. I don't know. I just am losing interest in everything that involves lots of work. :-) I guess I am just ready for this year to be over. I'll miss tons of people but I'll see them again.

I'm in limbo about other things too. Am I putting in effort that will have results of nothing? Not sure... at this point, it's so late in the year and unless a miracle were to happen, I feel like things are going nowhere... who knows... I'm game for anything I guess... but I guess there needs to be something happening for me to be game haha... I just wish I would get a little help or a sign or anything... Molly says I need to be definitive... what is considered definitive? We will see how things play out... or how I play things... lalalala... take it a day at a time even if there are only very few days left...

It's absolutely beautiful today and that makes me happy. It was a teeny bit cold at 7am when I teetered but otherwise it's been an amazingly wonderful day of weather... seeing the sun and feeling warmth kinda lifts the spirits... now if they would get the fountain going, all things would be awesome... the fountain just makes me smile... :-)

Weeeee... time for some homework, some teetering with the ho... and some late night fun... project presentation day means no morning classes (but damn we have an advanced calc class... woopee)... yay for a breather!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Agh crazy Saturday! Let's see... Ben Folds ROCKED! He was just great! I love his stuff and me and Chunshek were totally spazzing together and singing and dancing and being all crazy! I got to guard Ben's door FOREVER and made sure no one went in and out since Ben was "resting up" during the opening act and such... and I am so happy he played the song I wanted to hear "The Luckiest" and man was I freaking out. :-) And his encore part was AWESOME. He definitely had us saying "Dream on, dream on" forever and ever and it was just great... and he played "Song for the Dumped" and for the rest of the night all I could sing was "Give me my money back, give me my monday back... you bitch!" :-) And then he started playing that Jewish song and William is telling Jon Abad "Get me a chair!" and Jon gets it and says "Now what?" and William says "Lift me up!" and they do and it's just sooooo funny hahaha. Me and Chunshek heard the Jewish song and we just had to see William because he's the wannabe Jew. :-) It was so stellar! And then the show ended and we started breaking down and I got to go shake Ben Folds's hand and get his autograph on my shirt! Woo hoo! He's such a geeky guy! I love it! I'm so glad he came to our school. It was an awesome time.

Then I took William's two friends Marissa and Emily and we went back to my place and ordered Chinese and digressed and just chilled. It was all good except I was ridiculously tired and was going to pass out so fast. So I went to bed around 1:45 and Marissa said I was out the moment my head hit the pillow. But dammit, the night did not end there. Because guess who turned 21 yesterday? Max. Dammit! He got soooo wasted and threw up a lot and told Tofer he wasn't feeling well, so Tofer called for EMS and a janitor and yeah it wasn't a pretty sight. So Tofer woke me up around 2:30 and uh I was not a happy camper because I was deinitely asleep. So anyways I walk into the bathroom and Max is just finishing puking AGAIN and he is ONLY in boxer-briefs and uhhh let me say boxer-briefs do not cover well at all and I saw his "little friend" poke its head through not once, not twice, but THREE times... AGH! I saw part of Max's penis! AGH! So not what I wanted to see on my Saturday night. The great part is that I heard that Max later on felt sooooo bad and traumatized that I had seen him like that and well let's just say I most likely won't feel as bad for hurting him the other day. ;-) So I finally went to bed again after the police told Max he was OK (Sgnt Ellsworth was one of the campus po and that sux because Max personally knows him... how embarassing) and I gave him a bottle of water and guided the kid back to his room and told him to lay down and try to get sleep and drink water and blah blah. But he couldn't sleep because he didn't feel well and I was once again woken up and I told him to go to the lounge and just watch TV until he felt tired enough to not let the sick feeling keep him awake. And I was definitely cranky because it was almost 3:30ish and I was soooo tired and then I began to lecture him on his not so smart moves and I NEVER lecture drunk people because I know it's pointless and that's when everyone knew that I was that cranky and told me to just go to bed and they would take care of Max. Whew! RA life... how fun...

::yawn:: I'm so tired... I have to teeter in an hour and I am going to shower... I had to wake up to take Em and Marissa back to the train station... too bad I had to wake up because someone :-) had just entered my dream... too bad I'll never know what happens in my dream... :-) ::yawn:: time to shower and then up and down I go... so much to do today and so little time...

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Oh man... I'm so tired it hurts... and it's only beginning... Quadfest is done for the day and now we move onto Ben Folds Live concert... should be awesome killer stuff...

I went to bed at 11:30 and thank gawd I did or else I would be dead by now. I felt bad that I bailed on William but he will have to learn to deal... and I kept getting phone calls last night and the people were so loud and thank goodness I am a hard sleeper and can fall asleep to noise. Anyways, I can tell that this week was a sleepless one since I fell asleep so easily last nite...

The pie eating contest went over... uhh... well? Or more like ridiculously messy... Healthy Adam was the first to get CREAMED with the pudding and then I saw Joey smush some into AJ's ears and then Contrino took a dive on the table and damn everyone was covered with pudding! People just started throwing it around instead of eating it... And then they got it on the $800 screen and the walls and OMG I was so worried we ruined the screen... me and Kate cleaned that up pronto and luckily it all came off and SocComm won't have to pay for any damages! ::whew:: Haha too bad they didn't eat it because Pope said the stuff was pretty damn good... :-) It was funny though...

And then there was the secret rivalry event and it was a beirut game with confetti. Oh man it was the longest game ever even though everyone was sober! Hahaha and amazingly the sophomores won! Hellz yeah! We as freshmen won last year and now we won this year! Yay! :-)

I have so much homework it makes me want to quit school. Advanced Calc is my main concern but adub's assignment will def take a long time since we have so much data to input. Where am I going to find the time? I want to go to GI tomorrow and Die Another Day (hopefully a certain someone will go to those also with me :-))... So much stuff! Oh well, I will figure it out... I always do, don't I? Anyways time for the security meeting. And then Ben Folds. :-)

Friday, April 11, 2003

Hahahahaha... Kimmy's friend Kathy said "ef ef ef ef ef ef" to me and well I had to watch Jingleheimer Junction!! And it totally made me laugh as if I hadn't already watched it 500 times in B term with Kimmy... ::sigh:: Damn I am going to miss Kim when she leaves... we've had so many laughs together and I have a hard time imagining class without her... damn, math class will just be interesting next year... I know David is in my linear programming class and so is An... and then in Numerical Methods for Linear and Non-linear systerms and Math Modeling with ODE's with David also (he's so cute) :-)... and possibly MAYBE An in one of those... but no Jeff or James or Kimmy! Kimmy will have graduated and I think James and Jeff will be doing their IQPs with Carlos (haha he's a cute prof... me and Kim always thought he had to be the best looking math prof here). The dynamic of my math classes will be broken up! I'm so used to seeing Kimmy, David, Jeff, James, An, and unfortunately Gregg at least once a day, if not twice sometimes. And in C term, I'll have Vector and Tensor with Max and Liz... newbies to the math world... I'll have to show the ropes to Liz ;-) Gotta take care of other MAC majors. But Max can fend for himself haha. Although I def owe him apologies forever for hurting him as bad as I did. I def closed the door on his tricep and yeah... let's just say there will be a good sized bruise there and I will forever be sorry for it! Hahaha... yes people, I am the worst RA to my residents haha... Anyways... after this year, a chapter in my math career at WPI will be closed. It was a tough good year. And I've def made friendships that wouldn't have happened unless I was a MAC major. :-)

It's raining and definitely making the first day of Teeter-Totter-A-Thon a not as enjoyable experience. But nonetheless we all make do! I love TTAT because whenever I'm bored and don't want to be in from of the computer, I can just go outside and make fun of some LCAs (hahaha esp you Bertini, and Murph!) or chat it up with some sisters. It's like 5 days of non-stop socializing. :-P Last year was a lot of fun and I am hoping this year will be just as fun. I'm psyched because me and Molly get to teeter two hours together. Yay! The times I am teetering are:
Sunday - 11am-12pm
Monday - 7am-8am, and 10pm-12am
Feel free to come and visit me all you want as I go up and down, up and down, up and down...

Hahaha at lunch today, Molly Stone was telling the special story of how her and I became friends last D term to Bertini and gawd it's just funny. And now that I think of it, I had her come up and hang at the Teeter-Totter with Emilia and stuff last year too... before she was a sister or even interested in AGD. :-) Oh she's a ho! And she is my ho! Haha I feel so bad that I don't really even remember the first time we met and hung out... I supposedly told her "You're kewl Molly! You can have lunch with me anyday!" Too bad I have zero recollection of that lunch hahaha... Anyways she took that to heart and said hi the next time we were in class and working on our play later at rehearsal... and then I invited her to MOTQ with me and then we just started getting together over lunch and dinner and hanging out... and now here we are... ho's for life. :-) I heart ho! When I first met her mom in A-term, her mom was like "Vonda Bui, I just want to thank you for being there for Molly... she wasn't really sure of WPI and then you two became friends and things just got better." :-) I don't know where I would be without my ho this year.

Well hasn't this just turned into this sentimental blog about some great friends. :-) Right now, I feel really good about life... sometimes it gets too busy or too hard but whenever shit happens, I got some great people to fall back on who make it better... wow that was really cheesy hahaha...

So the Advanced Calc quiz went ok... I made a REALLY DUMB mistake but it won't be too bad... it was all good... and then I presented my question to adub and for once she didn't make me feel dumb! I knew what I was doing once she gave me a little help and yeah... that went super well and I don't have to worry about presenting anymore questions in class for the rest of the year which makes me feel safe from adub's scrutiny. :-) Hahaha in Advanced Calc today, I couldn't stop smiling... there was def a lot of will power used to stop myself from grinning like an idiot... I kept telling myself not to grin and WHAM I would smile. Gotta stay neutral and not make myself a target haha. But dammit, I was just way too goofy feeling and yeah, I gotta smile when the smile comes to my face... :-)

Hahaha my dad left me great voicemail... all I hear is "Where is you, Vonda Boooo?!" and then he hangs up... haha he is soo goofy sometimes... whenever I'm home and he is in town, he always gets in weird moods where he wants to poke fun at me... he will ask me "Who are you?" and I answer "Vonda Bui" and he responds with "No you're Vonda Boooo!" I guess it's our kind of silly little inside joke we have with each other. :-) I think he does it to always remind me of who I am and where I come from. I should probably call him before he calls again jokingly yelling at me for being so late in returning his call. Mmm I haven't seen my dad in forever... Christmas maybe? I think he came home for a week during that break... granted we definitely were pissed at each other most of the time he was home and I was home because he hates how independent I am and makes it a point to let me know what he thinks about it all, but I think he is learning to deal as the time goes on... I hope I see him when summer break starts. I hope he goes to New Orleans with us. He is paying... just not sure if he wants to go. We haven't been on a family trip since my sophomore or junior year of high school. So long ago. ::more sentimental feelings:: I guess I miss the fam a little bit right now. You think you don't miss them, but then go for months without seeing them and it stinks. Everyone who can just go home any weekend or day they want is kinda lucky because at least they always have that to fall back on... me going home is an ordeal and takes a few days of planning... I can't wait to be in Erie again. :-)

OK I think that is it for random thoughts as of right now. :-) There is a lot of laughter in this blog. I love laughing. Even if I do sound dumb hahaha... Kim always starts laughing when I'm laughing because she says my laugh is too funny... :-) OK I am going to try and get the ho and get some food from craptastic DAKA and then start off a greak weekend with possible homework, TiVo time, and just relaxing. :-)

::yawn:: I should be doing adub's homework but it's bothering me so I'll blog.

Tonight was the MyMovie contest... oh man, Ryan Carey's was way too funny... Jeff's voice overs and then him singing in the end almost made me pee myself... it was poor movie quality but AWESOME humor. And Sandwich was quite good, as well as the Kilroy/Sandofsky ones, Baker and Steve's (haha awesome Office Space ending credit scene), Morgan 4th flouring, the MA dept one, etc... who won? Check the quadfest website! It will say who won soon!

The RA banquet was VERY long and very big. It was a 5 course meal or something. By the third course, I was pretty full and it wasn't even dinner yet! Haha but it was money and much better than DAKA anyday... damn, Bryan walked away with many awards... he's such an awesome guy... I'm sorry that I don't get to be on his staff... he is seriously one of my favorite RAs out there... always brings a smile to my face that joker/charmer...

PF exam... no idea on how I did... I guess I'll see tomorrow...

Molly paid me an indirect compliment: "I have to give it to you... he is hot..." :-)

::yawn:: It's almost Ben Folds time and I'm housing a few of William's friends for him... yay for another crazy weekend! ben Folds is all I've got on my Winamp playlist and it's good stuff... definitely sets a good mood for me in the morning! :-) I love good mornings...

Hahaha... Hanni called me a trifling garden utensil... brings back the memories of USAD and random shoutouts during Superquiz... ::sigh:: those were good times...

Expected value and variance are calling me back... gotta please adub or else she will give me the adub look of disappointment... yay for math.

Typo of the nite: "your tight it is getting late, i think its time for me to go to sleep" Hahaha... could be taken so wrong... good placement of commas and punctuation would be so bad! hahaha...

With the exception of my tiredness and lack of sleep... today has been an excellent day... very excellent... let's hope that all days are like this... :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Another night of SNAP. And dammit, I got yelled at. My shifts with Anissa never go smoothly. We were studying in the library and doing our thing and then it got busy and we decided to park at the handicap spot for all of a minute and WHAM officer Lavallee catches us and guess who gets a talk? Yeah, me... and as he sees me walking out of the library he says "Please don't tell me it's you... I like you! You always smile! Please don't tell me it was you!" And I of course had to tell him it was me and he proceeded to lecture me on why not to park there and all that shizznat... luckily it wasn't officer Goulet or Sherry or whatever... she would have really reamed me for that! Anyways... Anissa was really being kinda sucky because she kept putting off the calls really bad bc she didn't want to stop working and I felt bad because all those people who called SNAP from 6-10 had to wait way longer than they should have... at least I didn't have to sit in Anissa's apartment, looking at the bongs and having to listen to her roommate talk about her inane problems... I like Anissa, I just don't like going to her place... I just feel uncomfortable (plus I had another letter shirt on today and well I've heard her apartment is very anti-AGD from other SNAP drivers who have been to her apartment... that makes me feel umcomfortable also)... Anyways, I think I only have one more shift with her and I'm done...

As usual, Pat was fun... we're always kind of cracked out when we drive SNAP together... only disappointing thing was that we still didn't get to finish As Good As It Gets!! So close but then everybody and their mothers just HAD to call in within the last 30 minutes... we will have to watch the last 10 minutes next week. ::sigh:: "I'm drowning here and all you're doing is describing the water!" Such good lines in that movie! "You make me want to be a better man." That is seriously one of the best compliments a guy can pay to a girl. Excellent! And the pep talk scene totally reminded me of Molly and I when I need a pep talk. :-) I love a good movie!

Personal Finance has me way more nervous than I should be. All I did today was read read read. I'm not even sure how much of it I will remember. Oh well!

Quadfest is totally being moved around and Movie on the Quad is all changed and yeah... this snow sucks and it's making things uber difficult. I loved how SocComm spammed undergraduates... haha...

William's mom definitely checked my blogger and I wonder what she thought when the first comment she read was "William is such a tool." Hahahaha... she probably laughed and agreed hahaha...

My profile today consisted of:
What I find in the average profile:
1. A very lame reference to a gf/bf... either a heart and their name or some awful love quote that makes me want to stop checking profiles
2. A quote about how hard life is or some eye opener that is supposed to make you go "Whoa, that is so true!"
3. Greek letters/IQP sites
4. Oodles of inside jokes
5. Little quizzes to take about so and so
6. Nothing fun anymore!
7. The latest trend is not having anything at all in your profile! That drives me nuts!

And I have to say, people responded well to it... or just responded more like it...
Bertini: It's almost ostentationous, like you're bragging that you have a significant other. There are a million other more romantic ways to say "I love you" than on your friggin profile.
Adam: I don't have that stuff in my profile
Cory: Whoa, number 7 is so true!
Zach: My profile is great. It just needs updating.

I love good profiles. :-)

Still overanalyzing... I'm a girl... it's expected though... mmm I deserve a slap from the ho tomorrow... :-P

Oh I got to see Ben today! Yay! I hate people going away on IQPs (even if his is in Boston haha)! It will be so sad next year when I won't see some poeple for C term, D term, and summer! :-( I will miss them way too much.

No more rambling... Gotta get to bed so I can wake up at the crack of dawn, get a refreshing shower in, and study some more Personal Finance... Oh yeah... how come Molly is the only person who ever comments? I commend her for her comments... maybe nobody cares to comment... I just get excited when someone comments because I know some people read my silly ramblings every day... ::hint hint comment people:: :-) Yeah OK, I'm really done.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

William is such a tool. Big time tool. He called me and told me to get to the office as if someone had just died... that was not the case... granted we got stuff done, but I really hated being rushed like crazy... what a tool!

I have a feeling today is going to be the day from hell. Since when did Wednesdays become high level stress days? Anyways... yeah... so screwed on Personal Finance... SNAP here I come.

Someone make this week go away. :-)

::yawn:: It's odd that on the nights where I'm free to be up as late as I want, I get massively tired and want to sleep earlier than usual. That's life.

Pep talk helped. Thanx ho! Asked David to a Coffee House show. :-) Peter Mulvey was ooookay... he was just kinda on and off good... sometimes the songs clicked and other times, I just thought "What is he talking about?" or "What is he saying? Did he say puppet or poet?" And then! Jeez! He's singing this weird song and he uses the word faggot all of a sudden and whoa! Max definitely looked shocked and kinda pissed. And the word "fucker" surfaced in these peaceful songs that didn't need that word at all! It was just weird! Bertini was there and he was being so goofy. During the "encore" song, the chicks sitting in front of us proceeded to laugh hysterically for no real reason... and then Bertini started to laugh and he made me laugh and missed the last song, which I was semi-digging. He's so goofy. I'm sure he is going to read this and make a Bertini joke out of it somehow. Gotta love that kid! Anyways, I think David didn't hate Coffee House, so that's a good thing. He's a hard-to-read kind of guy. Or just quiet/shy. Take your pick. Anyways, I walked back to Healthy Alt with him since I wanted to drop in at Crow... pointed out the SNAP van to him because he's never seen it... PLUS it had flames today! :-) David is very kewl... and very cute... ::stupid grin:: I hope we hang out more... :-)

What to say about Crow... haha... it was interesting... the theme was "Cowboys and Mexicans" and they were all so funny with their cowboy hats and that random cheese head. Adam would not let me leave the card table! He refused to let up and kept making me play more asshole. And THEN Jimmy Wang whipped out the pinata and it was funny because I guess it was filled with candy and condoms... nice mix haha... anyways, he let Stina have first crack at it and the scene reminded me of the kia sedone commercial where the girl is trying to hit the pinata at her party and is blindfolded and such and then starts wailing on the kids at the party thinking it's the pinata... and the line that goes with the scene is "Protect your kids when you can... get a Kia Sedone." It's a good commercial. Anyways... Stina whacks it twice and totally rips the body from the head and everyone gets some stuff... it was humorous... I love Crow's attitude towards being dry/without alcohol... they aren't letting it get to them... kudos! I personally think that you can always have fun without boozing it up... I find drunkeness an overrated and undesirable experience... I don't plan on getting drunk anytime soon (if ever)...

Let me say that my brother needs to try and do things on his own... like his financial aid... downloading programs... opening checking accounts... etc... he feels this need to call me for questions on all of it! He is only one year younger than me, but sometimes it feels like it's 5. I love the kid, but he really needs to learn to be self reliant. I hate babying him and leading him through every step. I did most of this crap on my own without too much guidance or help from mom and dad... and yeah it's tough sometimes but not impossible to do... he should be able to do it all also... I don't mind helping, but when I'm doing it all completely, it's a pain in the ass... and my mom thinks the same way... something goes wrong and WHAM she calls me as if I can really do something about it 500 miles away... I hate being the oldest and "responsible" at times... but eh... I'm glad I'm not Patton either... like right now as I'm typing this out at 3 in the morning, I am guiding him step by step on how to download DeadAim and upgrade AIM and all that jazz... he's so helpless at times! :-P But oh how I love the fool... he's the best brother a girl can have.

Hahaha... Kevin ate lunch with Erin, Molly, and me today... he kept laughing his ass off... I don't think he knows how goofy we all are at lunch sometimes... it was definitely one of those "Let's be the loudest and craziest people at DAKA" lunches and we were definitely the active hyper table... plus it seemed that everyone was eating alone today... all these guys had these vacant stares and just sitting alone and munching on their food... how unentertaining! When I have a boring lunch, it makes the day just drag on a little bit more... If I have a killer good lunch, the day just seems a little bit easier to take on! I guess that's what they mean by "power lunches" haha... :-D

::yawn:: I think once I've helped Patton with his "urgent" AIM issues, I'll hit the sack... I'm sleeping in hard... and then studying Personal Finance like crazy... I need to do really good on this exam... ::yawn:: too bad joconnor is sooo boring... I was so good and didn't skip too much until I started taking this class... :-) Oh well! Can't be perfect... ::yawn::

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I need a pep talk.

This is just tons of links on Academy and USAD. Read if you're bored. Just stuff. :-) USAD owned me senior year of high school. All I did was read, eat, sleep USAD. And it paid off because Alaska was one of the best trips of my life... :-) ::sentimental moment::
That's my Eden!
Yeah USAD!
Academy is going to Nationals.
SuperQuiz questions.
List of the team.

So I did better than single digits on my Advanced Calc quiz... a big whopping 12... why do I suck at life so bad? :-P But he said that as long as you've had at least 40 points out of the three quizzes, you should be OK so far... so I am OK... not by much... but I'm OK...

And dammit, while sitting in Survival Models, I totally remembered I forgot to pay my credit card bill... I am going to get a crappy fee for that! My mind was so not there last week and I totally forgot to pay it... I had the money too... just forgot... last week was such a blur of cracked-out Vonda... I still don't know what I was on last week... :-)

And this makes me mad... copying Academy! Honestly, why must they feel the need to try and create another Academy? My high school was the best and if acceptance rates keep getting lower and lower, then deal... we're "the Academy" for a reason... if kids can't hack it, then they can't get in... end of story! Plus, Vincent is soo full of drugs, tons of teen pregnancies, and little school enthusiasm... I don't think they can turn that around really, let alone another Academy... Academy was started from scratch... trying to remold Vincent is a whole different matter... I dunno... our district is on crack... :-)

And I did remember my dream... it was really gross and bad... I dreamt that I was losing my teeth... I literally pulled out a chunk of teeth from my mouth since they were only hanging from a thread of gums... and then I opened my mouth and looked in and saw that ANOTHER set of wisdom teeth were coming in and I screamed in my dream because I did not want to go through the process of getting my wisdom teeth taken out! I woke up and went to brush my teeth and let's just say I spent a little bit longer on them than usual... :-)

OK... time for lunch with Erin and the ho... my poor Erin is sick... I think she had what I had last week... and the thing is that my voice is still not back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't scream or anthing and it drives me nuts... and I can't yell or talk too loudly because it's a bit of strain... oh well... hopefully it will be better soon...

Still no Tuesday plans... ?

Happy Birthday Hanni! You're my number one bee-otch! :-) Another person who's the big 2-0. How scary is that? Two decades... whoa.

So damn that was a close game. I thought Syracuse had it for sure and it just started to slip away. I seriously thought Hinrich's 3-pointer was money. Thank gawd it wasn't! Matt Hazel walked in with a minute left to go and proceeded to make fun of me as I paced the room and got anxious. What an ass he is. :-P Seriously, we used to be so much nicer to each other and then the night of the famous sleep over (Alex, his Columbian roommate wanted Matt to sleep in my extra bed and have his "guests" sleep in Matt's bed) and wham, all we have are sarcastic biting comments for each other. I love it! He is such a good kid... of my favorite residents. I owe him, Carsten, and Sam a pizza at the end of the year since none of them quit crew... mad props to my residents.

And today, Kate from Ohio was added to the soccomm alias... and of course, we have to properly introduce her and SPAM so bad today... plus Adam started this craze and he made the cheeziest comment... :-P I totally disown him...

And the snow keeps coming. Wouldn't it be funny if school was delayed? I hope not... I hate making up Advanced Calc classes... I treasure my Wednesdays!

I had dinner with Jess J and her sister Age (Age being a nickname for AJ... Audry J something... say it out loud... it makes sense... Age... AJ)... Anyways Age is awesome and I hope she decides to come to WPI... we're so much kewler than Georgia Tech. :-P She's a sweetheart. And man, Jess J needs to make a move on this guy! He is so money (even if he did write slanderous things about SocComm)! Seriously, if she would just make a move, he would totally respond and be all over it and their hook up would be official. Erin is currently working on getting him to make a move too... seriously people, things don't happen unless you get yourself in gear and make a move... I've been giving Jess the motivational talk for a little bit now... she is going out with him (alone) two more times this week... something better happen by the end of the week or someone is going to get yelled at... then me and Erin will take matters into our own hands! :-)

And now it's Tuesday... one week since last Tuesday... do I have plans? None that I know of yet... would someone like to change that? I'm hoping so :-) I need to give myself the motivational talk this week... haha... but jeez... I don't think I am brave enough this week to ask... I need a pep talk... where's Molly when I need a pep talk... I should follow my own advice that I gave to Jess... we will see how this Tuesday turns out. ::stupid grin::

Time for bed... hopefully I'll dream something juicy and good. I'm talking warm and fuzzy attacks... I'm talking another March 22ng dream... ha I probably won't even remember my dream... haven't remembered one in a while... anyways... I'm out. ::stupid grin::

Monday, April 07, 2003

Jon Abad is just the cutest... here is what he wrote in his blog:
"Vonda is too cute for her own good I think. I recall some anti-purity talk not too long ago but now she's got a support group going, so that's pretty money. Go V-Team. I'm proud of ya."

He finally has his blog working again and that is good. It's odd to go for a few days without reading something insightful or gadgety on his blog. Glad to know he got his stuff working.

His comment made me go back in my blog and figure out why I was looking to dirty my purity. :-) I remember why now and it makes me laugh. Silly me... December archives people... when I was working at T-town. :-)

So I got the take-home portion back from adub. Got an 18 out of 40. That was expected. Brought my average for the midterm to an 82.5%. Not too bad I guess. I passed and that's a lot prettier than I was expecting. And dammit, I totally forgot about the extra credit until Jeff turned around and asked if I have done it. Damn! There go some extra points that could have REALLY helped out! My mind was definitely not there last night...

Fehribach did not pass back the quizzes... not that I want it back in anyway. And today that class was deathly quiet. I always feel weird when it's THAT quiet.

I'm just rambling now. I gave permission to Molly to slap me when she felt I wasn't focusing and thinking about "other things". It's quite humorous. Anyways, must go. SocComm awaits.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Adam says my posts are boring. He can suck it since I don't post to entertain. :-) So don't read if you find it "boring".

Uh, all I did today was sleep. I woke up at noon. Pretended I was going to do homework and went back to bed until 4. Got up and did SocComm. Came back and slept some more. Did more SocComm. Yeah. Advanced Calc owns me.

So I had a boring day. :-) Trying to pile on the sleep since I'm pretty sure this week is going to be long and painful and busy and sleep deprived. Quadfest starts, Teeter-totter-a-thon starts, SNAP, some tests, homework, and just tons of crap... hopefully I'll have a few good restful nights to make up for all the crazy nights. How exciting. Time to sleep. Hope I dream something good or something memorable. Goal for the week: survive.

Longest weekend ever. Well then again, quadfest weekend isn't here yet. So I guess I shouldn't jinx myself.

The RA/OL retreat went OK. I was REALLY tired because I didn't get a lot of sleep on the account of two things: 1. Some of the OLs kept walking in and out of the room I was trying to get sleep in doing whatever they were doing... it was VERY annoying (plus someone had a maglite and kept shining everywhere) 2. Will Tang snores and dammit he was in our room... I was pretty close to throwing something at him so he would turn over. :-) So Saturday 8am breakfast was pretty painful since all I wanted to do was sleep. And we did inside team building all day. It gets tiring just because I've done practically every single one of those activities and so had everyone else in our group... and it feels like less team building and more routine. But everyone was really nice and Chris is my OL and I honestly don't see a problem at all. Best part is that Fehribach is my advisor. HA! I pray I pass his class or I will feel stupid whenever he stops by to talk to my residents! :-)

And Ben Hoch is my co-RA. He is a nice kid. There was one REALLY inappropriate comment he made during the retreat but ya know, I don't think I can even repeat it so I won't. I'm not sure if he realized what he said or didn't get the sexual reference. Who knows, except I was just kinda thinking WHOA I can't believe he just said that. Anyways, good kid... a little crazy but kewl.

So I got back from the retreat around 5pm on Saturday. And I just wanted to lay in bed and do nothing. But nopers, I had a formal to go to. So I layed in bed for an hour until William and I had DAKA. And I told him he needed to be ready by 7:30 and he threw a hissy fit because I didn't give him "24 hour notice" and said there was no way he would be ready. Seriously, he is so much more high maintenance than I am. It's just sick. So anyways we went to the formal... not really great music... they didn't play Baby Got Back which thoroughly upset William to no end. But gawd when he did the Macarena, I almost peed myself in laughter. I have never seen him use his ass like that oh gawd, I was dying. I wore the same dress as last time and totally came wearing flip flops. :-)

We left the formal early because things were REALLY dying down and headed out to TKE for their Sewer Party. William was on the list but Chunshek forgot to tell him that he needed to bring a 12 pack of some drink (whether it was pop or beer). So he couldn't get in and I had to run in and find Jon Abad and try to get William in. But luckily I knew the guys letting people in and so did Jess and everything worked out. Whew. So we all went in the sewers (me, William, Jess, and her sister Age) and it was pitch black and awesome and there was a ball pit and yeah... I was impressed. And we danced a little but I was pooped and I had just danced at the formal. So I said hi to about 51 of my residents (or at least it felt like there were that many there and I just happened to see all of them) and hung out with about 7 other RAs (4 really old ones Sarah, Andrea, and these other two and 3 current ones) and ran into two more RAs and yeah it was just kinda funny. What a wacky nite.

And then watched TiVo with William forever and ever. Or more like an hour because we were both exhausted. And I came back and fell asleep and got the most sleep I've gotten all week. Feels good.

Oh man, I was reading my Cosmo and my horoscope was a little bit creepy. It said "Single? You may have thought you've found a catch but his flakiness will make you want to throw him back in." Creepy! I don't really believe much in these things but dude it was just weird. I hope that doesn't come true! I kinda like someone and I pray he isn't flaky. And I wish he would give me a sign as to whether he is interested. Would just make life easier. But then again life is never easy. Still... a sign would be nice... or anything that would let me know that he had similar feelings as I do. And if he doesn't reciprocate (math word... hehe) I would still like to know, so I stop thinking about it all. "Throw me a friggin bone!" :-) He sure is cute though (really cute)... :-D

Agh... I guess it's about that time that I start the Sunday math festivites. Gross. Advanced Calc. Makes me want to get back in bed and pretend I'm not here. :-) Math, here I come.

Friday, April 04, 2003

Wow... how often do Fridays suck this bad? Thankfully not too often. I totally failed the Advanced Calc quiz... I don't even want it back... I know it's going to bad bad bad... BUT I did spank the in class portion of my Survival Models midterm... 81 out of 85... that is a 96% people... spanked it... too bad my take home part is definitely going to bring that down... oh well... as long as I pass these classes... ::crossing fingers::

Carla put it best from her blog... "Vonda and I are now co-captains of the V team. Woo for morals! Vonda gets the varsity team because shes hardcore, I'm coaching JV." HAHAHAHA. So true. I'm such a good girl... I was telling Tom I am the purest of us all... I cannot think of anyone that is more pure than I... co-captain of the V team and damn proud of it!

So tonite is retreat... it's cold... and I just want to be in my own bed tonight but I can make do... I hope Neby is my OL... she's a sweetheart... and Chris Hammond is fine too... whichever... just glad I got Daniels...

And I have to say... I wish people didn't go home every weekend... not that I am full of free time anyways... I just want a few hours to do nothing but I don't see that happening this weekend... and I feel bad because Hannni wanted to come in and visit but I told her this was not the time... I'm not going to be here for half of it and then I've got my formal and yeah... but if no one takes my duty night, it looks like I won't be going to the formal then. :-( I pray another RA helps me out...

OK. I need to pack and nap or something or just lay there and think about my week... my mind is a mess and I want some clarity before I head out.

Oh man I called Tom Muller today and for once he was in his room. And I proceeded to talk to him for an hour and half about every and nothing all at once. Man I miss that kid. But I think I will visit him for his birthday... 4-20. How odd that that is his birthday. :-P Anyways he sounds like his life is doing well... he says I have enough drama in life to cover my life and his. Which is true. But I'm a girl.. and drama is expected. Anyways I love Tom because he is such a good friend and always knows what to say and what not to say. I sure do know how to pick best friends... :-) Everytime I think about how long we have been friends, I think back to kintergarden and just laugh... oh Tom Muller, you're the best!

OK that is all... I felt the need to blog about Tom because he rocks. And I still haven't done much math. I suck. :-P I just have too many things on my mind to focus... from this to that to everything... and I have to say that my grammar has gone to hell this week with all my crazyness... Patrick even noticed an increased amount in my typos and bad grammar... I know I'm not perfect but jeez I'm usually better than that... plus I know I'm off balance when I can't rememeber what I've told people... I hate it when someone says "Oh you already told me" because I try so hard to avoid that! Because I hate being told twice also... so yeah... definitely crazy week... crazy weekend coming up... I hate when my weekends are booked so bad... I just want free time to hang out with everyone... but I've got retreat, then my formal, and the Sewer Party... and helping out at SocComm Films, Advanced Calc homework and Rachel is trying to convince me to go to Liquid Sky. Who knows if I'll make it out of this weekend alive. Although, yeah... there are a few things that would make this weekend monstrously better but I'll get into that another time. Must stop blogging and must start math.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Mmm... it was a good day.

I think I passed the in class portion of my Survival Models midterm. The take home is a bitch and that sucks... but that's life when you've got Adub as a prof. And I was a good girl and went to all my classes. Granted, I totally didn't pay attention in PF, but hey I went. :-) Give me a little credit!

Tonight, the seniors willed us stuff. ::tear:: Kim gave me a calculator that is SOA approved so I can use it for the exam in May! And she gave me balls (the ones you use to destress and such) because she said I earned them this week. :-) ::stupid grin:: And I got tons of New Member stuff from previous NM coordinators. I can't wait til we get NMs next year. And I'm co-captain of the V team with Carla! Woo! Yay for having my V-card and totally being proud of it! And I got a Daniels shirt from EZA... an old one... ::sniff:: How sad... the seniors are graduating. AGH! I am going to be a junior next year! How crazy is that?! Sometimes I just don't like to think about how time flies by. I can remember back to NSO freshmen year and making that stupid web page about that imaginary person and gawd... it will have been two years in August. It felt like just yesterday. OK I am going to stop this before I get all sappy.

I need a sign people. How forward do I have to be?! :-P Just waiting things out I guess... alright... math is calling and it plans on making me its bitch. A slave to math. Forever. :-)

Wow I am seriously on crack this week. Why have I been so absolutely ridiculously crazy this week? Am I normally this off my rocker? Someone tell me!

Tonight's shift with Pat was super fun. I think he was on crack too. And yeah we just had a crazy ass shift where we were so hyper and so dumb except I was so hyper because I was so tired. How odd. And we watched As Good As It Gets... which I think has some of the best one-liners ever! "You can go sell craxy somewhere else because we're all stocked up here!" Muy excelente. I'm so sad that I finally get to work with Pat after a year and some and now it's his time to graduate. Just not fair. But that's life!

Mmm the most random thing about today was at the end of the shift around 2am, I get a phone call and I was expecting it to be William or someone because those are the only people who would call me late at night and well I look at the caller ID and it's Daniel! Really threw off my night to have him call. Haha he got a long distance plan on his cell FINALLY and so he felt he had to call... only he would do that. :-) I kinda miss talking to him. ::shaking my head:: It's hard to believe that we used to talk for hours at a time and would be so engrossed in each others' lives and now we hardly IM. But although we don't talk as much anymore, I feel as if I haven't really missed a beat with him or our friendship. So yeah... Daniel. ::shrugs shoulders:: I'll probably give him a call back after I blog because it's about time we chatted... although I seriously need to study for that midterm. I didn't study at all! I am sooo screwed.

And yeah... life is good. Daniels hall for a third straight year. How friggin awesome is that? This seriously feels like home now. Daniels is all I've ever known! If they move me out of Daniels senior year, I won't even know what do with myself. :-) But poor William... getting Stoddard two years in a row... ::sigh:: he will get over it... Anyways... we spent an hour on ice breakers. Christ! An hour of "training"!!! Unnecessary. But that is the life of the RA. :-P How fun it is!

OK. Time to give an old friend a call. And then study/sleep and wake up early to make up for the studying I didn't do today.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003


One word: flames! The SNAP van had flames! I would have to say that is the HOTTEST thing ever! ::sigh:: What a good April Fool's it was. And now I sleep because yes, people, I actually have to go to class on a Wednesday for once (no joke)... what is this world coming too... ::yawn::

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Mmm... excellent night. :-) Went to see Old School with David. Good times... too many ass cracks in the movie... but it was what I expected... and David was super kewl... he must think I'm on crack and a half... I'm so random. Molly gave me a pep talk that pretty much consisted of "Don't say REALLY stupid things." I took that to heart... haha... how do I even let half the things I say come out of my mouth?! I really don't know... :-) but I guess that's what makes me fun... or crazy... or on crack... whichever... anyways... David is very cool... oldest child... would not have guessed that... ::stupid grin:: I dunno what to say... I'm going to stop talking about this now... before I say something embarassing. :-) Glad I went for it and just asked... ::stupid grin::

Anyways... it's that time... TiVo time on StodA3... must catch up on lost TV from last week... then a blasted advanced calc class tomorrow... there is no escape from that class at all!

Rabbit rabbit.

I got soooooo drunk.

OK not really, but if I were to do a dumb April Fool's trick... I would tell everyone that I got drunk off my ass and booted three times in the girls bathroom and all over the shower... and then proceeded to make out with half of --insert fraternity name here-- and don't remember where I lost my underwear. That's what I would have put down but ya know... I'm too lazy.

Yay for WPI and it's crazy April Fools-ness. Love it. I love my school.

Lalala... Molly got initiated... yay!

And yeah... the rest of the day was really... just average...